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Isis Milk, Spiritual Nourishment for the Soul According to Egyptian Myth

Updated on January 25, 2017

Cosmos, the oldest star

oldest star
oldest star

Isis the Myth:

Records of the Isis myth first appeared 4,500 years ago.

Isis, also known as Isis Sophia is in the Egyptian mythology the divine mother. Together with Osiris, they conceived Horus, the god saviour of all the people.

Osiris ruled the underworld, where he helped to guide the souls of those who died. Isis Sophia ruled the cosmos. Horus, their child, was the ruler and protector of all things on earth.

Isis milk is a shamanic remedy, not homeopathic as it is not made according to the homeopathic principles of dilution but channelled.

The remedy has been used to help harmonise the four major bodies: the physical, the etheric, the astral, and the spiritual. To attain perfect equilibrium, we must synchronise these four bodies.

The remedy is one of series of myth based remedies carrying imprints of moral and ethical codes helpful in bringing harmony between nature and spirit based on the alchemical principle “Bellow as Above”.

Isis breastfeeding baby Horus
Isis breastfeeding baby Horus

Isis Milk

Milk remedies create a link between the one who feeds and the one who is fed, in perfect nutritional balance, to fulfil the young’s needs. It is nutritionally adjusted according to its needs through subtle processes of communication between the nervous systems of the youngster and his mum.

From a spiritual point of view, the human milk helps to coagulate the incarnating soul of the child into his physical body.

In Egyptian mythology, Isis breastfeeding her son Horus evolved to signify healing, where the healer was represented by Isis and the patient represented by Horus as a baby. Just like breastfeeding mother Isis was depicted wearing the Sun disk and Hathor horns to represent the double breastfeeding from the spiritual and the material world, healing also had both physical and spiritual component for the Egyptians.

Isis Milk is a remedy for integration at various levels. It brings harmony between the individual’s spiritual and material needs, between the right and the left hemisphere of the brain. It also harmonises the physical body’s metabolic, rhythmic and nervous systems for complete nourishment.

It is a remedy indicated for emotional wounds in their mother/child relationship that can be reflected in various themes such as wanting to mother others inappropriately, wanting to be mothered by others, or by closing the heart to others so not to be hurt again.

It is also helpful in eating disorders where food becomes associated with love, and the patient either tries to compensate for the lack of love with overeating: the bulimia theme, and the refusal to accept love by not eating: anorexia.

In skin conditions, where the unresolved mothering conflicts are translated into issues to do with touching or being touched, and where a skin ailment becomes an obstacle preventing the patient from being touched.

Isis Milk can be useful in fulfilling emotional needs nourishing areas in our lives where there is depletion, giving what is lacking, and balancing spiritual and physical needs.

It can also be helpful in financial issues caused by the individual's sabotage of their wealth, by gambling or overspending and not being able to save money.

Isis milk is the most complete of the milk remedies, provides double breastfeeding: spiritual and earthly breastfeeding.

This remedy was created by myself, channelled from ancient Egyptian artefacts over a period of more than a year to benefit from particular beneficial astrological conjunctions which culminated at the Supermoon on 19th March 2011.

To book an appointment with me either face to face in London or worldwide via Skype, please email me via the "contact Urban Healing" button at the top of this page.

Super-Moon 19/03/2011
Super-Moon 19/03/2011

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    • Urban Healing profile image

      Claudia Dias 5 years ago from London

      Dear Allyson thank you so much for your inspiring comment! So nice to meet you, even if it's just in the digital world. You are right I do feel a connection too and it would be lovely to chat with you one day!

      I've done a lot of research into Greek, Egyptian and Mayan myths and I have created remedies from those which I include on my practice.

      I will read your book! Say thank you to your friend for putting us in touch!

      I have another Hubpage on Milks which you may like to read too: "Milk in homeopathy, a spiritual perspective"

    • profile image

      Allyson McQuinn 5 years ago

      Thank you so much. I love your article and just by the way you phrase things, I have no doubt that you and I could enjoy many hours of lively discussion over tea! I am a kindred Anthroposophical Heilkunst Physician in the Maritimes of Canada. I've written a book that depicts this whole myth between Isis and Osiris. My colleague, and reader, pointed me towards you. My Warmest Regards, Allyson