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Three Steps of Time

Updated on December 16, 2018

Time Flies in no Time!!

On our recent trip, we happened to visit a historical palace. The palace is converted into a museum. The artifacts placed in the museum included those that were royal dresses, lifestyle accessories and photos of those rulers and many things which gave a glimpse about the life of those people. That palace belonged to the royal family which ruled that city. We were eager to see the artifacts; as such works of art are not made today. While going through the facts of information written there and looking at the photos, I thought where is all this gone…? It's just over in a matter of some decades and today here people are coming to see the remains of that dynasty in a museum!

Really one needs to completely agree that Time is indeed the deciding factor for anything on this planet or any speck in this huge vast universe.

Phases of Time

Time can be divided into three phases i.e. The Past, The Present, and The Future. Mankind was always curious to know how time proceeded, how years, decades and centuries passed. While understanding how our life revolves around time, we are always inquisitive about the future more so precisely. But then if we give a thought to the past we recognize that it will never come back again. All that we can do is hang on with memories...! While taking the road down the memory lane one can just monitor what one had done right or wrong.

Learning from the past

Many great men and women in the world have asked to introspect and look back at the past and learn. Well, this is debatable as not everybody is inclined to acquire knowledge or lessons from the past. But many times this may work because wrong actions caused trouble to the present and the future. Learning about the past incidents is useful as they teach us how and what we need to improve.It's seen that those who don't learn from history are bound to make same mistakes again.

Importance of History

History of ancient cultures, kings, wars, dynasties, and people has always been documented and taught to students across the world as an integral part of the curriculum just because it is always wise to learn from past cultures, people and their experiences. In this way, students can acquire and implement something good for their future. It helps us determine what those people thought and why took or insisted on a particular action, what were their intentions and decision making process. Even the great epics of great nations have so many stories which should be learned with an eye for what is there for us to be more wise.So I feel that if past is seen in correct perspective, it can always guide us to a new and hopeful future. .

The baggage of the Past

There is a fine line between learning from the past and carrying all the memories along with loads of baggage. If we keep sulking about bad incidents from our by gone life then it will be difficult to focus on the present.So let's learn from the past and dwell not in it for past is gone but it will always remain the basic foundation for the future of this society and coming generations!

What is Present..??

Now let's see what is Present…! It's this very ongoing moment. This date, year and time are Present. It is the truth because past we cannot bring back and future we don't know. Whatever karma we do right or wrong now, at this moment it will sketch our future. The present is like a gift given to us which should be enjoyed and used in all its capacity to have a better clarity towards our goals. When we say I want to live a happy life, it’s like when and what are you waiting for. You can achieve your goals if you act now i.e. in the present. You can't rely on this fragile life to be happy. The time to be happy is now, this is the very moment.

The present is important as it slowly and steadily is designing our future. So we should embrace the present and use it.

What is Future ..?

This is the future. It’s the time approaching. No matter what you do, it will always be a new day tomorrow. It’s what we always wait for, long for, work towards, dreamed of and craved for!

Future life is that time in life which has been built on the foundations of Past and Present actions. Future is something which we cannot really predict for sure, for we don't know it will be or not!

Thus we can say that while taking stairs up or down we should take the step which is important for now. We can recollect our previous step and take the next step with full awareness. In steps of time, one cannot go a step back nor go a step ahead without the proper Time in one's hand!

Even if Time steals away something from your life its the Time itself that gives you strength and heals your wounds.Time is the ruler and decides how up or down we will travel through the staircase of life.

© 2018 Mridula Joshi


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Mridula Joshi 

      17 months ago

      Thanks Dhara!

    • profile image

      Mridula Joshi 

      17 months ago

      Thanks Dhara!!

    • profile image


      18 months ago

      Great read !

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Mridula Joshi 

      18 months ago

      Thanks VK!

    • profile image


      18 months ago

      Nice article!An eyeopener.


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