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Is there a purpose for my life?

Updated on May 31, 2016

Why was I born?

Happen stance baby?
Happen stance baby? | Source

What purpose was my being born?

What was the purpose of my being born? Was I a mistake from a couples lustful desires or was I just brought into this world by a cabbage plant to be chewed up and spit out or was I brought in this world with a purpose. There are so many questions running through my mind about why. Is there purpose for me being here or am I just an amoeba that washed up on the shore and was picked up by strangers that had nothing else better to do. Am I a freak of nature or a link from apes. Do I serve a purpose? Or am I just taking up space and sucking up air for no reason? How did I come about to be created and for what purpose? Who holds all the answers that are running through my mind. YOU? GOD? The stars? WHO?

Why is their no knowing of the next moment?

I have come to understand as I get older that we are born into this world to be a part of it to help bring love and unity back to humankind and serve this earth we live on. As a young child we have no concept of a purpose or anything else except that we are taken care of, loved, disciplined, nurtured and taught the ways of our family and culture. There is pain, laughter, joy, sadness, peace and love which I found out is a choice of an action we make towards life and others. We live what we learn as a child into adulthood. So what we are taught is not of our own accord. We are apparently predestined for the life we have so we must make the most of it. A lot of young children do not understand what is happening to them and why. Many can not handle the life they have been given so end the life they have to make the pain go away. It is scary to a child or an adult to not know what is going to happen in the next moment. They live in fear of the worst of not knowing. The thing is none of us know what will happen in the next moment of our life. That in itself is a daunting challenge for many. For others they just think oh well we only live once. Which is true in of itself. And if there is a God is there another life after this one? What happens to us in it? These things are constantly on my mind. I had no say in the matter of me being born or who I was born to or the life I was born into.

Ending your life


Why do the actions I take affect others?

I have also learned that when I do something no matter what it is it affects someone else. This cycle happens to everyone no matter who they are. When we do something we can rest assured it is going to affect someone else somehow. We may not see it at the moment but it does and some where down the line we can see the out come of our action. Yes our actions affect us yet it also affects others. This is another strange phenomenon in our lives. That we have no control over in our lives but we can control the actions we do to benefit others in a positive way instead of negative. I have had to learn a lot on my own in growing up with my own mistakes seeing how they affected others. People I didn't even know. As a child we do not know these things because apparently our parents didn't either or we would have learned it. There is the bible that teaches of this stuff and yet we all seem to have not read it or heard it. I have learned a lot from the bible from my own perspective and it has taken years to learn and understand what it says about our purpose and what our actions cause.

The action to help another.


Time and experience happens!

Through the years I have learned from my experiences whether good or bad. Whether they were my actions or someone else's I still went through the experience. As I learned from these experiences I gain much understanding and wisdom. Understanding is knowing what you went through and wisdom is knowing what will trigger experiences. We learn everyday of our life in the time we are here and do not stop learning until we are dead. There is never a moment that goes by that we do not learn. It is also something that is designed within our DNA and we have no control over it. Not one action or thought in our life teaches us nothing. We always come away with something learned. Listening is the key factor in learning a lot as is observing. We can take what we learned and use it for the next moment in our life that requires it. This is what control we do have and that is how we react and work through things in life whether good or bad. Making mistakes is a part of gaining experience and whether we like it or not we always make some sort of mistake. No matter how hard we try it is just inevitable.

The effects of war

My Purpose of being born is a purpose.

I have come to the conclusion that from my experiences and decisions in life are to be a part of something bigger than life itself here on earth. It help us prepare for the next life to come. We are all descendants of two people, Adam and Eve. We all are of the same blood line and spiritual DNA on this earth.Man is even made up of the earth so we are a part of it also. I have learned through experiences and the bible that we have a greater purpose than just existing. Yes we were born into this world not of our own accord but of God who designed us to be one with Him and each other into the next life. We have free will to a point but our life is destined and controlled not by us. Our actions are though. It is what we do and how we react and how we treat others that make the destiny it's journey. Our life is not our own is a true statement and our experience living it out is proof of that. The purpose of our lives is to unite together in this common cord and work it out together in love and harmony. Bringing heaven to earth.

The power of purpose!

The fathom of purpose.

It's hard to fathom that we are part of the earth, heaven itself and each other but it is true and is being proven everyday by scientists and the like. For years man has lived in a fantasy world of his own making or so he thought. Some of it yes. However by scripture our steps are preordained. So you tell me where we have control in that. God has a specific reason for doing what He has done by creating us, this earth we live on and the heavens. Science can help you understand but life experiences are the real reason we can understand. If we really want to know truly about life and our purpose then we will gain that by experiencing it. What happens today has recycled into our lives from the past of the lives of others. It's truly amazing to come to understand this. From reading history of hearing about the lives of others before us. There is no denying the pattern involved in our lives. Ever wonder why we have what is called deja vu in those moment where we know we have been there before. That's a whole other subject in itself for another time.

Credits and references.

Majority of the facts provided are from my own personal experiences and such.

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