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Is the world a dream conceived by the mind?

Updated on September 14, 2015

Whole Truth!

The world is never real....

We watch cinemas in picture halls. During the projection of cinema on the screen, it looks so real and the onlookers feel the emotions displayed on the screen. But, all the visitors know well that it is only a cinema show and not real. The human life too is a drama enacted on the big drama platform. The creator is the script writer, costumer and Director of the show! This may not be evident to every one. Great sages, who practice the philosophy of Non-dualism, are aware of this great truth!

Many readers may assert that we perceive the world in real sense through our sensory organs. Every individual see the world, hear the sounds, feel the flow of air and experience the heat of the sun. We smell the aroma of beautiful and colorful flowers, we taste many foods. Yes, it is true that every one perceive the world through the sense organs.

Now, the vital question is that each organ gives a special input and it is incapable of giving the input of another organ. We consider that the vision through the eyes is true. But it is not so. One small example. We see the earth as a flat surface. Only by observing a ship coursing through the ocean to the other end, we can understand that the surface of the earth is not flat but curved. Secondly we assert that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. This is with reference to our location. The reality is that the Sun neither rises nor sets. It is always glowing but due to the rotation of earth on its own axis, one part of the hemisphere gets sunlight while the other part is remaining in dark. If you assert that the eyes convey the true position, it is wrong. Also in the deserts, we get the effects of ‘mirage’ due to hot weather. Mirage is an illusion created by the hot weather!

Likewise each organ gives a misleading input. How can we assert that they are real? The life of human being is like a passing cloud on the sky. It is not static. It moves fast with the flow of winds. Likewise human life also undergoes many changes from cradle to grave. The time is flowing fast, the movements happen everywhere from the atoms to huge galaxies. Every moment, the planets change their position on space. There are trillions of stars occupying the outer space but it is not visible to our naked eyes. Even with the most powerful telescopes, the astronomers could peep in to some extent of space only. Hence no individual is aware of the vastness of space, the reality of the senses and their inputs.

We have ocean systems which are deeper. But pearls are never scattered on the surface of the ocean. If one wants to gather the pearls, he has to dive deep and reach the bottom of ocean surface through some special methods. Likewise, Truth may not be perceived just like that. A pure intellect is inspired by intuitions. Only such an inspired intellect can perceive the Truth! The Veda and Upanishad declare that the Atma or Self is the only reality and all else or illusions created by the mind. Hence the visible universe is like a dream created by the mind!

World is illusion!


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