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Is the World coming to an end

Updated on May 13, 2012

The End of time

As i pen this title , there are many things in my head that i wanted to share and also is not a very good journal to write about the world ending. Then again we cannot ignore the fact that someday it might really happen as predicted in the Bible thousand years ago. As far back as more then ten years ago i already had a dream but then it doesn't really seem like a dream when i was in it , it feels more like a vision , a premonition as if God is trying to tell me or show me what the end of the world will be like......i dream of a bright light so shinning and bright that seem like piercing right through you and you hurry to find a place to hide just like everyone else who are running to find a place to hide away from this strong piercing light shining down from the sky. All i could remember was many people around me and they are panicking and afraid of this light. Everyone running and finding a place to shield them self of this bright piercing light.

When i awake from this dream , i feel that is a message from up above and i feel that maybe is this lifetime that the end of the world might happen as it did not happen before my grandparents and my parents generation. Nobody knows and as it already said in the Bible that God will come down like a thief in the night just when you least expecting it.

Looking around us today , the warming of the climate , the disasters of flood , earthquakes. Every other day you will see the news earthquakes in China , Haiti , Chile or even some city or country that hardly have strong earthquakes and then suddenly it happen. All this earthquakes come and go as it please and nobody knows when is the next big deadly one. Just like nobody knows when this world going to end.

We all need to reflect and think if it happen in our lifetime , what are the things we will not regret. As for now we should live life and savour each moment as if is our last and treasure and love our family and friends and be kind to mankind. Lead a life of clear conscience and try to make each day counts and meaningful. Even if it really happen then we will not have regrets about the things we did not have time to do and start doing before is too late.


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    • patski profile image

      patski 7 years ago from Singapore

      Hi Merlin ,

      Thanks for dropping by , i have no fear about the world end. Like you said fear not , hopefully will do the things that i have always wanted to do and have enough time to finish it. If the world really end then we have not wasted our time on earth.

    • Merlin Fraser profile image

      Merlin Fraser 7 years ago from Cotswold Hills

      Fear not my friend, ever since man started to walk upright and talk everything that he cannot uderstand or scares him leads to predictions that the World is about to end !

      Nor would I put too much sway in what the Bible has to offer on the subject; you must remember and take into account that the people who wrote the Bible also believed the earth was flat !

      For sure one day the world will surely end; but I wouldn't worry too much about it.

      Something that will happen long before that day comes might be that mankind will destroy himself through his greed,selfishness and stupidity.

      But fear not; the World itself will survive and recover.

      Let's hope we get it right the next time round.