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It All Adds Up - Chapter 3 (Conclusion)

Updated on November 22, 2014

The Personality Number - How do people see You?

The personality number is the sum of the
consonants in the name at birth. Jordan (1965:130,131)
says a man's or woman's personality is not the true self,
nor does it represent the inner nature. Instead, it is the
outer self, the presentation card used when meeting
others in social or business activities. As such, the
personality number reveals what we appear to be or
how others see us. Javane and Bunker (1979:26) state
the personality number indicates how you appear to
others; it is not necessarily what you really are. In
addition, they say the personality number also reveals
what people expect from you because of the image you
present. With regard to the personality number,
Adrienne (1988:101) indicates that people around you
- coworkers, friend, family - may not know your
destiny or heart's desire, but chances are they can
describe you and your attributes as revealed by your
personality number. Unlike other major numbers,
which may define deep, seldom glimpsed traits, your
personality number may even describe a social mask
you wear to protect yourself. According to Lagerquist
and Lenard (1999:253) Your personality number
reveals what others remember about you after a first
encounter. Therefore, knowing your personality
number not only helps you to make the best possible
impression, it also invites you to see yourself as others
see you.
The personality number is found by adding the
converted values of the consonants in the birth name.
Our friend Bob Jones would add 2+2+1+5+1 and,
therefore, would have an eleven (11) personality
number. The personality number reveals the outer
impression an individual projects. It is what other
people see, the proverbial "cover" used to judge the
"book". These are the nine basic personality numbers.
The Number One Personality Number
If the sum of the converted consonants in your
name reduce to the number one, other people will see
you as dominant, forceful and assertive. People will
look to you for leadership. The number one personality
is witty, sharp tongued, intellectual and impatient. You
are so focused on your goals that you don't sooth the
feelings of other people you deal with.
The Number Two and Eleven Personality Number
With a two personality number, other people will
see you as nice, quiet and cooperative. You may have a
tendency to put yourself down or to be too timid or
shy. Be careful others don't take advantage of you.
Your ability to see both sides of an issue will make it
hard for you to make decisions. You like neatness,
cleanliness and can be a nit-picker. Number elevens
are attractive, hyper energetic and can appear to be
"other wordly".
The Number Three Personality Number
With a number three personality number, you will
be seen as colorful, youthful, fun loving, talkative,
flirtatious and fashionable. You make life seem fun
and you spread sunshine wherever you go. Be aware
that conceit on your part will make others jealous and
this can lead to your downfall. Curb your
impulsiveness and a tendency toward self-indulgence.
The Number Four and Twenty Two Personality
Other people will see you as hard working and
dependable. You will be the one who has to do the
work as others will sense you are able to handle it. You
are orderly and systematic. Let your love shine
through. Learn to let others do for you some time. You
may be seen by others as old fashioned or stuck in a rut
- - down right stubborn. Twenty two is seen as an
extremely competent work -a- holic.
The Number Five Personality Number
If the sum of the converted consonants in a name
reduce to the number five, the person will be seen as
off-beat, clever, unpredictable and very attractive. A
five personality is speedy, restless and impatient.
may also be a tendency toward an over indulgence in
drugs, alcohol and sexual affairs. Fives are natural
sales people and they do well in retail, fashion, news,
sports, travel, entertainment, politics or a combination
of these.
The Number Six and Thirty Three Personality Number
Others will see you as a nurturer and advisor. You
appear warm and concerned. You may have to work on
your weight. Avoid being stubborn, proud or
unforgiving. Your personality suits you well in any
service area. Thirty Three is a parent to all in need.
Personal sacrifice is par for the course.
The Number Seven Personality Number
A seven personality gives on a quiet reclusive air
and a very studious nature. Others may see you as odd
or strange. People will seek you out, however, for your
expertise. Turning to nature will restore your energy.
Many sevens are considered eccentric.
The Number Eight and Forty Four Personality Number
If you have a number eight personality you will be
viewed by others as strong, confident, hard working
and dominant. People will be intimidated by the power
of the number eight. Employers, coworkers and/or
employees will sense your professionalism. You will
find opportunities in the corporate and/or professional
sports arena. You are a good judge of character, but
may have a tendency to be too judgmental. Forty Four
shows tremendous dedication and follow through.
The Number Nine Personality Number
With a number nine personality number, other
people will see you as generous, friendly, warm,
charming and sympathetic. Many nines have a flair for
the dramatic in their dress or style of speech. This
vibration functions well in cultural, artistic and
humanitarian circles.

