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Updated on March 20, 2013

The Sunnah, according to the scholars of hadeeth, is everything that has been related from the Messenger, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, of his statements, actions, tacit approvals, personality, physical description, or biography. It does not matter whether the information being related refers to something before the beginning of his prophetic mission, or after it.

Our Prophet said: “For every disease there is a remedy and when the remedy is made apparent, and then the disease is cured by the permission of Allah Almighty'". [Muslim]

Our Prophet said: “He who has put diseases on the earth, has also put its remedy there”. [Tirmidi]

Some of the useful remedies for certain ailments whose effectiveness is mentioned in many ahadees are stated below. As Muslims, we must acknowledge and accept that Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him), know better and have revealed the truth.


Honey isconsidered to be the best remedy for diarrhoea when mixed in hot water. It is the food of foods, drink of drinks and drug of drugs.

Skin and hair problems

Olive oil is excellent treatment for skin and hair, delays aging.

Kidney problems

Grapes purify the blood, provides vigour and health, strengthens the kidneys and clears the bowels.

Eye problems

Mushroom is a good cure for the eyes.


Figsare a good cure for piles.


Barley is good for fever in a soup form. Zam zam water also cures fever.

Sickness of the liver

Water is the best drink in this world and should be drunk by sips and not gulps, gulping produces sickness of the liver.


If Mehndi leaves are soaked in water throughout the night and this decanted water, if taken in morning for 40 days, is effective in leprosy and heals the wounds.


If Mehndi leaves are soaked in a sufficient quantity of water and kept throughout the night and the decanted water is taken in morning it is effective in Jaundice.

External Injuries

Vinegar is a good remedy for external injuries.

Occasions of birth or circumcision

Dates have been found to be very effective for cases of haemorrhage, at the time giving birth or circumcision.

We may note that the Sunnah also commends dates for the breaking of the fast in Ramadan. Dates should be eaten, if available, before the sunset prayer - this is medically and nutritionally the best way and the Sunnah.

A cure for most sickness

The Prophet(SAW) said that milk wipes away heat from the heart just as the finger wipes away sweat from the brow. It strengthens the back, increases the brain, augments intelligence, renews vision and drives away forgetfulness.



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  • profile image

    zareenaftab 4 years ago


    very nice and good job done our islam people this is natural medicines good for health

  • profile image

    mahmood kaid 5 years ago

    How about black seed oil

  • profile image

    Quran learning 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this hub of information in order to deliver meaningful treatment for certain diseases. But we need more information regarding this sort of treatment.

  • profile image

    badrudin abdullatif 6 years ago

    honey is the best medisine in islam that's right.

  • profile image

    Abdul Kareem sulaimon 6 years ago

    Salam alaik ,infact what u sent to world is not an ordinary sermon but a well understanding and well multivating one ,may God almight enrich u and family and also reward with janah fidous amjn.jazak lahu khaira amin.masalam

  • profile image

    abc 6 years ago


    Any remedy for burn scars

  • profile image

    shadaan  8 years ago

    thanks a lot for such an awakening article, you yourself may not eevn know but you have done a great service to mankind..