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Is there still love in this world?

Updated on February 23, 2017

It seems that love goes out at all levels and in all forms. It seems that love has been put into the background. It seems that a man has been lost without love. It seems that love is collapsing. While you are walking down the street, through your city, do you see love or any kind of love? Do you see the smile on people's faces? Obviously you don't see that.

Love hid itself under the influence of a cruel world. Love has been neglected, thrown away in shackles and covered with snow so that no one can't see it. Only then, if someone brings a shiny beam of light in our life, the snow might be cleared away and love could show itself in real size.

Love between man and woman

The foundations of love has been shaken recently and affected by a strong earthquake and because that never miss the opportunity to show your love to your loved ones. Sometimes I wonder where has the love gone? Why do some people feel ashamed of love? Why do they feel ashamed to express their emotions? Why don't they show their love to the world? Love is not rude. Why is love forbidden at some places? Why are people jealous of love? Why is kissing considered rude in society, in cafes, in the streets among the other people? Why don't we celebrate our love on every step no matter where we are? Who forbids me to show my love? If you walk around the city you will notice that there are only few embraced and happy couples. Others live in their own world.

This life is taken for granted. And then sometimes I wonder in which direction we are going? In which abyss? One that has a bottom or the other one that is bottomless? The lack of love is the greatest disease that has caught our world. Today almost nobody celebrate love. And it loses its value if it isn't shown every day. If you really think to enjoy in love, pay attention to the spiritual dimension of love. It looks as if people prefer to see wars on the streets rather than love. Isn't that great to see two young hearts, a girl and a boy! kissing and hugging on the street? Why can't be more of such things and acts? Why wouldn't every day be a day for love? Why don't we fight for love every day? Why love wouldn't write its own laws? But nowadays satan acts more and more often and discourages people from love and God. The media glorify wars, showing us a distorted picture of reality. They have filled our heads with black things and events. All this leads to destruction of the soul. Although some think that nothing can change them, Television, Technology and media are constantly changing them every day. And love suffers from all that, because it becomes more and more neglected by people. Imagine a world like some big puzzles and billions of people in these puzzles and that everyone has their own puzzle. Everything is scattered on the floor, on the earth. After a while, two puzzles are being found and connected, forming a part of the picture. And as long as the puzzles are connected, picture of love is being built and developed constantly. If all people were in love, the world would be changed. But now all that seems like great fantasy. But no matter what, on each of us is to respect the love between man and woman, glorify that love and maintain it. Any other false "love" between two men and two women is a part of the satanic act. Because Satan humiliates the Bible and the laws of God. Therefore, beware of Satan.

The man loves himself more than others!

More and more attention is given to the technology that will destroy love. People like to take photos of themselves. They're in love in their own image and they only watch themselves. They put their photos of themselves on social networks because of today's trend.

True love between man and woman is always looking on their other half. There is still a real love. There are still two young people who would give everything for each other, man and woman that would be ready to burn out of love for each other. And I still believe in such love. Love that does not look at the benefits, that admires to all, that never dies and forgives everything. Love that can't be changed by the world. Real and true love.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Let's work on love, grow in love and let's be romantic in love!

If we don't work on our love, it will remain unfinished and we will never perceive its true greatness. We'll never experience the most beautiful moments. We should express our love every day. Let the words "I love you" always be on our lips ready to pronounce them. Do not forget to be romantic in love. If you are not great romantic person, try to be. Be romantic with words and deeds.

Love towards God!

This is the most important form of love. Put your Lord in the first place and everything will be placed in the right place. Other forms of love come from the Lord. God loves us all, but the question is whether we love Him?

© 2017 Dream Lover


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