The Realization Number - What you can Accomplish with your Gifts

The realization number (also called the maturity or
reality number) is found by adding the birth path and
the destiny numbers together. According to Adrienne
(1988: 38) the question "What will be my major
accomplishment?" will be answered by your
realization number. It describes what will be
accomplished due to the combination of who you are
(birth path number) and what opportunities you are
given (destiny number). Further more, she states it's
influence is felt increasingly as you grow older. In fact,
according to Jordan (1965:137) a useless and wasted
latter days of life is impossible and old age no longer
something to fear when the realization number and it's
potentials are made part of everyday living. Lagerquist
and Lenard (1999:266-268) state the realization
number reveals the ultimate goal of your life, the
essence of all your experiences, what's waiting for you
when you reach your peak, what you should and can
develop as well as the true mature you. They say the
realization number has been referred to as the light
house at the end of the road. As we age, advancing
down the road of life, the beacon becomes more and
more clear beckoning to us, "this way, this way". A
light beaming down on our path, clearly showing us
the way. Thus, we find the reality of who we truly are
and begin to live upon our path in full awareness of
who we are and all that we can be.
The realization number is the sum of the birth path
number and the destiny number. If the birth path is
thought of as the tools we use to build and the destiny
number is thought of as the blueprint we must follow,
the realization number reveals the completed structure
or, if you will, the final achievement in the current life
A person with a 9 birth path and a 4 destiny
number would add 9+4 to get 13, then 1 +3 to get 4 as
a realization number. These are the nine basic
realization numbers.
The Number One Realization Number
If the sum of your birth path number and your
destiny number is the number one, your final
achievement will be the opportunity to lead others.
You will be ambitious, clever and you can be a pioneer
in a new field. Do not be too set in your ways.
The Number Two or Eleven Realization Number
You will have the opportunity to be involved in the
arts. You can use your diplomatic abilities to bring
other people together. Advising others or counseling
will he enjoyable to you. You will become more
spiritually inclined. Avoid being a doormat.
The Number Three Realization Number
With a number three realization number, your
crowning achievement in maturity will be the
opportunity to speak, write, act or entertain. Don't
waste time. Work toward a definite goal, rather than
scattering your energies in frivolous pursuits.
The Number Four and Twenty Two Realization
Your crowning achievement will be the
opportunity to finally put your ideas to work and the
outcome will be very rewarding. You will have to put
your nose to the grindstone and really work hard, but
the results will be worth it. That which you build now
will be of lasting value.
The Number Five Realization Number
If the reduced sum of your destiny and your birth
path number is the number five, your final
achievement will involve much experience. You will
be free to travel and to be very active. Be selective and
channel your energies into a project that will result in
the improvement and the advancement of the general
The Number Six and Thirty Three Realization Number
In your mature years, your opportunity to be of
service to others will peak, balance, love and
community responsibility will be paramount for
positive living. All tools needed for success are yours.
Number 33 is called on to care for elderly parents and
to help heal the world.
The Number Seven Realization Number
Your final or ultimate opportunity for success will
involve mental and spiritual pursuits. You will have
the opportunity to specialize and be recognized as an
expert in your field. You will become more introverted
with age. Teaching and/or writing is also indicated.
The Number Eight and Forty Four Realization Number
This number gives one the opportunity for superior
financial and material accomplishments during the
years of maturity. Supervising others is likely, as is the
chance for fame and power. Real estate ventures can
be profitable. Forty Four is able to liberate others with
great advice.
The Number Nine Realization Number
The number nine realization number gives one an
opportunity to be a big sister or brother to all during
the years of maturity. You will have to live
impersonally and selflessly, giving without thought of
reward. The fields of drama and art, as well as
philanthropic activities are favored.
The insights and specific information numbers
provide are invaluable in helping others achieve the
ultimate goal in life - to become the LIVING WORD.
Why do I believe this? Witness the amazing accuracy
of numerology as I apply the six numbers described in
this chapter to the name and birthday of an American
icon, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior born January 15,
1929. First we look at the day of birth and add 1+5=6.
The number 6 is a symbol for service. Dr. King's birth
path is found by adding 1+15+1+9+2+9= 37, 3+7=10
and finally 1+0=1. Number one's of course are leaders.
The destiny number is found by adding the numeric
value of the letters in the name. In Dr, Kings case for
the name Martin we add 4+1+9+2+9+5=30. For Luther
we add 3+3+2+8+5+9=30. The zero in number 30
(which is twice represented) indicates the GOD force
was with Reverend King. The 3 is a symbol for self
expression. As we know Dr. King's legacy lives on due
mainly to his speaking ability as revealed in his "I have
a Dream" speech. The name King is expressed
numerically by adding 2+9+5+7=23, and 2+3=5. The
number 5 is a symbol for freedom. Of course we all
know Dr. King was a freedom fighter in the battle for
civil rights. Finally, the name Junior converts to
1+3+5+9+6+9=33. The number 33 is the symbol for
the Master Healer. Dr. King sought to heal our nation
and in turn the world.
When we add all the elements for each name to
find Dr. King's destiny number we have
3+3+5+33=44. The number 44 is the symbol for the
Master Liberator. The heart's desire number (found by
adding all the vowels in the name) is computed by
adding 1+9+3+5+9+3+9+6=45 and 4+5=9. The
number 9 is a symbol for selfless giving. History tells
us that Dr. King refused or donated many monetary
rewards including that which he earned as a result of
being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. His consonant
total which reveals his personality number (how he
was seen by others) is computed by adding
4+9+2+5+3+2+8+9+2+5+7+ 1 +5+9=71 and 7+1=8.
Surely his rise to leadership in the Southern Christen
Leadership Conference displayed how others viewed
his unique ability to deal with the forces of money and
power and that others expected him to take charge.
Finally, we find Dr. Kings ultimate goal by computing
his realization number which is the sum of his number
1 birth path and his number 44 destiny. 1+44=45, and
4+5=9. The number nine is a symbol for selflessness
which indicates Dr. King's mission was to lead and
liberate via self sacrifice. Truly this man manifested
the Living Word within. It All


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