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Is the World Gonna End on May 21st?

Updated on May 19, 2011

Yes, I'm referring to the billboards by Harold Camping. Here's what the Bible says about predicting the day of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

There are actually two upcoming dates at which the end is supposed to come. One is coming this week, and claimed by Harold Camping, a broadcaster of a Christian radio network. And the other one comes from the revived astrological movement, and is scheduled for December 21st, 2012. How do you approach predictions like these?

Here are a couple of verses from the Bible on the subject matter:

Of that day and hour no one knows, no, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only. (Matthew 24:36)

So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him. (NIV, Matthew 24:43-44)

The Bible has a clear position on the subject. No one knows when the second coming of Jesus Christ will happen. But from time to time, certain people would claim they know more than the angels in heaven, and the "date" was revealed to them, out of all people.

There have being numerous cases throughout history, when people have predicted the Second Coming. The 20th century was filled with such cases. Deceived people would sell their houses and everything they owned, walk up some mountain in white robes, and wait to be taken into heaven; only to realize that they followed a false prophet, and they have no means of survival for the future.

Any Bible-reading Christian is pretty calm when they hear claims on the dates of the Second Coming, because Jesus warned about these prophets and specifically said to not follow them.

About Harold Camping.

I know a lot of people who listen to his radio station because of the music. But if you listen to what he's saying, you realize, this guy invents stuff out of thin air. His previous theory was that the rapture happened in 1994, and we are living in a post-church age. He was calling for people to leave churches because, allegedly, the Holy Spirit was no longer present among them. It seems like he has made predictions on the Second Coming in the past. Only this time, he says, he has a much better mathematical formula for figuring this stuff out.

Will you still believe the Bible, if May 22nd comes?

Oh yeah, because this stuff doesn't come from the Bible.

How do you get ready for the Second Coming then?

The Bible is pretty clear that Jesus Christ will return for the second time. Many people don't believe that, and that's fine, you have the right to choose what to believe. People did not believe He would come the first time either. But He came and fulfilled dozens of prophecies from the Old Testament to the letter. Probability of one man fulfilling only 8 of those prophecies is 1:100,000,000,000,000,000.1 So chances are, the Second Coming will be fulfilled too. But how do you prepare yourself for this event? Do you just sit and wait for the Second Coming, letting your house deteriorate and the surrounding society decay morally? There is a parable Jesus once told. It is recorded in Matthew 25:14-30. In this parable, there was a guy who simply waited for the return of his master, while the other two guys invested the money they were trusted to bring the master more revenue. I think the moral of that parable is that we should be busy doing what we were meant to do, instead of simply waiting for the Second Coming and measuring every government official with a slide ruler, for the signs of an Antichrist.

I wouldn't worry about May 21st. What I would worry about is that days of judgement come everyday for somebody. And it could come for the whole world at any day before May 21st and after May 21st. It would be a good idea to really make sure that what you believe in, is true, and that you are in good shape before God.




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    • ThePracticalMommy profile image

      Marissa 6 years ago from United States

      Thanks for quoting Matthew 24:36. I think of that every time I hear about May 21st....