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Is the movie THE SECRET really a SECRET?

Updated on July 14, 2011

Connecting your mind to the universe

Does the law of attraction really work or is it all a bunch of malarkey? You hear the stories about the law of attraction and how just thinking about something can change your situation in life. It is said by professionals like Abraham Hicks and Napoleon Hill, that when you focus on something you desire for a long enough period of time, eventually it will manifest itself in your life.

I believe there is some truth to the law of attraction, but the secret behind it is no secret. The law of attraction is something we do every day without even realizing it. As humans we all have dreams and desires, and as we focus on these dreams, we constantly have thoughts floating around in our minds day after day, sometimes year after year.

When we focus on a dream or desire, our minds figure out how to manifest that of what we focus on. If your dream is to climb Mount Everest, your mind will start to prepare for the trip by mapping out a plan, like how to train your body to acclimate for the climb, connecting with people who have already done it, building a list of things you will need for the trip and figuring out the date of when you want to start the adventure, you get the idea.

Did you watch The Secret?

Most people who watch the movie The Secret, view it as an easy way of getting what they want with little or no effort. People who watch The Secret think they can just think about something and it will manifest in their life, like a new car or money from the lottery. I’m not so sure it works like that, but I’m sure there have been some coincidences that would lead you to believe, that’s how it works. I had a friend of mine who watched the movie The Secret and then dreamed about winning the lottery (I think most people dream of that a lot, lol) but she happened to win 50k on a scratch ticket a week after she watched the movie. Was it luck? Or did her mind connect with the universe and it delivered what she desired? You decide!

Napoleon Hill on The Law of Attraction

Personal Experience With The Law of Attraction

I had a couple of weird things happen to me as well, but I’m not sure if the universe connected with me or not. I had bought a new car and I love it, it was moss green and was the best car I had ever owned. One day I saw my car in a new color, it was black cherry and I loved the color. So I thought I would put the law of attraction to work, after all, my friend won the lottery, so why can’t I change the color of my car? I saw my car in this color everywhere I looked, and all I could do was dream about having that color car. I know it sounds silly but it’s the truth.

My dream came true, I bought the car in the color I desired, but I didn’t plan the transaction very well. I actually totaled my moss green car and ended up buying the black cherry car. It turns out I had a lot of little problems with the new black cherry car and was very disappointed, I wanted my old car back. My lesson here was, if you are going to use the law of attraction, create a plan in detail of how you would like it to happen and be very specific on the details. This wasn’t what I had in mind when I was thinking about a new color car, in fact, my dream was very vague with very little detail. I realized later that it was a just dream and not a plan. So was this a coincidence? Or did I attract this to me from the universe?

I tried to use the law of attraction again without a good plan. I always wanted to quit my job because I was tired of how physically abusive it was to my body. I wanted a better life, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do for work. I have worked on car my whole life and needed a change. I thought possibly a sit down job or something not so physically demanding. I started to write a plan in my journal for when I was going to quit my job and how I wanted to live, what kind of car I would drive and what my house would look like, I wrote down what my dream day would be like, from rolling out of bed till sunset. But, I forgot to write down the most important part of my plan, what will I contribute back to the universe, what I would do for work!

You need to give back, you have god given talents that make you special, things you can do with ease that other people find difficult or impossible. God gave you this talent so you can make a difference in the world and help others. He gave me hands that can fix anything, but a body made of glass, or maybe I have just abused my body so much that it has become fragile.

I no longer work at that job. I hurt my back at almost the exact date I had written down for when I wanted to quit my job. The weird part is, I now live in the house and drive the car I had written down as well, it’s almost scary, even my perfect day is very close to what is written down in my journal. So did I attract this into my life or is it a coincidence again? Does the universe give you what you ask for? Looking back at the circumstances that have shaped my life, I believe there is some truth to the law of attraction and it has proven to be very powerful. Now I just need to learn how to harness it.

The reason for this hub

I was looking out an office window the other day when I noticed two small deer coming out of the woods, I wish I had my camera with me but it was in my car, so I just enjoyed watching them. Later that day, I was driving back home thinking about the deer I had seen earlier, I was thinking it would have been cool to take a snap shot of them to put on Facebook with a caption that said “things you see without a camera” , but as I came around a corner, there was another deer standing in the road, I slowed down to a stop and was going to reach for my camera, but a thought entered my mind instead, then a smile appeared on my face from ear to ear. Was this the universe connecting with me? Was this occurrence a coincidence?

Later that night we drove home from my daughter’s basketball game and I was talking to my wife about what happened with the deer today, I asked her what her thoughts were on the whole situation. She stops the car suddenly and says “look at that deer” as I looked forward off to the side of the road, I could see another deer looking back at me, and that is why I wrote the hub today. Some people never see a deer during their life on earth, I saw 4 in one day and it just made me think, do we really communicate with the universe?

I’m not sure if I buy into what Abraham Hicks is selling, but Napoleon Hill wasn’t selling anything, he was just studying successful people and began to realize what the universal mind can do if pointed in the right direction and had a definiteness of purpose. In other words, if you know exactly what you want to do, you can do anything, but you have to be focused like the sunbeam through a magnify glass. I believe there is some truth the law of attraction because of the things I have experienced, what do you think?


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    • eddiecarrara profile image

      Eddie Carrara 6 years ago from New Hampshire

      Hey ligiaogl, I believe I was connecting with the universe that day for whatever reason. After I missed the first opportunity to snap a picture that day, I couldn't stop thinking about it, it was like the universe gave me a second chance to take a picture. Thanks for the comment :)

    • ligiaogl profile image

      ligiaogl 6 years ago from Brazil

      The deer story has "law of attraction" written all over it!

      I believe in that.

      Great hub!


    • eddiecarrara profile image

      Eddie Carrara 6 years ago from New Hampshire

      I agree moonfairy, we need to be very careful when planning our future or things can go astray, the more precise the plan, the better the results :)

    • moonfairy profile image

      moonfairy 6 years ago

      thanks for a great hub. I tend to agree with you, that you must be entirely focused on what you want and how you are going to get there. sometimes I find it exhausting!! the human mind isn't used to being so precise and sometimes it can call it what you didn't really expect.