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Is there any evidence for the existence of God

Updated on November 17, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Playing by their own rules

It is a well known fact that secular science and scientists want to accept God under their own terms. Like the title suggests they want to see and examine God under their own terms.

This is highly arrogant as part of God’s creation demands that God bow to their demands. They want God to jump to their tune, through their hoops and without guarantee that they will convert and believe in God once they are done.

The set up certainly does not sound fair or even honest.

What are their parameters

This is one of the problems in the secular scientists demand that they study God under their way and through their scientific method. They have no established tests that they would use to analyze God, his power or criteria to meet to prove that God is God.

Earlier it was stated that these scientists and other unbelievers who want to have God put into a test tube that this is the height of arrogance. These secular scientists think they alone have the authority to declare if God exists or not.

That too is very arrogant as that attitude insults anyone with half a brain. Scientists are not the only people who can recognize God and declare he exists. Since the scientists have no criteria to meet, anyone is free to decide if God exists.

The secular scientist has no monopoly or authority to make such decisions.

What could the secular scientist demand as proof

The field is open as to what achievements or standards God would have to meet. Even if God put himself in a test tube to be examined, how would the secular scientist believe what they saw.

After all they do not believe God’s word or the fact that God spoke and everything came into existence. How will they believe God’s power when demonstrated? They also do not believe Jesus’ power when it was recorded in the Bible.

Jesus performed miracle after miracle during his life and continues to do so after his death and resurrection. Secular scientists rarely accept those as true and from God. So if God manifested his power while being tested how would the secular scientists accept it and believe it?

Also, we must remember what God told Moses when Moses asked to see God’s face. God said that if he showed his face to Moses the latter would immediately die. How could we get any results from these supposed experiments if all the scientists studying God died from seeing his face?

God’s rules will not change just because some arrogant people demand that they study God in a test tube.

God’s creation, God’s rules

What the secular scientists refuses to accept is that they are not charge. They have self appointed themselves to be an authority and think they are the only ones with the means to make determinations that God exists or not.

Again that shows arrogance and much more as there are a myriad of people out there who are far more intelligent than a majority of scientists of any stripe. Unfortunately for all unbelievers, God has already set the rules to know of his existence.

The first and foremost rule is faith. Faith is important because God wants to see who will believe him or not. That is why we have many portions of the Bible that do not come with physical evidence.

The second rule is believing. Jesus told Thomas that blessed are those who believe yet have not seen what Thomas had seen. Believing is important and what the secular scientist is saying by their demands that God enter a test tube is that they do not believe God and have no faith that he exists.

The secular scientist should not expect God to do as they want. God does not submit himself to those who reject him and his word. If the secular scientist wants evidence that God exists, then they must follow God’s rules.

They must humble themselves and believe the Bible and use faith. You won’t see God by making up your your rules and demanding that the only Holy supreme being who created all things bow to your demands.

Secular scientists are not that great.

Some final words

God knows that the faith of people can be shaken if pressed hard enough. That is why we do find some physical evidence for the Bible. That physical evidence that provides the Bible true, also points to the existence of God.

It is testable, verifiable, and so on. But we will not get enough physical evidence where God’s number one rule is invalidated. We get enough to make sure our faith remains strong.

We know that God exists because we believe God and use faith that he does. The world is full of evidence that proves that faith is not in vain. We do not have to see the resurrection or the ascension of Jesus to know that he exists.

We see lives changed every day, we see miracles of all kinds taking place throughout history. We see so much that we do not need to put God in a test tube and examine him.

The fact that false religions and teachers exist is also evidence for the existence of God. Their lies would not be needed to deceive if God was not real and was not who he said he was.

If you want evidence to prove God exists, you just need to ask Jesus to clear the blinders away from your eyes so you can the reality of what Jesus and he have done over the thousands of years this universe and its contents have been in existence.

God does not have to be tested because God is real and he has revealed himself in the Bible. It is only one step of faith that needs to be taken and you have all the evidence you could hope for.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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