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Is our will really free?

Updated on December 24, 2010

An inquire about what influences our decisions

I lead the men of our churches theology class through this inquire as we examined the topic of God's sovereignty and human responsibility. The conclusion was that God is the only one that truly has FREE will. Humans have a will but it is influenced and biased however, we are still responsible. Understanding this teaching helps to set a biblically balanced worldview regarding salvation and salvation by God's grace. More in a different hub!You can also read some of the age old debate at

Decision Influences

  • Does the time period and the way you were raised have any influence on the decision you make?
  • Do the people you grew up with and that are around you influence the decisions you make?
  • Does the amount of money you have influence your decisions?
  • Does your health influence your decisions?
  • Does sin influence your decisions?

Influence Factors

  • Did you determine where you would be born? What time period?
  • Did you select the parents you would be born? Where they would live? Their occupations?
  • Did you have anything to do with the gene selection of your body?
  • Did you have any control over your brain capacity?
  • Were you able to tell you parents what types of food to feed you?
  • Were you able to select the schools you parents would send you?
  • Do you have your current job based completely on your efforts or did you know someone in the company or receive a reference?
  • Can you control the stock market, economy, etc?
  • Where you in the Garden of Eden when Adam & Eve disobeyed God?


  • Can you overcome sin on your own or is it only by the grace of God? Enabling of the Holy Spirit?
  • Why do you like the color blue better than red?
  • What do you really have that you did not receive?
  • Is your will truly free or is it a result of things outside of your control?


These examples of this concept comes to mind. 1) The scriptures teach in Romans 9 and Ephesians 1-2 (and many other places) that God choose who would be saved. Even though we as humans want to take credit for it salvation is His work from beginning to end! We love God because He first loved us. He pad the price for us on the cross and we can never do enough God to repay Him. He has to rescue us from the bondage of sin before we can even see our need for Him. 2) Humans can not pray (will) for a brand new car and God has to respond with yes. God is not a genie. He has the free will to answer yes, no, or maybe. That being said the scriptures do teach that we should ask.


To put flesh on this some I think the best way to look at this topic is to acknowledge that God is completely in control and things happen the way He wants / will them. That being said we as humans still have responsibility. I think it means we go to the doctor and also pray that God will heal us. We have to repent of our sins and rely on God because we want to. Even though the reality is unknowing to us God gives us the desires to want to. We need to pray asking for His will and to align ours to His. We go out into all of the world making disciples, baptizing, and teaching because we are command to in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) and other places because of our love for God and because we dont know who He has willed to be saved. So God is completely sovereign there is not one random molecule outside of His control but humans have responsibility and our accountable for their actions. It is a great paradox but they both exist!


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      franknhonest 7 years ago

      There is no free will, agreed.