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It All Adds Up - Chapter 4 (Continued)

Updated on November 22, 2014

Compatibility Combos

This is a tough combo that requires compromise.
#3 is expansive #4 plays his or her cards close to their
chest. Three is impulsive and #4 is cautious. # 4 likes
to save money # 3 likes to spend it. #3 is the star #4
provides security and does the grunt work. Daily
communication about goals and finances needed for
this combo to produce good ideas with a firm

Yippee, this couple likes to have fun. Great sales
team and advertising/promotion energy is present.
Passion and infidelity is likely, not the type of
combo for a lasting traditional marriage. You are both
set for speed and versatility. This is not a great combo
for the responsibilities of raising children.

Both are friendly and enjoy social life. Great with
kids. Businesses that support family, home, love.
Such as real estate sales, wedding planning, or
cooking work well here. Great for long range plans
together. Care must be taken this doesn't become a
parent #6, child #3 relationship where the 6 deans up
after #3, #3 procrastinates and drives #6 crazy, # 6
starts to fuss and #3 stay out all night.

This is a great literary combo. #7 is introverted and
#3 is extroverted so, #7 teaches #3 to slow down and
think and #3 teaches #7 to live a little. #3 likes to
socialize and #7 stays at home alone. Without maturity
this can cause problems. Once the curiosity is gone, #3
is gone too!
#8 brings in the money #3 spends with creativity.
This is the classic sugar daddy combo or the rich
person and the model syndrome. Opposites attract and
each provides something the other needs. If handled
the right way, this combo of business sense (#8) and
social charm (#3) can't be stopped.

Great compatibility in this combo. High energy and
emotions run deep. May be artist. Some one has to stay
grounded materially or the bills are neglected. Wide
variety of friends indicated. The #9 teaches #3 about
spirituality while # 3 helps #19 stay positive and up

Both very fixed in their point of view and
somewhat stubborn. Both are builders who can realize
material comforts and business success. Workaholic
combo who may put too much energy in the material
side of life. Lighten up or there will be conflicts around
budgets and time issues. Each should have their own
bank account. Good business combo but not really risk

Oh oh, this combo might get on each others nerves
because #4 likes to be in control and #5 likes freedom.
#4 could become boring to #5 and #5 appear frivolous
to cautious #4. This combo works mainly because they
are so different. #4 brings practicality, balance and
order and #5 brings communication skills and sales
ability. #5 must be adaptable because #4 is fixed.

Happiness and joy exist here. #4 and #6 like to
work and accumulate. Loyal couple. Excellent but
strict parenting styles ensure successful kids. A
comfortable and well furnished home. #6 may need
more love and affection than #4 is comfortable
expressing. Combined talents go a long way in
beautifying the community

#7's insight and #4's practicality make this a
business combo with great possibilities. Perfect
balance of the material and the mental. Aloof and
undemonstrative this couple tends to live separate lives
unless they worked a business together. This combo is
serious and work oriented.

#8 thinks big, #4 takes care of the details that bring
big plans into being. #8 is not as cautious as#4. Both
are hard working but #4 wants to save and #8 wants to
spend or invest. #4 wants a Chevy #8 wants a Benz.
Financial success assured with this combo.
Romance might not burn too hot after awhile, but this
couple stays together if they can't admit they made a

#4 learns spiritual matters while #9 learns to be
practical. Brilliance#9 meets reason and judgement#4,
a great business combo. This couple may not make it
in marriage. Often #4 has to clean up after #9 and #9
can get board with #4 but may be dependant on #4 for

Highly volatile!! A competitive relationship is
likely if unable to keep excitable temperaments in
check. Impulsive, jealous, and extremely HOT. This
couple will have a battle for the spotlight. Neither
wants to be tied down so this combo is better for a
friendship or an affair, perhaps team mates or travel

On the positive side, #5 stimulates the artistic side
of #6, and #6 gives order to the impulsiveness of #5. A
well decorated home full of activity is indicated. Compromise is needed as #6 is at home and #5 likes toroam. #6 may feel pressed by the desires of the #5.

