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It All Adds Up - Chapter 3

Updated on November 22, 2014

There is a vast amount of personal data available
via numerology. For the purpose of this book, I shall
focus on six numbers - the DAY of birth, the
BIRTHPATH number, the DESTINY number, the
Goodwin (1981:279-290) states the day of birth
symbolizes a lesson to be learned in life as well as
one's main emphasis and abilities.
Adrienne (1988:15) suggests that the exploration of
self begin with the day of the month you were born.
She states the day of birth is much like a police artist's
sketch. We may recognize you, but we would not want
to use it for a positive identification. Instead, use the
day of birth to identify a general characteristic and then
look to see if it is supported or overridden by other
major numbers.
Per Lagerquist and Linard (1999:197-198), the day
of birth plays a special role influencing our middle
years from age 28 through age 56. They also state it is
important to remember that, in spiritual numerology,
the belief is that your soul chose your birthday because
that particular day reflected what makes you unique.
Providing the first glance into the spiritual self, each
day carries its own unique vibration. For the purposes
of this introductory text, I have grouped them into nine
basic groups (1-9). To determine your day is simple if
it is a single digit. People with double digit birthdays
would add the digits until a single digit results.
example, someone born on the 28th day of any month
would have a number one birthday since 2+8=10 and
1+0=1. Someone born on the 23rd of any month would
have a number five birthday because 2+3=5. The nine
basic birthday vibrations are listed below.
The Ones As Day Of Birth - 1, 10, 19, 28
If your day of birth is on the first, tenth, nineteenth,
or twenty-eighth of any month, you have a "number
one" day of birth. You are independent, active,
original, speedy and a natural leader. You will always
look out for "number one". You are a dominant and
decisive person with a great deal of ambition. You
want to stand out from the crowd.
The Twos As Day Of Birth - 2, 11, 20, 29
If you have a number two birthday, you are
sensitive and emotional. Twos worry about the
unknown. You are a peacemaker and will do what you
can to bring harmony to any situation. Be careful not to
become a doormat for others. There is a danger of
staying in bad situations too long and developing an
unhealthy dependence on your mate. You are a
perfectionist who likes to work at your own pace. You
may nit pick due to your sense of perfection. The 11
and 29 are master numbers of inspiration and
illumination. 29 is also a business vibration. 11 and 29
must learn to follow their ideals in order to avoid
scandal and false friends.
The Threes As Day Of Birth - 3, 12, 21, 30
If you have a number three birthday, you will be
artistically inclined. You will have abilities in painting,
singing, dancing, writing and speaking. You will enjoy
socializing and recreation. You will be youthful and
unusually healthy all your life. You like to be the
center of attention.
The Fours As Day Of Birth - 4, 13, 22, 31
If you have a birthday on either of the above
numbers, you have a number four birthday. You are
hard working, practical, dutiful and stubborn. You are
good in anything having to do with the land or the
building industry. Management, government work, real
estate and manufacturing are favorable pursuits. 22 is a
master number that grants opportunities for large scale
success and international connections
The Fives As Day Of Birth - 5, 14, 23
If you have a five day of birth, you will be active,
speedy and adventurous. You will have several
projects going on at once. It is very likely that you will
retain a youthful appearance all your life. Travel will
be something you will enjoy. You must learn to handle
the opposite sex.
The Sixes As Day of Birth - 6, 15, 24
If one has a six day of birth, they are very
interested in being of service. Natural teachers,
advisors, parents and community workers. Many are
gifted artistically and have pleasing voices. Learn to let
go and let God. Don't play the martyr.
The Sevens As Day of Birth - 7, 16, 25
People born on a seven day are intellectual,
intuitive and lovers of solitude. Very often considered
as loners, sevens love nature and serene environments.
Spiritual and technical abilities are common. Preachers
and teachers are often born on a seven day.
The Eights As Day of Birth - 8, 17, 26
People born on a number eight day are natural
managers and leaders. They have a natural self
confidence and know the value of money and power.
The spiritual energy symbolized by the number eight
makes one hard working, dependable and dominant.
Female eight's need a career outside of the home. You
are NOT "Suzy Homemaker".
The Nines As Day Of Birth - 9, 18, 27
In general, those with a nine day of birth are
generous, loving and multi-talented. Nine is the
number of selfless giving, so, nines must give without
thought of return and learn not to be too attached. You
can do much to help those in need. Music, art, drama,
the Law, all fields that offer a broad scope of
experiences will appeal to the number nine. Nines
often marry someone older or from another culture.

