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Is There Proof That the Bible is God's Word? Part Two

Updated on January 2, 2014


1. We need no more proof than this that the Bible is God's Word; nevertheless, God gave us more proof. Long before our scientists have ever thought of it, or our science had ever discovered it, the Holy Bible has either referred or alluded to it: Earth being round(1), Earth being suspended in empty space(2), plate tectonics(3), fractal geometry(4), space having physical structure(5), space being elastic(6), quantum mechanics(7), virtual particles(8), expansion of the universe(9), DNA(10), and two more fundamental forces(11), one of which we have only recently discovered, and the other--to my knowledge--has not even been conjectured yet by scientists, and this is just a partial list. Each one of these were scientific revolutions at the time they were theorized or discovered, and yet Scripture implied their existence and nature prior to even speculation of their existence let alone theories describing their nature.


2. So has our "modern" science caught up to the Bible's scientific assertions? No, not even closely. Even though we live in a highly technological age of computers, cell phones, genetic engineering, organ transplants, nanomachines, space travel and automation; and even though we are currently in an era of remarkable discoveries as quantum mechanics, DNA, protein structure, black holes, expansion of the universe, dark matter and dark energy; and even though we have become so smart in unravelling( unravel means to ravel--look it up--so I'll leave it to you to determine how smart we are) the inextricable complexities of God's creation; nevertheless, the Bible alludes to concepts which has eluded some of our most brilliant scientific minds, and of which our science has yet to discover. This is an astonishing fact. We have had hundreds of perspicacious minds laboring over thousands of years to develop and "refine" what is now our contemporary science, and yet the Bible's science is over our head? Actually, this should not be so surprising as long as we remember that the Bible is not just any book; it is God's Book, and it is not just any scripture; it is God's Scripture. I do not think it is coincidental that some of the most advanced physics mentioned in the Bible is in the oldest book of the Bible---Job.


According to Dake(12), "the book of Job" was written about 3,800 years ago. So how much over our head is the Bible's science compared to our contemporary science? I don't know. How much over our head is the sky including outer space and hyperspace( greater than 3D space)? But Richard before you attempt to answer those questions I'll give you a few examples to ponder(13): 1. Space having some sort of polarity(14), as magnetism's north and south, or electricity's positive and negative; or perhaps it is some sort of specific orientation. This could be the reason why electricity and magnetism have polarity. 2. Information being stored within, and emanation from, space itself but not necessarily within---or limited to---our space, but if not space then something very fundamental as superstrings( string theory is a hot topic in theoretical physics). 3. All light having been completely created but it exists as potential energy until stars and elementary particles release and dispense it from the conduit(15) within which it is stored. Albert(16) believes this conduit is very narrow and exists in hyperspace. He got this opinion from the Scriptures, not from his education in theoretical physics(17). 4. Darkness( physicists call it a vacuum field) having various levels of disorder(18) which determines the direction, intensity and amount of light( i.e. electromagnetic radiation) being emitted into our realm( 3D space). The greater the disorder, the less light we see. 5. The extent and degree of ordered structure within the darkness is directed by the aforementioned information stored within the fabric of space(19). This information, or in this case wisdom---discretionary information(19)---is responsible for the superseding of entropy. Entropy is the relentless tendency of things and systems to go from order to disorder(20); however, proper and dynamic employment of this information supersedes entropy.


3. Oh, I know there are a lot of questions we need to clear up. For example, Albert tells me that our current science affirms it is the vacuum field that stores an enormous(21) amount of energy, not the narrow corridor where light is stored(Job.38:19). Albert intends to give argumentation attempting(22) to explain this discrepancy but this will be delayed until DRC expounds upon Wormwood's statement at. Another perplexity which needs to be cleared up is since we know that stars and subatomic particles emit photons( essentially light and other electromagnetic energy) then how do we correlate this with what we just said about the darkness? Albert's department(23) will tackle this puzzle when we explain Wormwood's statement at (29,55-57)(24) because we believe they are all inextricably related: wisdom(25), stretching of space, the darkness, the EMF(electromagnetic force), ordered energy and subatomic particles. The questions never end, especially when it comes to our puny and primitive science trying to figure out God's creation. When we think we have it figured out, we don't.


I'll give you a personal example of what I mean. I became a Christian during my teenage years, and when I read Job 38:36( "Who has put wisdom in the inward parts?") it became a conundrum in my young mind. What wisdom(26), and what inward parts is God referring to, and why did He put it there in the first place? When I got to college I took a course in biology which gave me a basic understanding of DNA. Then it all made sense. All my questions concerning Job 38:36 were answered. I said to myself, "Of course, DNA is the inward parts to which God is referring. After all, it has all the chemical information by which protein molecules are made."