These two will live in their own separate worlds.
Eccentric sexual connection. #5 likes to be out there
and #7 is a recluse. Both are original thinkers but #5 is
more impulsive and action oriented while #7 may
procrastinate. Too much excitement can turn #7 off. In
business #5 promotes #7's specialty.

This is a highly charged combo., #5 in
communication and promotion and # 8 in business and
finance. Both are athletic. City life is a must for this
couple even if business demands they cover different
markets in different states. Alcohol could be
problematic. Great business combination #8 handles
cash well and # 5 can sell anything. This couple is
motivated to achieve materially.

Compatibility Combos

This team shares new age ideas and loves to travel.
This couple doesn't like limitations so, an open
marriage is likely if this unit tries to be a romantic
couple. May not do well with money and should
definitely avoid large amounts of alcohol as this
combo can go off. #5 can promote #9's new world
saving ideas. #5 advertises the expertise of#9. #9 turns
the 5's adventurous nature into purposeful action.

To much of a good thing. Some stimulation needed
in other numbers. This is a love sweet, sweet combo
that can become too boring. A great gentleness hides
an inability to compromise as at times - each knows
what is best and won't give in. Each one blames the
other for the faults they have themselves. Both want to
be of service to family and community.

This is a rough one #6 needs affection and is
emotional, #7 is reserved and unable to compromise
easily. Maturity is needed in fact, this combo works best
when it is the second or third time around. #6 should
resist the temptation to tell #7 how to run the business.
Communication is the key to the success or failure for
this duo.

YES! This couple has what it takes. Great in
business and on the home front. Female #8's have a #6
guy who can help out around the house, #6 is domestic
#8 needs a career. Beautiful home and family life.
Civic activity, PTA, clubs and neighborhood
supporters. Great for marriage and business. Both are

Much love and affection in this couple. #6 is more
likely to be the disciplinarian with the kids. Great
partners. #6 rules the domestic and #9 the universal
quality of selfless giving. This couple always has the
door open to help those in need.

#7 is silence so much peace exists with this combo.
This may be a couple of hermits who live a the fringe
of civilization in blissful solitude surrounded by
nature. Very spiritually inclined. Whose going to pay
the bills if both are lost in the world of thought? Very
eccentric unit with each being absorbed in their own
mental interest.

Two professionals with their own careers. House
keeper may be needed here. #8 dominates but 8's
organizational abilities and business savvy can turn a
profit for the unique insights of the #7. #7's calm
analysis enhances #8's bold plans. An effective
partnership can result. Not an affectionate, or
particularly passionate combination. Kids may be sent
to military or boarding school.

This is a very spiritual and mystical connection
with deep understanding and passion. Almost perfect
meeting of the minds. People seek this couple out for
their expertise. Personal idiosyncracies may cause
some irritation, but this couple seams to stick it out for
the long haul.

Very powerful union. Can you really compromise
enough to live together? That is the question. Both Are
career oriented and like to call the shots. No time for
kids so a nanny is needed. This power house duo is
better suited for business. Handled with great care and
mutual power this combo rules.

#8 with #9
Great scientific or philanthropic combination. #9 is
compassionate and forgiving. #8 may feel #9 is not
directed. #8 is mental # 9 is intuitive. Great when
working together for a cause. #8 will be strict on the
kids and #9 very tolerant. Gambling should be avoided
if financial success is to be achieved. Large social
circle with influential friends. #8 financially supports
the theories of the #9.

Soul mates. A deep bond exits here that can benefit
humanity. Both are intuitive and want to give to up lift
the underdog. Spiritual, and dramatic you may have to
love from afar if a young couple. 9 is selfless so this
combo works best in later life after you have fulfilled
your destiny. Until then, events may pull you apart.
You both love to travel abroad and this couple is prone
to elope.


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