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Is There A Thing Called Next Life or Life After Death?

Updated on June 11, 2015

Prepare Your Next Life

There is a question which pose for popular debates and arguments about "Life and Death" which we called "Intermediate State" pointing issue about man's fate after his life came to an end. Extinction is a matter of reality whether we like it or not. It's something an unstoppable reality in the history of human kind.

Life after death often puzzled many religions all around the globe. By observation, this issue had often been the context of street talks especially among those who believed on after life. Death is the scariest talk in town. When strange killings are heard from news, people had seem frightened and began to contemplate what really life is after extinction.

Last couple of months, I heard stories of the convicts who were sentenced to death penalty. For the families with love ones who had an ill fate, it's unthinkable to express such a dreadful feeling. It's a reality of terrible fear when your days are numbered or when you had knowledge on a specific date when you die.

While we're yet able to have an ability and chance for the search of truth, let's open our eyes to see the truth which answer is in accordance to the significant divine influence giving us light in the reality of death and the face of all realities happening in each one's life.

A person who has an inquisitive mind must develop a questioned thought why life such have an extinction. Human beings are simple matters which had an extinction and ultimate end. Soon, we'll come to pass away with the reason which we couldn't determine. It is in truth how we should expect the reality of an ill fate when our vile body will be buried in the graveyard.

However, had you not consider the thought that we're beings which really matter most in the sight of our creator? There are ancient artifacts which had been already proven to justify the claims of Biblical history, its stories, and accounts. The Bible has plain center point addressing issues between the creator and creation which is primarily on the context of God's special created beings, the humans.

Since death is at all true in all things such as plants and animal life including human beings, yet God had served special purpose of restoration for the preservation of life to human kind. The reason for this because we humans were beings patterned according to the image of God. Another point is that God had placed special characteristic to man with special instinct which could obtain knowledge and wisdom for our living. We're indeed included in the creation by God himself designed and placed a breath taking action so we could have obtained a breath of life. It's a perfect reason why man became a living a soul.

Though animal forms had breath but there is a breath of God which is originated from the creator himself. He sort out answers for your benefit. World's affairs, issues of sin, death, best form of walk, and worthwhile values were those that God himself had settled for you to know and evaluate.

Securing an eternal life is the foremost priority of every person. However, the most difficult part of man through which life's destiny became so complicated is when he refuse to unlearn his religious ideology, and secular philosophy. Life seekers must humbly go back to the book of all books to gain further understanding about God's plan of salvation proving matters related to eternal life. Sensibly, there is a contrast between life and death. When man is in absence of God's life then what characterized his state before God's eyes is death.

There is a fact describing ourselves as "dead" before God's sight. Regardless of our status and position. God had convey his predicament to let the entire human race regardless of our position to have therefore obtain life eternal which is our salvation.

Majority had not thought whether there's a relevant truth what lies ahead beyond our life in this material world. We should at times carefully think about our destiny when death with the reason we don't know shall occur soon. We couldn't say to ourselves that we couldn't be extinct or that believe the premise to mean grave is our only ultimate end.

God's revelation had further revealed issues beyond thoughts what scientists, many wise and most educated men had embraced in their life's philosophy. Some thought their earthly achievements are sufficient to obtain there end and fulfillment. Many just think there's no life beyond the graveyard. Some also thought life can be transformed into the lowest form in the level of the animal kingdom. This is the ideology of many people who embraced the doctrine of reincarnation.

Instinct proved how human life and animals had differing characteristics. Human's life is separate from that of the animals and it couldn't be integrated in the next life. When you will get extinct in your own proper time, your name and identity which includes your existence after life remains. In other words, your whole being as a person has a guaranteed existence to prevail and remain the same without any change at all. You'll not be reincarnated and being transformed into the lower creature of God's creation.

In God's revelation, he set distinctions between his creation to really identify the category of our creators master plan and perfect design. He made the animals however, he set a very special hand-made creation to human being. God had not set eternal life plan to animals. He only set salvation plan to the human race.

People had thought it's less important to engage the principle of knowing and getting use the wisdom of God as they thought life only stops until the grave. Now, there should be no extant revelation to further attest our faith when God had not communicated to its authors such as the scribes, prophets, and apostles through divine inspiration. There should be no means to satisfy our longing and hunger for the spirit and soul part of in us. Our physical body will only end up at the grave but the breath of God that gives life will proceed according to its respective destinies.

I don't want to cite Christianity as above other religion for there are many who were called Christians and call Jesus Christ Lord and yet did not believe God's salvation plan through out the age. To be called a Christian is not at all a guarantee someone already had secured destiny after death.

The point of this article is to establish a fact that all people, regardless of their belief and religion must abide in sole foundation to achieve the blue print of God's wisdom in identifying the right destiny as God had intend for every people to go.

Perhaps, you might wonder why there's physical death? To simplify, death is the penalty of our sin. I have no sin but why should I die? There's only one who committed sin. His name is Adam. The Adamic sin nature had passed in all history to the entire humanity and escalated through times. It means sin and death is our inheritance from the first man who disobeyed God and listen to the counsel of our Adversary, Satan the devil or an old serpent.

Therefore, it's all a fact that even an unborn child in his mother's womb had already gotten Adam's sin-nature. So, everyone in this planet was born with a corrupt inheritance which made us all before God's eyes as called "sinners". We're not convicted of any crime but there's a fact in our present situation and status which is something for us to know and learn so that God's wonderful plan of salvation will provide a blissful fate and destiny of a glorious eternal life with God in His heavenly place.

Consider this truthful proof of God's word why it's essential for every human being in this world to unite into what God's call for eternal life plan and salvation merit on the capacity and determining motivation of God's love and mercy.

Ezekiel 18:4 King James Version

4 Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.

This is the sole fact to substantiate our credible faith that all who have sin shall fall to death. All men had fall short to God's glory since no one is righteous and could himself enable the surety of our destination when judgement come.

Our fate or eternal destiny shall come to the point beyond after physical life or what others thought their ultimate graveyard end. There is amplification of truth how the creator gives factual evidence of a life talk beyond to that grave issue when he will execute judgement. The reason why there's judgment after death because man had set his own life destiny. When he didn't find the wisdom of God's eternal plan for salvation to give him best destiny after death then eternal life should become the worst turmoil which he should suffer forever.

Hebrews 9:27

27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Now, which wisdom of God do you want to know in order to secure an eternal life when judgement shall come upon us?

Why should you not contemplate on these things?

1. Where should you spend your eternity?

2. Why should you longed for something necessary to fulfill your desire and longing about inner problem?

3. Is there a God who provide a better life destiny?

Eternal life trivia

Should I really care for eternal life?

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    • Albert Gran profile imageAUTHOR

      Albert Gran 

      3 years ago from Phitsanulok Thailand

      Ecclesiastes 3:1-10 speaks of the reality of time under the sun.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Andrew Petrou 

      3 years ago from Brisbane

      Both science and spirituality consider time to be an illusion. This immediately makes death an illusion as both the past (when life was lived) and individual future death become disconnected from rubbery illusory "time".


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