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Is there anybody happy in this world?

Updated on July 31, 2013

True Happiness!

Is there anybody who is happy in this earthly life? Many people may say that they are happy since they are rich, possessing mansions, modern automobiles, and all luxuries one can command! They really need nothing! Ask them ‘whether they are really content? They will purposely avoid this stupid question. Deep within them, there is ‘discontent’ in spite of possessing all the riches and luxuries of life. This is termed as “Divine discontent” since God willed it so. None can be rich and at the same time happy or content. If people finds fulfillment in riches and treasures, none would seek God. To infuse into them the knowledge of real treasures that lays within the soul, God has blessed them with the illusory treasures of the world. This possession gives them more insecurity and grief in the longer run!

The aim of the creator is to illumine the soul to grander things than the paltry treasures of the world. The wealth we gather, the properties we acquire will never accompany us when we die. If only man understands the illusory nature of worldly acquisitions, he would not have toiled all through his life to acquire them. One day he will realize the impermanent nature of the worldly treasures and he will start search for the “Real and lasting treasure which will never leave him”. It is the knowledge of the Self which is his real identity. Eternal happiness and full knowledge is assured to the knower of self. He becomes immortal and never grieves over the death of the physical sheath.

Many people condemn God since they feel that the sufferings are inflicted by God. The fact is that ‘one reaps what he has sown earlier’. God is a mere witness. He neither inflicts pain nor grants joy to any. We are aware of the Newton’s laws. “Every action begets equal and opposite reaction”. If you hit a table hard, the table would have hit you with equal force. This is the law of nature. When God has created the world and human beings, he has blessed the human beings with a kind of ‘choice making’. Only the human beings can choose and no other species. But the gift of choice comes with an unbreakable law. “Whatever man does out of his own choice, he has to undergo the effects without fail. You plant a mango seed today. After few years, the seed gives rise to a mango tree which gives sweet nourishing mango fruits. If you had planted a bitter neem seed, you can never expect a mango fruit. This is the law of nature as well as God.

Hence, God can never be held responsible for your fortunes or misfortunes. The one who toils in the field reap rich harvest. If one keeps quiet thinking that God will bless him with good yield, only wild growth will greet him. In a way, we can compare God to a postman. In India, letters are delivered at homes by the postman. The postman is concerned only with the correct address and delivers the mail. The mail may contain good or bad news. The postman is never concerned with the contents of the mail. God too ensures that the results of actions goes to the correct individual and he never fails!

Saibaba in Blissful mood!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 4 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you marion langley for the nice and creative thinking!

    • marion langley profile image

      marion langley 4 years ago from The Study

      A hungering for an impersonal God...interesting. I agree with some parts...this is not my home and it is a fallen world so I am not surprised I'm not always happy with it. Is happiness our goal? Funny note: my grandmother would always count how many people she saw smiling anywhere she went...she was always surprised how low the count was at the county fair. Thanks for writing.