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It All Adds Up - Chapters 1&2

Updated on November 26, 2014

It was the summer of 1972 when just three weeks
before my first marriage, my "best man" died from an
overdose. Although I considered him to be my best
friend, I didn't even know that he was using. I can not
describe the gut wrenching pain one feels when they
loose someone dear. I know that for the first time in
my life I began to ask myself questions. I experienced
an inner yearning I had never known before. And,
while I never spoke of this thirst to anyone, I could not
help but to feel driven by this new inner quest. I had
begun to thirst for the meaning, purpose and true
reality of my being. Why was I here? Was death so
arbitrary? If it was going to hurt so badly, did I want to
go on with this thing called life?
Until this consciousness altering experience I never
gave much credence to GOD or anything of a spiritual
nature. I was studying to be an engineer and I placed
my trust in numbers, formulas, math and science, not
GOD. If you couldn't hear it, feel it, see it, taste it or
smell it, to me, it wasn't real. All of this changed,
however, when one day not long after my friend
passed on, I was listening to the radio and heard a song
entitled "The Third Eye" performed by Roy Ayers. The
lyrics were mesmerizing. They spoke of "secrets of
numbers, secrets of sound, secrets of wisdom to be
found." Driven by my desire to KNOW, I purchased
the album and discovered the writer had been inspired
by a book written by Vera S. Alder (1938) entitled
"The Finding of the Third Eye." Although the book
introduces the reader to many metaphysical disciplines,
my early training in math and science predisposed me
to chapter eleven, The Science of Numbers
I discovered that I was a number seven (7) person
and that part of my mission in life was to seek spiritual
truths and teach them to others. So, after study and
research, I discovered that my friends' death had put
me "on the path". With this inner revelation through
numerology, I was able to accept my friends passing as
part of GOD'S plan and to understand first hand the
gospel of John 15vs13 "Greater love hath no man than
this; that a man lay down his life for his friends."
If life's true mission is to manifest "the Word" in
the flesh, what better tool than Numerology?
Numerology is based on the belief that the world was created by the WORD. What are words? Well, aren't words vibrations that we symbolize with letters and numbers. It starts in grade school. Theteacher tells us "ahhhhh, that's the 'A' sound. Ba Ba Ba.that's the 'B' sound boys and girls." Teacher gives us the sound and then the symbol for that sound.It follows logically then - since we were created by "the Word", and words are symbolized by letters and numbers - that letters and numbers are also symbols for spiritual qualities. Just as a composer uses letters to symbolize notes in a song and numbers to indicate timing, the letters in our names and the numbers in our birthdays are symbols for the part we are to play in the "symphony of life."