In his two volume work, Goodwin (1981:23)
relates that the sum of the month day and year has been
referred to as the life path, birth force or birth path
number by different writers. By any name, he says, this
sum symbolizes the major lesson to be learned in this
life, the central focus of a person's existence. He
describes the soul returning to earth in physical form
again and again, each time to concentrate on a specific
lesson. When the soul has absorbed all the lessons, it
no longer needs to return to earth, but can move on to a
higher plane. The specific lesson determined by the
soul prior to assuming physical form is revealed by the
birth path number. For this reason, authors Javane and
Bunker (1979:17) refer to the birth path number as the
"Life Lesson" number. Finding your birth path number
is an easy task and well worth the effort it takes to
compute it.
The birth path number is the sum of the month, day
and year of birth. Someone born on January 1, 1901
would compute their birth path number by using the
month conversion chart to find the numeric value for
January; IE. 1. Then, they would add that value to the
day and year to get the following results -
1+1+1+9+0+1=13. The next step would be to add 1+3,
giving a final result of four. This process is called
reducing. The numbers 13, 31 & 40 all reduce to the
number four (1 +3=4, 3+ 1 =4 & 4+0=4). The only
double digits that are not reduced to a single digit are
the master numbers 11, 22, 33, 44.
The birth path number is a very important factor to
consider. It reveals spiritual assets, talents and abilities.
The very tools with which we build during the life
experience. These are the nine basic birth path
The Number One Birth Path Number
If the sum of your month, day and year reduces to
the number one, you have the gifts to be a leader
and/or to be self-employed. If you take the time and
effort needed, you can develop executive ability. Your
gifts will give you the opportunity to experience
independence in thought and action. Conflict with
authority figures is the natural result of your need to
dominate. Impatience is a common trait. Guard against
being egotistical, headstrong and blind to others' point
of view.
The Number Two and Eleven Birth Path Number
You have the gifts of tact, diplomacy, cooperation
and patience. Personal relationships are important to
you. You need a quiet atmosphere. You are supportive,
friendly and prone to put the needs of others before
your own. Your sense of rhythm and timing are assets
that favor music and painting.
A gilt for details makes you a good secretary,
accountant or beautician. Your skills will be useful in
partnerships and groups. Communicate your needs so
you will not be victimized. Try not to get lost in the
details. You may need to develop confidence and not
put your self down. "Blessed are the peace makers for
they shall be called the children of GOD." Number 11
is visionary, inspirational and is an example for others.
The lime light falls on the 11 as does the possibility of
The Number Three Birth Path Number
The number three birth path bestows the gifts of
optimism, creativity and self-expression. You have the
ability to use words as in singing, writing and acting.
The entertainment field is a natural outlet for you. You
could also succeed as a lawyer, critic, artist, sales
person, beautician, medical professional or as a pastor
or priest. You have an excellent sense of humor. You
are not cut out for long hours or strenuous physical
labor. Do creative work utilizing your mental abilities.
The Number Four and Twenty Two Birth Path Number
If the birth path formula reduces to the number
four, you will be recognized for your gifts of being
hard working, loyal and quiet. You must develop your
organizational skills. GOD created the earth on the
fourth day, so, anything having to do with the land
would prove favorable should you be so inclined. Law,
order, math, drafting, regulations all fall under the four
vibration. Do not become a workaholic or too stubborn
and set in your ways. Your strength is in your ability to
keep on keeping on long after others with less
perseverance have given up. Number twenty two's are
Master Builders and can operate on an international
The Number Five Birth Path Number
The number five birth path bestows the girls of
sales ability, the ability to promote and athletic skills.
Learn to stick to a task until it is completed because
you are prone to a "Grass is Greener" mentality that
makes you quit something before it is done. You are
competitive, flirtatious and excited about the new and
novel. Do not over indulge in food, drugs or sex. You
are not cut out for nine-to-five routine work.
The Number Six and Thirty- Three Birth Path Number
With a number six birth path, the greatest gifts are
giving support, advice and service. This is the
vibration of love and harmony. Careers in healing, art,
music and any service area would allow for a positive
expression of this energy. In marriage, be careful you
don't take a parental role toward your spouse. Be aware
of being too controlling. 33 is a master healer capable
of much sacrifice. 33 is a teacher of teachers who hates
noise and confusion. Make sure your cause is worthy.
The Number Seven Birth Path Number
The seven birth path person's greatest gift is their
mind. They have an amazing ability to accumulate
knowledge and relate facts. Seven is revered as the
holiest number of all. So, spiritual and intuitive
abilities are also present. Specialization is required for
this energy to be fully expressed. Sevens work best
alone or in small groups. Teaching, writing, radio, the
law, the ministry, any field requiring research is best.
Sevens can be very inspirational.
The Number Eight and Forty Four Birth Path Number
The number eight birth path number bestows the
gift of power. The power to control a business, an
organization and to overcome obstacles. Many
professional athletes have eight birth paths. This
number is so powerful that many eights are
intimidating to others. Females with an eight birth path
are not "Susie Homemaker". A career outside of the
home will be needed to express the eight energy
positively. Strong, assertive and competitive. Eights
don't give much credence to metaphysical
practitioners. Be careful of being too judgmental and
severe. 44 is the master liberator. The potential is to
become a "house hold name" or a self made
The Number Nine Birth Path Number
This number gives an individual all the abilities of
all the other numbers. The nine birth path person is
wise, philosophical, tolerant, compassionate and
spiritually inclined. Nines are humanitarians who
succeed in social work, teaching, medicine, music and
entertaining. As a nine, selfless giving is required. It is
not unusual, therefore, for nine birth path people to be
involved in situations where they are giving, giving
and giving, but getting little back from those they give
to. However, all that giving will come hack in other
ways. Romantically, nines have success with older
people or people from another culture, although it may
be a long distance romance seperated by many miles.
The true mission of the number nine is to be GOD'S
hand on earth. Mega wealth is possible
in order to fulfill the nine's philanthropic urges.


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