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About Islam and the Holy Quran

Updated on March 10, 2012
The Holy Quran
The Holy Quran

In today’s society where Muslims have become the bogyman and everything bad is attributed to evil Muslims. Even when the IRA detonate a bomb in Northern Ireland the report in the media reads –

“Bomb explodes in Ireland killing two innocent people and injuring dozens more, suspected members arrested in dawn raids”

Everyone thinks damn the Muslims are at it again, only to later find out when they read the rest of the paper that it was not the Muslims or the Islamic fundamentalists but rather it was a Christian group that had carried out the bombing.

Here are two sample news reports:

Bad people and bad actions have no religion!
Bad people and bad actions have no religion!

The first report shown is a clipping of the IRA activity, notice the headline does not mention anything about the religion of those involved. I wander why that is, most likely the people involved would be from a Christian denomination, so why is it not important in this case to brand them as ‘Christian IRA Group’?

The ironic thing is that the word ‘Christian’ never gets mentioned in any press release – Why is that? But the moment someone with a Muslim name goes out and commits a crime or decides to blow something it has to be publicised in big bold writing with the words “Muslim Terrorist” or “Islamic Fundamentalist”.

Look at the second sample news clipping, it is one of many reports which has to have the first word ‘Muslim’ in bold and it has to be in the headlines – do you know why?

Can you blame a man's actions on his family, then why blame his religion for his actions?
Can you blame a man's actions on his family, then why blame his religion for his actions?

Read - Is Islam really violent?

Because it sells the papers, it draws viewers to news reports on TV and radio shows. Otherwise what is the difference between one crime committed by a non-Muslim and that committed by a Muslim?

Even though the essence of Islam is Peace and all Muslims are required to be peaceful, there are some who claim to be Muslims or were given a Muslim name but do not follow or abide by the commands of Allah (SWT).  If, I as an individual commit a crime then I should be the one that get’s named and shamed, not my religion, the religion has nothing to do with my bad actions.

It is therefore important that we try to understand what it is that the Quran teaches us, nothing in the world can give you the same feeling and understanding that you will achieve by reading the Quran yourself.  Do not read the Quran or perceive the content of the Holy Quran through someone else’s eyes or judgment.

Download your FREE copy of the Holy Quran.
Download your FREE copy of the Holy Quran.

Once you have read the Quran you will then realise that a person who fully submits him or herself to the will of Allah and accepts Islam as a way of life will never participate in an action which simple nullifies his belief.

If there is any book you would like to read then you owe it to yourself to at least read the Quran.  It will open your mind to the truth of Islam, it will tell you exactly why billions of people across the globe decide to be Muslims and millions of people have memorised the whole Quran. 

To download your own free copy of the Quran click here

Or you can download the Quran Transliteration copy click here.

If you wish to learn more or get hard copies of the Quran and Islamic books then visit:

Learn more...

It will speak to you, and allow you to draw your very own conclusion as to why Islam is not the cause of so much bloodshed that is blamed on Muslims, but rather lack of understanding on part of some so called Muslims and ulterior motives of certain powerful groups to justify their actions. That is the reason why Islam is maligned in the world today.

Here’s a story to end this hub –

“An old white man walking his dog in the park, the old man walks past a group of thugs. The thugs start to harass the old man and checking his pockets for money. At a distance is walking a Muslim man dressed in his usual Islamic outfit, with a very long beard, he sees that the old man is trying to get free from the thugs. He runs up to the old man, as he gets there the old man is pushed by the thugs on to the floor, the Muslim man gets in between the thugs and the old man he helps the man off the floor and comforts him.

The Muslim man turns to the thugs and asks them to leave the old man alone, at which they decline and lay into the Muslim man with punches and kicks – calling him names like – Muslim terrorist, p*k*, off the boat etc.

This Muslim was no ordinary man he was a qualified martial artist, so in no time he taught the thugs a lesson and disbanded them back to their dismal holes.

The old man thanks the Muslim, shakes his hand and asks him to escort him home if he did not mind. The Muslim man walks the old man home, the old man says, ‘Son tell, me your name’ – the man responds – Mohammed. The old man say’s I’d like to name you my hero in the local newspaper for helping me today. Mohammed responds, please don’t; I did this because it is my duty as a Muslim and he departs.

The next day, the local newspaper headlines say’s the following:

What do you know about Islam?
What do you know about Islam?

Your comments are most appreciated

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    • Zubair Ahmed profile imageAUTHOR

      Zubair Ahmed 

      7 years ago

      Hi Sweetie,

      You are actually contradicting yourself in the above comment. It only appears that Muslims are terrorists because they are hugely popular in the news at the moment, terrorists exist in all communities and religious groups. But those that claim to carry out wrong actions and then hide behind religious justifications are cowards and nothing more.

      It is like a person joining the armed forces, agreeing to uphold and abide by all rules and regulations. The moment that person breaks any of those rules and regulations expected in the armed forces he will find himself in trouble most likely discharged from the army. Unfortunately God cannot discharge people from any religion when they go against the religious code of conduct.

      Which is why today we see monkeys claiming to be X or Y religion carrying atrocities.

      Take care

    • sweetie1 profile image


      7 years ago from India

      Hi Zubir,

      Yes i agree terrorists dont have any religion or race but unfortunately most of the terrorists acts in India have been done by muslims ( not debatable as it is true) and also since major terrorist spots in world are muslim deminated areas like pakistan and afganistan. So this thing happen that muslims are most seen as terrorists . Though i agree avg muslim is not terrorist but most terrorists are muslims as % of terrorists acts done are maximum by terrorists in name of isalm. Be it countless bombs in pakistan, or in india or usa or europe.

    • Zubair Ahmed profile imageAUTHOR

      Zubair Ahmed 

      7 years ago

      Hi Fay Paxton,

      Thank you for you nice comment. Hope you will download the FREE Quran and read it. That will give you the true essence of Islam.

      All the best

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 

      7 years ago

      Welcome to racist America.

      The media does this all the time. It is subtle and subliminal racism. People often have prejudices without having a clue just told them. Kudos to you!

      voted up/useful and awesome


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