Many years later I mentioned this to Albert, and he--throwing my advise(12,1-2) right back at me--said, "Think again, John. DNA represents nothing more than the paper upon which this information is written(4,17). The inward parts of Job 38:36 must be very inward indeed because the electromagnetic force(EMF) must have access to it. It is the EMF that constructs molecules, and DNA is a molecule. Information is stored in DNA's geometric(3,20-33) structure(4,18-19), and it is the EMF(15,45-33) that precisely determines those intricate structures(8,39-40)." Albert and many others(1,29-33) will go into much greater detail of this most fascinating subject when we explain Wormwood's statement at (29,48-53).


4. Richard, I have given you some formidably convincing reasons why the Bible is truly God's Word. There are many more reasons but the ones in this letter are a powerful way to bring people to Jesus Christ(30,par.25). I think the reason for this is simple enough: this evidence is just too overwhelming, irresistible and irrefutable to deny. People may love their sin more than righteousness(2038,31-35) thereby choosing(7,44) to ignore(15,10) this evidence, but no one can deny it. No one can deny this evidence, at least not with sound and truthful argumentation. Oh, sure, I do not deny the fact that people can and do deny facts but denying facts does not change facts from being facts to not being facts, and this is a fact.


Richard, there are facts proving the Bible is God's Word, and there are facts proving God's existence. Based on these evidences, God does not ask us to make a decision concerning Jesus Christ; He commands us to decide. Furthermore, He commands us to make the right decision. God is sovereign; He can do whatever He wants to do, but He is also just; therefore, in His sovereignty He will never do anything unjust. God is entirely just in demanding our obedience, and our adherence to Jesus Christ because there has never been anytime, nor will there be anytime, when God expected or expects anyone to blindly believe in Him. The earth itself could not contain all the books which could be written giving evidence of God's existence(27). His fingerprints are everywhere. From deep within the intricate structure of space to the mighty quasars(28) at the edge of our observable universe, and everything in between, God's omniscient and omnipotent fingerprints are there.


Anyone who cannot see this is dead(29); anyone who will not see this is in a coma(30). Either way, hell is our destination, not heaven, if we choose to ignore the copious evidences which God has supplied.

In His service,

John, your friend


1. God's word told us the earth was round long before it was generally believed to be so. About 760BC(ref. Dake's Bible) Isaiah refers to earth as a sphere at Isaiah 40:22. Job was written at about 1843-1703 B.C.(Dake); nevertheless, at Job 22:14 the atmosphere is referred to as round. Strong's has circuit(#2329) meaning circle; i.e. earth is round.

2. At Job 26:7 is a fascinating verse: North is a spatial direction, and we normally think of it in this way. You may say to someone, "I live north of the city center" ; thereby giving the direction of the location where you live. But how is God referring to the north? He stretches out the north; therefore, we must conclude that space not only has physical structure but that it also has some sort of polarity. Although God stretches all of space as at Isaiah 44:24, He specifically distinguishes the north at Job 26:7. To my knowledge our science is not even aware of this polarity of space. We will discover this someday--just as we discovered that space does have physical structure--and when we do it will be another confirmation that God, and only God, is the true author of Scripture by inspiring His prophets to write as He dictated.

Also at Job 26:7 Scripture declares that the earth hangs in empty space, but I'm saying empty space, because that is how I understand the last clause of this verse; God is saying, "upon nothing." You can not hang something on nothing; therefore, I'm not fully understanding this verse. The point here is that Scripture implies earth is suspended in space, and this was not believed to be the case when this Scripture was written.


E4. Personally, this is one of the most exciting proofs that Scripture is inspired by the Creator. I'm interested in both science and mathematics, and the Bible predicting two more fundamental forces is a supreme scientific prediction---outstanding and paramount! What is more fundamental to our understanding of the sciences( physics, chemistry, astronomy, etc) than the forces of nature( i.e. creation)? Mankind has been, for many years, trying to combine the four forces( gravity, electromagnetic, weak and strong) into one theory, with, incidentally, some success, but now we have two more forces to worry about!

E5. The expansion of the universe was postulated, discovered, and gained worldwide recognition during the decade of the 1920's. What is so critical to our understanding of this expansion--as it is understood in Light of Scripture--is that it is not an expansion of stuff( stars, galaxies, planets, etc) within space, but rather the expansion of space itself, which carries the stuff with it. It would be a outstanding prediction if the Scripture predicted the expansion of stuff within the space of the universe, but for it to predict the expansion of space itself is a monumental scientific prophesy. Let us take a look at this most revolutionary concept.

E6. Isaiah( written about 792--722 B.C.) has, "Thus saith God the Lord, He that created the heavens, and stretched them out," and also at 45:12 "I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens," and at 51:13 "the Lord thy maker, that hath stretched forth the heavens." There are many other verses in which God addresses His creation of space, and what He has, and is doing, with it, but these three are sufficient for our purposes now. A word study of "heavens," as applied here is at Strong's #8064( "as well as higher ether where the celestial bodies revolve."), and it indicates it is space itself.


