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It All Adds Up - Chapter 4

Updated on February 9, 2015

Harmony; what a beautiful word. We all seek it. At
work as well as in our private lives. However, most of
us are going about finding it in the wrong way. Most of
us seek to conform to the outside world. To reshape
how we truly are inside. The reality is, the outside
world conforms to the inner world. So, true lasting
harmony is only possible by connecting with our inner
selves. Focusing on the outside world with it's
temporary nature and perpetual change is sure to
produce an experience devoid of harmony. On the
other hand, focusing on our true inner selves is the
same as linking with the Source and it is this link that
brings order, focus, self worth, and harmony. Since the
body is the temple of the SPIRIT within, discovering
our inner self is vital to having a view of others as part
of our selves and our selves as part of a larger whole,
the proverbial family of man with GOD as FATHER to
Discovering our true inner self is especially
important in interpersonal relationships. While most
focus on the outer world of looks, race, financial
position, car, etc. when choosing a life mate, more
harmonious relationships could be formed if we
focused on the inner world when choosing our mate.
Specifically we need to focus on our general
disposition (day of birth), our personality (consonants),
our hearts desire (vowels), our destiny (full name) and
our life lesson number (date of birth). It is worth
mentioning at this point, that there is no harmony if
everyone is playing the same note. In fact the more
melodies being expressed, the better the harmony, ie.,
five part harmony is much more moving than two
So, all that to say, harmony is best obtained when
everyone is doing their own part, sticking to their own
note. The following will be devoted mainly to
interpersonal compatibility but the reader should keep
in mind that the same principles examined herein also
apply to compatibility with a city, state, street name or
even a job title. Compatibility can be determined
between anything by examining the letters and
numbers associated with that being compared. This
chapter offers a method of utilizing the science of
numerology as a tool for inner discovery of self and
others for the purpose of recognizing the value of our
The following chart is a standard tool for
numerology. It will prove useful in obtaining the
information needed to determine compatibility. The
purpose of the chart is to convert letters and months to
single digits in order to make comparisons (pg77-103).
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
The day of birth is a great first step in determining
compatibility. This can be done not only to determine
compatibility with another person, but also with a
business, a city, or anything for which a birthday can
accurately be determined. While not the strongest
influence in a numerology chart, the day of birth
reveals our general disposition. In a compatibility
analysis, the day of birth can be likened to a painters
When we visit an art exhibit, for example, we may
admire the artists' brush strokes subject matter or
choice of colors but, few people consider the canvas
the painting is on. However, without the canvas there
would be no painting. So, here is how to check out the
"canvas" for your next or current relationships. It's
pretty basic really. The day of birth must be converted
to a single digit (if it isn't already). This is
accomplished by addition. For example, if some one
were born on the 15th of any month, we would convert
15 to a single digit by adding 1+5 to get 6. The same
would be true for someone born on the 30th of any
month. We would add 3+0 to get 3. It's just that easy.
Now, compare the days of birth in question to
determine the "canvas" or, if you will, the backdrop or
setting for compatibility.
Although you can't judge a book by it's cover,
personality is an important consideration when it
comes to compatibility or the lack thereof. Our
personality is the face we show to the world or how
others will see us. In a compatibility analysis, the
personality number will provide insight concerning the
everyday interactions of the parties involved. To find
out how you will interact with another person, state,
city, or job, one must convert the consonants in the full
birth name to numbers. Then, those numbers are added
and converted to a single digit to use for comparing
just as we did with the day of birth.
For example, BOB BROWN would use the
conversion chart and substitute numbers for the
consonants in his name in the following manner. B=2.
R=9. N=5,and W=5. Next he would add
2+2+2+9+5+5=25. We then add 2+5 to get the single
digit 7. This would be Bob's personality number. Use
this single digit for comparing personality numbers.
In numerology, the hearts desire reveals that which we
truly wish for deep within or how we see ourselves.
Unlike the personality, our hearts desire is not
easily recognized. For this reason the hearts desire
number reveals the "hidden agenda" in a relationship.
Or, if you will, the hearts desire number makes you
immediately aware of motives you would discover
after several weeks or months of interaction- if then.
In so doing one can avoid surprises as well as get a
closer understanding of the true nature of the person or
situation being dealt with. To find the hearts desire
number we add the numeric value of the vowels in the
name. Using our friend BOB BROWN as an example,
we would be converting the vowel o to the number 6.
Since there are two of them we would add 6+6+12,
and 1+2=3. We would use the single digit 3 for
comparing Bob's heart's desire with another.
The destiny is a long term manifestation. As the
name implies, the destiny number is an indicator to
one's purpose in life. In a compatibility analysis, the
destiny number speaks to the possibility of long term
compatibility. The destiny number is the sum of all the
letters in ones name. It is the sum of how others see us
and how we view ourselves. For BOB BROWN we
would add 2+6+2+2+9+6+5+5=37, 3+7= 10, and
1+0=1. We would use the single digit 1 to make
comparisons. I

Compatibility Comparison Charts

(The number combinations compared here are the
same if reversed. For example, # lwith#2 is the same as
#2with#1. All Master Numbers are reduced, ie., l1=2,
22=4, 33=6, 44=8)

#1 with #1
Two head strong individuals. Often it is a shared
ideal that brings this combo together. Since #1's are
leaders, there are powerful and dynamic possibilities.
Together few could stand against you. Heated debate is
likely as is an unwillingness to compromise. Both
likely to have careers. Both are aggressive and good at
beginnings so, cooperation and follow through are
needed for this combo to work

# 1 with#2
Strong compatibility exist with this classic
combination. #1 will tend to dominate regardless of
gender. #1 is out front, initiating, pioneering, planning,
innovating. #2 is in the back grown using tact and
diplomacy to support and promote the #1. This combo
fits like a hand in glove but can be somewhat awkward
to traditionalist if the #1 is a female.

