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Is it pleasant to take birth in this world?

Updated on September 30, 2016

Telecom scenario in India

Performing actions wisely!

There are two things which govern human life. Every human being performs certain tasks or duties every day. During the course of execution, he gathers either merit or sin according to the perception of the mind. Yes, if one performs actions on his own volition or based on his desires, he is sure to undergo the results of the same. On the other hand, if he dedicates all his actions to the supreme power and consider himself as a mere instrument in the hands of supreme power, he won’t get any merit or demerit. First of all, we must understand that the accumulated merits or demerits triggers for further birth! So long as there is balance karma or effects, one has to take birth in this world again and again!

Taking birth in this world is not a pleasant task. During childhood days, we are fully at the mercy of mother and others. If there is neglect in care, our childhood itself becomes troublesome, which is pathetic. Granted that we are well looked after, we are not sure that the same support would continue ever! It depends upon many circumstances. Observing the world condition that prevail now, most of us would not prefer a rebirth again in this mundane earth, which is full of sufferings and problems. Very rarely, one is born to affluent parents and enjoys a royal treatment. Even then, he has to seek some job or do business to earn his livelihood after his studies. He has to stand on his own leg. Only if one is lucky enough, he will land in a plum post or start a lucrative business. Business fortunes are connected to world economy at present. To thrive in any business, one must have foresight, and be aware of the demand of a particular product and the salability. Let us take a small example! India had a good market for mobile gadgets, since the penetration of mobile communication is good. But there are very many players in the business. Many billionaires have invested a large capital in mobile business and they are either service providers or hardware manufacturers. Already, there are some twenty major brands under which different mobiles are released almost every month! Each such brand is painstakingly marketing their products through e commerce platforms or through retail outlets.

Broadband providers in India

All business ventures are highly risky now!

A lot of advertisement both in print and visual media is exhibited for attracting the purchasers. As more number of mobiles is available for sale, even an expert in this field is finding it difficult to choose a correct mobile phone, which will cater to his needs with moderate price range! If one has surplus capital, one needs to undertake market research before embarking on hardware, handset business! We find today that even the top brands find it difficult to sustain their market and sales. Hence they are introducing new varieties with advanced features and capacities with competitive price. Even the top selling brands like Apple and Samsung find it difficult to evolve a strategy to retain their position in the market. Hence the e commerce sites are offering heavy discount on certain brands which are not selling as predicted. If this is the case with branded mobiles, how any new comer can enter the market?

Hence it is not easy for anyone to plan and succeed in their life. They have to take lot of risks or brave the market volatility. Each world event or natural calamity reverses the stock markets in no time. Once Arabian countries were oil rich and all other countries had to pay the prices demanded by them. Unfortunately, due to many events globally including intermittent wars in Arabian Peninsula, and dwindling dependency on oil rich countries, the price of oil plummeted to the lowest. Hence the countries which depended on oil for their economy find it very difficult to sustain their economy and there are talks of salary cut and job cuts in many oil producing countries. Again due to the surge of terrorist operations in many oil rich countries, many of the oil wells were captured by the terrorists and hence the legitimate government in those areas, find it difficult to fund their welfare schemes for the common citizen! There is unrest in many countries. Once the richest country, US are facing many problems now. Now US have been relegated to 29th position in the world statistics. Many countries have prospered above the economy of US. If we consider overall, China is edging above most of the nations in terms of economy and Gross domestic Product. Russia is already embroiled in many problems. Some of the third world countries are showing robust economy!

Reliance wars

The volatile telecom sector in India!

Other part of the story is “spectrum sale”. Spectrum is must for mobile service providers. They compete in the auctions of spectrum sale and purchase spectrum from the government. Recently in India a major player has announced zero charges for all mobile and data until the end of the year. It was a shock to other service providers! To remain in the business, they too started reducing their charges for call and data abruptly. With the spectrum auction in the corner, it would be difficult even for a seasoned service provider to be on the business. Level playing has been distorted and disturbed. Hence even the State player, BSNL has announced lowest rate for data, keeping the voice calls free. But this kind of ‘knee jerk’ competition is not healthy for any business to sustain profitably. Already most of the operators have invested billions of dollars in the business. Of course, the public will be benefited very greatly by such reduction in charges. Telecom Regulatory Authority is keeping their hands crossed at the sudden reduction of call and data charges.

Hence none can compete and benefit in these atmosphere! The market is volatile and risky. Investing in any business seems to be highly risky. When this is the prevailing condition and time, who would like to take birth once again in this tumultuous world. Hence, the wise one will perform all his tasks, dedicating at the feet of supreme! They will get rid of further accumulation of merits or sins and progress in the spiritual path to reach the supreme goal of merging with God!


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