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Is the Basis of Christianity Immoral?

Updated on March 30, 2013

Is it moral to profit from the murder of an innocent man? If you accept that the person is murdered to give you everlasting life aren’t you just as guilty of the crime as those who did the deed?

If a man said to his son, let them murder you and I will forgive all of them their debts to me. What would you think of that man? That he is crazy? An egomaniac? Yet Christians celebrate the murder of an innocent man just so they can be forgiven by what they know rationally would be a crazy egomaniac….  if it were not their god.

This raises other questions I won’t go in to here, like: What does a god need a blood sacrifice for, just so he can do what you and I can do without one, forgive?

If you accept everlasting life under those conditions can you call yourself a moral being? Christians must ask themselves: Do you think it is moral to allow someone to take your punishment for you? Mobsters pay people to go to jail for them. It’s the same thing isn’t it? Is it moral to accept someone else paying for your sin? It is your choice. You claim free will. Do you accept that someone has died so you do not have to pay the price for sin?

Christians celebrate the concept. But are they really thinking about what they are actually doing?

Christians seem to be confused as to what this sacrifice was for, and atheists often are too. It wasn't to give a blank slate for all sin. It was for one sin only which none of us can pay for except with death. That being: original sin. So we are all supposedly forgiven for original sin due to Jesus taking that on for us since his father would accept nothing less. No Christian sect should be preaching that we are still soiled with original sin. Yet some do. What do they think the story is about, I wonder?

When he died for original sin it opened the door for god to forgive ongoing personal sins so we can all get to heaven! Before that, we had original sin hanging over us and there was no way out for anyone. But now you have to allow someone to take your punishment for you. Taint your hands with his blood.

When I have done wrong, I am punished. A judge in our court system would not allow another to take my punishment. Is it moral for me to accept that someone else takes my punishment for me? I don't think it is. I wouldn't allow it. I would refuse it.

Doesn’t anyone have the right to offer up their lives for another? Yes. The idea that a soldier has given his life for the people he loves, to keep them safe, is a valid concept and your benefiting from that is not immoral. You are innocent and a potential victim of war.

But that is not the same as allowing someone to die in your place, to take your "rightful" punishment for a crime you have committed.  A person might do it for you because they love you, and one could say they are doing something heroic. But are you a moral person if you accept it?

Yes. In this case it was done without your foreknowledge or consent. But then, for the final phase, your entrance to heaven, you have to consent. You have to thank god for doing it for you. For murdering his son on your behalf.  If you reject the sacrifice you go to hell.  To me this is a very symbolic moral issue that few if any Christians think about, ever. It is moral blackmail.

Gospel of Slarty:

And the Lord said: "I'm making you an offer you can't refuse because it is already done on your behalf. You are now saved from my wrath. But to consummate the deal you must consent to the murder that has already been committed, and become a willing accessory to it. Or the deal is off and you will feel my anger and wrath for eternity. Which is it to be?"

I see no way around this. Accepting that Jesus died so you do not have to suffer eternity in hell is condoning and benefiting from a murder. It makes Christianity one of the most selfish religions in the world, and it is the very basis of the religion.  


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    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 

      5 years ago from Isle of Man

      Since Jesus is the son of God and He knows all things then surely his death would have to viewed as a suicide. To say H killed himself to save us and then make suicide a sin seems contradictory for any religion. But the Christianity is full of contradictions mainly because the Bible, its foundation, has been translated and rewritten so many times and each time people adding and deleting material that make it today, at best, an exercise in Chines Whispers. The idea of God killing his own son to save us obviously hasn't worked when we look at the plight of the world today. If this is what Christians called "saved" then what would the opposite of this be like? Keep up the great work Slarty!

    • Slarty O'Brian profile imageAUTHOR

      Ron Hooft 

      7 years ago from Ottawa

      Thanks, Qwark. It was fun to do. ;)

    • qwark profile image


      7 years ago


      You did some serious thinking on this one and the result was "awesome."

      Aren't "fairytales" fun to play with?

      The only reason ya gotta take this one so seriously is because it has been proven to be so damned deadly!

      Reality exists beyond the "cover" of "the book."

      There is no one as blind as he who will not see!

      2 thumbs up my friend!

      "UP and AWESOME"



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