E7. What are these verses, written about 2,770 years ago, telling us? First of all, Isaiah was written at a time, and for hundreds of years afterword, when it was generally believed that space was just space, that is all. Period. End of story. Generally, people believed it was just something to store things in and do things in. It did not have any structure, and certainly did not need to be created. It is just there. However, these three verses in Isaiah declare that God created space and that space is elastic, and that God is stretching it. There are other verses that give additional characteristics of space, but here we are interested in just the stretching of space because it alludes to additional forces that we have yet to discover.


E8. What is happening when you stretch a rubber band? You are applying a force to stretch it, but concomitant to this stretching force is another force trying to pull the rubber band back to its original position. It requires greater and greater force as you continue to stretch it, and proportional to this is a continuously greater force to pull it back. This analogy can be applied to God's stretching the heavens( i.e. space). Eventually we will discover the force that God created to stretch space, and it will be proportional to distance; it gets stronger with increasing distance. In contrast to this is the gravitational and electromagnetic forces which are both inversely proportional to distance; that is they get weaker with increasing distance.


E9. Let us call the stretching force the 5th force, and the pulling back force the 6th force. I'm not sure if the expansion of the universe has been attributed to a force, but we have indeed discovered something causing the universe to expand. Someday, in my opinion, it will be attributed to a new force; we will wait and see. I think the 6th force will be a tough one to discover. An analogy that may help is with your car. You are driving down the road with your foot on the gas peddle, and a foot on the brakes, and let us assume you are accelerating because more gas is being applied than brakes. If one knows the mass of your car, its acceleration, and takes into account the air and road friction then he can calculate the force that is being applied to your car to accelerate it. The problem with his calculation is it will be inaccurate because he is not aware of you applying the brakes at the same time. There is more force being applied than what he calculated because some of the force has to overcome the braking force. I believe the 5th force expanding the universe will be discovered mathematically, or at least it will be explained with math. Then, eventually, the equations will reveal the 6th force. If it works out this way, or similarly, then it will again be more confirmation that our Bible is truly the Creator's own Word.


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    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 2 years ago

      Thank you RTalloni,

      I agree with all you wrote. My faith has been solidified by how our science keeps--eventually--validating the Scriptures( God's Word). The intricate design God has put in His Creation, by Christ, is unfathomable. From protein molecules to galaxies our science continues to discover greater and greater design. Now as our science continues to move forward it looks like the design in the sub-nuclear realm of atoms my dwarf the design of even protein molecules.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for an interesting and thought provoking discussion. That lines such as "the heavens declare His glory and the firmament His handiwork" put it so even a simple person can understand that there is a Creator is as magnificent as all the human learned observation and deep thinking which barely grasps the dots that connect creation to the Creator. Once service of science is that it gives us glimpses of the unknown-to-us depths and breadths of His plan and work. As science unfolds creation's amazing details it is amazing to watch it prove what some scientists try to deny.

    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 4 years ago

      Hi Wba!

      Better late than never, right? I was going through my hubs and saw your message of which I never replied, but I'll fix it now.

      I consider Romans 1:20 to be the evidences of the Exodus for us. Romans 1:20 has always been true but more so for our generations than for all others before us. God did some amazing miracles during the Exodus, but---in my opinion---the miracles we see before us now dwarf those of the Exodus. The things we are constantly discovering in molecular biology, theoretical physics and astronomy scream from the structure of space to the structure of galaxies of God's omnipotence and omniscience.

    • profile image 5 years ago from upstate, NY

      "Job 38:36( "Who has put wisdom in the inward parts?") it became a conundrum in my young mind. What wisdom(26), and what inward parts is God referring to, and why did He put it there in the first place? When I got to college I took a course in biology which gave me a basic understanding of DNA. Then it all made sense. All my questions concerning Job 38:36 were answered. I said to myself, "Of course, DNA is the inward parts to which God is referring. After all, it has all the chemical information by which protein molecules are made."

      This is fantastic, that scripture can be understood on multiple levels but your understanding is certainly valid! It does say we understand God by the things He created.

      Romans 1:20 says this-"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse"

    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 5 years ago

      I know you are jam-packed busy, James, which is all the more reason I appreciate you taking time to read and leave your very kind comment. I'm also grateful for the content and quality of your hubs. Your lucid and accurate thinking on socialism--the pernicious and repugnant virus destroying this nation--is desperately needed.

      I consider Dake to be the Albert Einstein of theology.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

      This is truly a fabtastic Hub! You might be the deepest thinker on HubPages. And I love the Dake Study Bible. I study one everyday! :D

      Thank you for this needful and marvelous missive. It is wonderfully made. Well done! God Bless You.

    • generalbrat profile image

      generalbrat 6 years ago from california,usa

      keep telling them all before its to late!