# 1 with#3
This is an active and outstanding combination. #3
has the charm and magnetism. #1 the innovative ideas
and leadership abilities. An excellent business combo,
this unit can produce fame and fortune. #1 will be
more directed and #3 more talkative and scattered.
Both may be too impulsive at times. #3 has the sales
ability to expand #1's ideas. And #3 has some great
ideas tool #1 will need to provide attention and
excitement or #3 may roam.

# 1 with#4
This combo is great for building a successful
business. For romance to grow each must respect the
talents of the other. #1 is original and decisive. #4 is
steady and reliable. This is the kite and the string
combination. #1 the kite can take the string #4 to
places never before traveled. #4 restrains the #1 and
keeps it out of harms way. However, #4 may see #1 as
too idealistic and impractical, and #1 may see #4 as too
conservative, cautious, or as a down right nag. Equal
dominance is indicated with this stubborn duo.

# 1 with# 5
This is a dynamic combination indeed. #1and#5 is
excellent for a business partnership provided there are
clearly defined and separate areas of power and
responsibility. Both of you are original and versatile.
#1 gets ideas #5 sells them. Projects concerning
education are successful for this unit. You both need
freedom and don't like to be questioned. The integrity
of the # 1 serves as a model for the #5. Extramarital
affairs likely by #5 if #1 doesn't respond to strong
romantic needs.

This duo can enjoy the best in family life and
financial security. #6 loves to serve others, #1 likes to
serve self. #6 is into beauty art social life and #1 likes
to be on the cutting edge. This combo makes for two
strong and dominant individuals. Friction occurs if #6
refuses to give encouragement and praise (#1 might
look for strokes else where) or if # 1 insists on his or
her way. Best joint efforts are interior design, home
sales, restaurants and landscaping.

# 1 with# 7
An intellectual couple but not too domestic.
Domestic responsibilities may require a housekeeper.
Great combo for spiritual relationship. Both are
independent and not overtly romantic. This couple
sometimes has an offbeat sex life. This can be a
powerful combo with the following warnings. #7 is
introverted and needs time alone. #1 is extroverted and
may be too fast for #7

# 1 with# 8
These are numbers of power and aggression.
Together you rise or divided you rip each other apart.
If you can compromise you both can gain more
together than you can apart. Two motivated
professionals who need careers more than domestic
life. Very strong business combo.

# 1 with#9
#9 is others #1 is me. In spite of these differences,
however, there is a lot of love here. A successful
combo provided emotional outburst are used as a
prelude to calm discussions. #9 is deep and spiritual #1
original and assertive. #1 wants to think and act #9
wants to be guided by intuition. The growth comes When #1 learns tolerance from#9 and #9 learns how to be more decisive from #1.

Very much the same views on most things. A very
sensitive couple who may argue over petty issues or
get bogged down in details. This combo's challenge is
to work with each other not for each other. Good
business combo but neither is good at sales unless
some #1 #3 or #5 energy shows up somewhere else in
the chart.

This combo is creative artistically, and loves to
socialize. In business, #3 is great at sales #2 great at
details. #3 is out front and #2 is supportive in the back
grown. In personal relationships, #3 may be immature
and #2 very emotional. If #2 becomes a nag #3 will
become involve in a triangle. A sudden marriage often
results with this combo. Try not to get on each other's

This is a steady couple who would rather talk
things out than have an affair. Good parents and if this
is a destiny or birth path comparison, divorce is
unlikely. You bring out the best in each other and have
harmony and understanding. Businesses associated
with the land or building trades are best for this combo.
Either equal deposits or separate bank accounts
eliminate each feeling the other isn't contributing
enough financially.

#5 dominates #2 in marriage or career. Great for
romance but marriage here leaves something to be
desired. #2 is at home and #5 likes to roam. If #2 can
hold #5's attention or if #5 will slow down, #2 can help
bring #5's ideas to fruition. But #5 is more likely to do
it their way while #2 has to clean up the mess.

Fantastic combination!! The world responds well
to #2's tact and #6's loving nature. Charity work or any
service activity is favored. This couple loves kids and
may adopt. Much love and caring, beautiful home life
There is a need for outside activities because too much
time at home will bring out pettiness or nagging from

No friction here, peace and tranquility. You both
move slowly and with caution. #2 must not take #7's
need for solitude personally. #7 must give affection
and reassurance to #2 or # 2 will respond with
emotional outburst that drive #7 to withdraw. There is
much potential to grow in a spiritual way for this

This combo will last. This is a combination of
financial success. #8 is strong and provides security.
#2 is caring and sensitive. Each has what the other
needs. #8 must be careful not to bully #2. #2 must not
be subordinate or lose their voice in this union. Great
for business.

With a common goal this combo is hard to beat.
There is a tendency for both to defer to the other. Some
one has to lead. This is a great combo for two artists or
a minister and wife. Could also be a homosexual
liaison. Emotionalism brings out the worst in this
couple. Working together this combo can help cure
many of the worlds ills.

Be careful!! You both like to spend money and
have fun so, who's going to pay the rent? There is a
chance For waste and extravagant spending here. Very
volatile combination with too much emphasis on what
might be instead of working to bring dreams into
reality. If the tendency to up stage each other can be
toned down and if someone stops talking long enough,
this couple could handle anything

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