There exist a surprising amount of literature on
what is known today as Numerology. Lloyd Strayhorn
(1997:12) states there are also many different systems
of Numerology. There's an African, an Arabic, and a
Hebrew as well as a Japanese system of numbers. In
addition there is also the Abracadabra system which
uses the "pyramid technique". The systems commonly
used here in the West are derivatives of the African
and are know as the Chaldean and the Pathagorean
methods. Between the two, the Pathagorean is more
popular, wide spread and easier to learn and use. I
have, therefore, limited my research to the later. Rev. Craig E. Wright Ph. D.
Without exception, all the literature I examined
touted the benefits of Numerology. Here are some
examples of what the experts say. Lagerquist and
Leonard (1999:4) define Numerology as the language
of numbers as well as a system of relating numbers and
names to teach us about the human condition.
Furthermore, it is the study of the significance of
names and numbers.
Think of Numerology as the science of number
vibrations, with each number having it's own vibratory
influence. Based on the belief that a person comes into
this life on a certain date, with a certain name,
numerology uses numbers to tell who a person is, and
what the map is for his or her life. Numerology can
help you understand transitions and changes, learn
more about the psychological conditions around you,
make sense of the cycles in your life, identify It All Adds Up
challenges and use you talents and gifts to your best
advantage. According to Hodson (1967:145)
indications are found in ancient literature of a
development which gave to numbers their real
significance, and employed them in a system of
symbolism which referred to something more than
enumeration alone. By the study of numbers, therefore,
one may learn the fundamental laws of creation
because every number has a power which rest in an
occult connection existing between the relations of
things and the principles in nature of which they are
the expression. Javane and Bunker (1979) believe the
science of numbers can provide formulae which help
clarify the evolving pattern of existence on Earth. They
also indicate Pythagoras taught that numbers are
different from figures. Numbers represent qualities
while figures represent quantities. And that numbers Rev. Craig E. Wright Ph. D.
operate on the spiritual plane while figures are for
measuring things on the physical plane. Strayhorn
(1997) states that a person's name and birthdate can
reveal amazing insights into a person's character,
personality and individuality, as well as their natural
talents, skills and abilities regardless of his or her
educational background or training. Adrienne (1988:6)
believes a completed numerology chart gives an
overall perspective of ones natural abilities, the
purpose of one's life, their motivations, how one
appears to others, habitual responses, missing skills
and what one's basic temperament equips them to do.
This increased self-awareness increases self acceptance
which bestows a sense of serenity and being grounded
by a sense of purpose or focus in life. Goodwin
(1981:3) defines numerology as the study of the occult
significance of numbers. Using numerology you can It All Adds Up
discover a person's strengths, weaknesses, deep inner
needs, emotional reactions, ways of dealing with others
and talents. They also state that you can help yourself
by becoming aware of your own character and learning
to understand and deal with family, friends, lovers,
employers and employees.
Smith and Adolphus (1997:5) echo the positive
sentiments of the other authors by saying numbers can
be used to help improve your life by helping to
develop a better understanding of self and others.
Thus, numerology is a positive science that leads to
building better and healthier relationships. Alder
(1938:111,113) states that numbers play a very large
part in all the Bibles and sacred writings of the
ancients. Everyone who was allowed to study
numerology with the learned priesthood of Egypt was
initiated into the meanings of numbers. It is said that Rev. Craig E. Wright Ph. D.
Moses, Jesus, and Pythagoras studied in this way. It is
said that before birth we are drawn to our names and
birth dates by an irresistible affinity with those
vibrations which compose our own characters and
aspirations, and that numerology can tell us what we
are and where our potentials lie. Each letter and date
represents a number. The right reading of these
numbers will describe our character, type of life, hopes
and hazards.
The authors whose writings were consulted for the
purposes of this book all use the same tools for making
numerological determinations via the Pythagorean
method. Every month and every letter has a numeric
value. Each numeric value is a symbol for a
predetermined spiritual quality. So, obtaining
information utilizing numerology becomes a matter of
determining which numbers and corresponding It All Adds Up
spiritual qualities apply to the name and the birth date
being analyzed.
There are formulae for obtaining information about
who you are and why you are here. These formulae
reveal the energies inside of a person and are used to
do readings (see Chapter III).
There are also formulae used for obtaining
information about what events are likely in a person's
life and when those events will occur. These formulae
reveal the energies outside of a person and are used to
do forecast (see Chapter V).
Numerologically speaking, the GOD FORCE is
symbolized by zero. There are nine other basic
vibrations symbolized by the numbers 1-9. And, there
are four master number vibrations symbolized by the
numbers 11,22,33,and 44. Rev. Craig E. Wright Ph. D.
With the exception of the master numbers, all other
double digits are added together until they are
"reduced" to a single digit. For example the number 19
would be reduced by first adding 1 + 9 = 10, and then
adding 1 + 0 = 1. In numerology terms then, the
number 19 is a 1. When it comes to the alphabet, each
letter is "converted" to a number based on that letter's
place in the alphabet. For example, the letter "A" is the
first letter in the alphabet so it is a number 1. "B" is the
second letter so it is a number 2. In the case of the
nineteenth letter, the letter "S", we would reduce it just
as we did for the number 19, so the letter "S" is also a
The following charts illustrate the spiritual
qualities symbolized by numbers zero through nine,
the four master numbers as well as how to convert
letters and months into numbers. In all the literature It All Adds Up
consulted, the use of these charts and formulae were
consistent and indeed were the keys to unlocking the
spiritual meaning symbolized by letters and numbers.
0 - The GOD Force
1 - Leadership
2 - Cooperation
3 - Self expression
4 - Orderliness
5 - Freedom
6 - Service
7 - Faith
8 - Money/Power
9- Selflessness
11 - Master Teacher Rev. Craig E. Wright Ph. D.
22 - Master Builder
33 - Master Healer
44 - Master Liberator
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