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Is the Bible Really the Word of God?--Part 4

Updated on August 11, 2010

We have seen that the Bible declares itself to be the Word of God (Part 1). We have looked at external evidence that the Bible is the Word of God (Part 2), and in Part 3 we looked at historical and archaeological evidence for the Word of God. Now we will look at scientific evidence that the book we call the Bible truly comes from God and is the very Word of God to His creation.

Atheism seems to raise its head more in the scientific realm than any other. Please realize that atheism is a religion. The teaching of evolution and atheism can not be proven or disproven anymore than Christianity. Both are accepted by faith. What science sometimes refer to as facts really are not. No one was around at the beginning of creation to give an eye-witness account so the next best thing we can do is go to the One that was--God. True science will always be backed up by the Bible. Let me share a few examples.

We read in Isaiah 40:22, " It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth...." The book of Isaiah was written sometime around 800BC, but yet he knew that the earth was circular. Columbus based his voyage on this very verse. The belief of the day some 2,000 years later was that the earth was flat. Isaiah knew that the earth was spherical long before it became a proven fact of science.

The fabled belief that the earth rested on the back of a giant turtle was held until Sir Isaac Newton discovered the truth in 1687. Job knew that the earth was suspended in space 3,000 years before it was established as a scientific fact. Job 26:7 gives us this scientific account--"He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing."

The starry heavens also declare the truth of God's Word. In Genesis 22:17 Abraham is promised that his seed should be as the sand of the seashore and the stars of heaven. As late as 150AD Ptolemy dogmatically declared the number of stars to be 1,056. Obviously that does not constitute a great nation. True science again agrees with the Bible that there are billions upon billions of stars just as there are billions upon billions of grains of sand on the seashores of the world.

Up to the 1800's, the oceans were viewed as huge bowls. We now understand that the Pacific Ocean holds the Marianas Trench. Science has discovered that the trench plunges seven miles below the Earth's surface, deeper than Mount Everest is high. David knew of the canyons of the sea long before science (II Samuel 22:16). Jonah testifies from first hand experience of the many mountains that rise from the ocean floors (Jonah 2:6).

What about the invisible atom structure. In the course of human history science has known of the existence and working of atoms for a relatively short period of time, but Colossians 1:16 and Romans 1:20 proclaims the invisible as early as 65AD.

Lastly, The Old Testament tells us that life is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11). Without blood, there is no life. Today we know what the Bible said 4,000 years ago is true. There can be no spiritual life without blood either--without the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross nearly 2,000 years ago as payment for a lost world's sin. Contrary to popular belief salvation only comes through Jesus Christ (John14:6; Acts 4:12; Titus 3:5). This will be discussed further in Part 6.


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    • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

      William Kovacic 

      8 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      You're most welcome,steffsings. Thanks for stopping by.

    • steffsings profile image


      8 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Excellent post, filled with truth & life. Thank you!

    • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

      William Kovacic 

      8 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Yes Michael, thank God for the blood. In a sense I guess you could say we had a blood transfusion. Praise His Name.

    • Tamarajo profile image


      8 years ago

      The intelligence of God never ceases to amaze me. Science is continually confirming the truth of Gods design and intentions for His creation. Again another useful Hub.

    • Michael Adams1959 profile image

      Isaiah Michael 

      8 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

      Life in the blood I love that paragraph. Both physical life and spiritual life take THE BLOOD!

    • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

      William Kovacic 

      8 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Thanks Tina, I hope it will be useful for you as you share your faith with others.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Very nice, I do like everything you said and how it was written. Alot more blessings to you.


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