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Is revenge is linked to retribution?

Updated on October 21, 2016

The best revenge!

Revenge as retribution-some thoughts

Is ‘revenge’ is linked to ‘retribution’? For instance, someone willfully harms you without any reason or rhyme! How will you react to the harm? When someone offends us, we are perturbed much. In fact, depressions set in since we will be ruing over the incident many times in the mind. Same is the case with criticism and abuse; we receive at the hands of our offenders, who may be close relatives or one time friends or acquaintances. All this happens for unknown reasons many times!

There is no effect without a prior cause! If the effects are evident now, the cause must lie somewhere in the past in this birth or even in the previous births. Many people falsely believe that those who have lent money earlier pass away; we are rid of the debt. It may be so temporarily. When you take another birth, the lender will claim the money in a different circumstance without both of you knowing that it is a past debt. This happens mostly through our sons and daughters. Sometimes, brothers and sisters pester us for money, we are reluctant to spare. But in some cases, we are forced to part with money in compelling circumstances and we cannot retrieve it from them. These are cases of past debts. In India, children are termed as ‘runa’ or debtors. They will collect their dues promptly without our being aware that it is a debt! Also, diseases, mental agonies, loss of hard earned money and properties are attributed to ‘karma’, the theory of retribution.

Dr.Abdul Kalam

The case of Dr.Abdul Kalam and Abraham Lincoln.

An ordinary person becomes the supreme commander of armed forces in due course. None would have thought that the boy would become the President of a Republic India. Yes, he was Dr.Abdul Kalam, the eminent rocket scientist, who has penned very beautiful books on life for the sake of younger generations. He started his life in the most obscure circumstances. His family was poor, yet he had a deep desire for learning. In street lights he used to study and he was interested in science and technology. Little by little, he improved his knowledge, got scholarships to pursue higher education and studied in prestigious MIT and came out with flying colors. He joined Indian space organization worked his way to the topmost post and also he was instrumental in promoting ‘Rocket Science”. Many of his pet projects materialized in reality. His achievements as a scientist of space technology ensured him, his nomination for the post of President of India. He was the first scientist nominated for such high post. Ultimately he became the President and he performed his duties consciously and meticulously. Politics was not his forte and hence he was not interested more. After retiring as President of India, he coached many students for PhD. He was a Teacher, par excellence. None in his family might have taught that one day Abdul Kalam will occupy the highest post in India. Till his death, he was lecturing on many aspects of welfare of society and during one of his lecture in North East to the students; he collapsed on the podium and could not be revived even after best efforts of Doctors!

Similar is the case of Abraham Lincoln, who shared similar living conditions like Dr.Kalam. It was their hard work and intelligence which raised them in society. Even after occupying such exalted status, they remained absolutely humble till their end! It was their destiny to become Presidents. Same is the case with heavy loss or realizing a fortune from unknown sources. All these cases clearly indicate that God is Justice! Humans may cheat, human may fail but God’s vigilant eyes are always on all the living beings. Hence the Upanishads clearly spell the Truth that all that is destined by karma must be accepted without any remorse. Each one reaps his past. The results can never be different from the efforts put forth! Hence the sages of yore exhorted the people to be good to one and all. They said, “All are One, be alike to everyone! “Help Ever; Hurt Never’ is the dictum of Sathya Saibaba! This clearly implies ‘even if we are not able to help, we must desist hurting others! We have got a beautiful and powerful instrument in each one of us; it is the ‘intellect’, which must rule over the mind and senses! Sadly, the condition today is that the mind intoxicated with sensual pleasures does not heed the intellect and with the result, the individual is sliding to abysmal depths.

Abraham Lincoln

Government must provide free education to one and all.

The fruits of wisdom are available to one and all through the intellect. But man choses the wrong guide and fails to utilize the precious human birth in improving himself. In today’s scenario of global connectivity through internet, man can reap enormous benefit by pursuing self-improvement books. But, student community today follows self-destruction policies by browsing prohibited porn sites and other sites which are not conducive to their overall welfare! The main lacuna in today’s educational system is lack of moral and self-improvement courses. The students are taught to earn quick money. There is cut throat competition everywhere. The educational institutions have become commercial in nature. Students of Medical Collages are fleeced to cough up in lakhs towards donations. When the students pass out from such collages, their main aim is to retrieve what they have paid to the collages. Hence they charge exorbitantly from all the patients, be them poor or rich. Actually, medical profession is service oriented but the greedy founders have made it commercial ventures.

Hence, if the society has to change, there must be transformation in educational policies of the country. Governments must strive to provide free education to all eligible students until collegiate levels. Health, education and drinking water must be provided Free to one and all, if we wants an equitable society!

Free education

Action and reaction!

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