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It All Adds Up - Chapter 5

Updated on November 24, 2014

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Although no one can predict the future, when it
comes to forecasting potentials, numerology is second
to none. There are five numbers that are of particular
importance in this regard - the PINNACLES and
According to Adrienne (1988:131,141) the
Pinnacles of your chart describe your response to the
environment, people, events and experiences you will
encounter during their influence. While the Pinnacles
describe the events and environment of your life, the
corresponding Challenges describe the inner
limitations, fears, and/or handicaps with which you
may be grappling while their influence is in effect.
Pinnacles help us answer questions like, Am I getting
married? When will my finances improve? An
understanding of your Challenges can answer
questions such as Why are things so difficult? And,
What do I have to do to overcome my difficulties?
The pinnacles reveal the prevailing spiritual
energies and the influences they will have on the life
experience. The first pinnacle is developmental, the
second and third are productive and the fourth pinnacle
is integrative in nature. As the name implies, the
challenges indicate the test that life will put the
individual to. The challenges correspond to the
pinnacles and reveal the obstacles that must be
overcome, as well as the stimulation to be responded
When determining pinnacles and challenges, we
use the birth date. Let's do an example using May 4,
1951. First, the date of birth is expressed as three
single digits; month, day and year. May is a 5. The day
is already a single digit, 4. The year must be added
1+9+5+1=16. The 1+6=7. So, May 4, 1951 is
expressed as 5 4 7. The next steps are quite simple to
follow. To find the first pinnacle, add month and day
(5+4=9). To find the second pinnacle, add day and
year (4+7=11). To find the third pinnacle, add the sum
obtained in steps one and two (9+11=20, 2+0=2).
To find the final pinnacle, add month and year
(5+7=12, 1+2=3). So, we now have our 4 pinnacles (9,
Now, lets find the challenges for each pinnacle, once
again using May 4, 1951 or 5 4 7. To find the first
period challenge, subtract month and day (smallest
from largest, it doesn't matter which one) to get 5-4=1.
To find the second period challenge, subtract day and
year (as before, smallest from largest, it doesn't matter
which one) to get 7-4=3. To find the third period
challenge, subtract the differences obtained in the first
two steps (3-1=2). To find the final period challenge,
subtract month from year (smallest from largest) to get
7-5=2. So, we now have our 4 challenges (1, 3, 2, 2).
This means that during the first pinnacle of 9, there
will be a number 1 challenge, during the second
pinnacle of 11, there will be a number 3 challenge and
that during the third pinnacle (2), as well as
the…fourth pinnacle (3) there will be a number 2
Once the pinnacles and challenges are computed,
one must determine the duration of each. This too is
determined by using the birth date. For clarity, let's use
May 4, 1951 or 5 4 7 again. To find the duration of the
first pinnacle and the corresponding challenge, subtract
the reduced birth path number from 36. (For the
purpose of duration calculations, even master numbers
are reduced 11/2, 22/4, 33/6, 44/8.) For our example,
we add 5+4+7=16, then we reduce 1+6=7. Next, we
subtract 7 from 36 (36-7=29). This means the first
pinnacle and challenge will be present from birth
through age 29. The second pinnacle and challenge
begin immediately after the first and lasts nine years.
In our example, that would be from age 30 through age
38. The third also lasts 9 years (from 39-47 in our
example) and the fourth pinnacle and challenge start
immediately following the third and lasts till the end of
the life experience. For our example, that would be
from age 48 on…Now, let's find out what the pinnacles
and challenges reveal.

The Number One Pinnacle
If your pinnacle is under the number one energy,
you will have the opportunity to be a leader or to be
self employed. You will be forced by circumstance to
stand on your own feet. Courage and independence
will be needed for the success of this period to reach
it's fullest expressions.

The Number One Challenge
You must learn to command the respect of others.
Put your ideas to work, develop your willpower and
courage. Become self-reliant. Do not be too
dominating or so stuck on your own point of view that
you miss out on a good idea given to you by someone
else that cares for you.

The Number Two Pinnacle
During this phase of your life, you are learning
cooperation, diplomacy, patience, love, friendship and
how to work with others. Consider others before
yourself. It is better to work with or for others now, so
partnerships are favored. Art and music are favored. If
an eleven is ruling this pinnacle, a partnership may end
in business or marriage.

The Number Two Challenge Number
You are too sensitive and easily hurt. Your
challenge is to develop confidence so you are not a
doormat for others. Don't copy others, rather use your
own talents. You are in a life period of sensitivity so
things will develop slowly. Have patience. Grow in a
quiet way through compromise.

The Number Three Pinnacle
The number three pinnacle will give you the
opportunity to be creative and to pursue your artistic
abilities to sing, paint, act, dance, write, entertain and
raise or work with children. You will meet people and
socialize. You may not have to work 9 to 5 or fulltime.
Be careful not to get involved in triangles.

The Number Three Challenge
Do not overestimate your abilities. Try not to
scatter yourself and dissipate your energy. Try your
hand at writing and learn to communicate dearly. Bring
out your talents, sing, paint, dance, mingle in society.
Guard against impulsiveness and gossip.

The Number Four Pinnacle
It is time now to build your life. Getting married,
building a home or a business, building something of
lasting value, all these are possible under the number
four pinnacle. This period of your life will demand a
hardworking, orderly, determined approach. You will
succeed through constant application. Opportunities
develop slowly, so keep on pushing. Do not let
economic limitations keep you from moving ever
forward toward your goals. Do not lose your ambition.

The Number Four Challenge
You will have the opportunity to put your ideas
into tangible use and build something of lasting value
during this period of your life. You will experience
feelings of limitations, but don't let those feelings stop
you from pressing on. Don't be lazy, work hard to
reach your goals. Avoid being late for appointments.
You will have much responsibility relating to family,
employers or employees, contracts and money.

The Number Five Pinnacle
If your pinnacle is under the number five energy,
your task is to experience life in a broad way. You
must be open to change, variety and stimulation.
Working part-time or as a consultant or work in the
communications, news, sports or travel vocations are
favored. You must stay balanced and avoid scattering
your energies.

The Number Five Challenge
The five challenge will test your ability to use your
freedom in a constructive manner. You may have to
struggle with a tendency to overindulge in sex,
drinking, drugs or gambling. Do not fear change.

The Number Six Pinnacle
These will be years of responsibility and service to
others. You may express love, harmony and balance
through such activities as marriage and family life.
Doing community work or through the arts. The
number six brings security, comfort and teaching

The Number Six Challenge
The number six challenge will test your ability to
be of service to others. You may teach, volunteer or
care for elderly parents. You can not avoid giving to
others. Avoid being too stubborn or set in your

The Number Seven Pinnacle
During the years spent under the influence of the
number seven, expect opportunities to gain wisdom
and knowledge. Going to school or therapy is possible.
The purpose of these years is also to develop spiritual
understanding. Relationships are difficult to maintain
unless on exercises faith and detachment from the need
to be in control.

The Number Seven Challenge
If you are having a seven challenge, you are in a
very serious time in your life experience. This number
brings events that promote inner growth or a more
spiritual outlook. Develop your self educationally.
Avoid succumbing to fear or withdrawing through
drugs or alcohol.

The Number Eight Pinnacle
The years spent under the eight vibration will be
years of money and power. You will have to deal with
forces of money and power. Supervising others is
likely. Cost effectiveness will be an issue. You will set
goals, make decisions and make money. Home life is
second to career during these years.

The Number Eight Challenge Number
This number indicates the need to correct ones
value system so one does not live a purely materialistic
life. Since this challenge tests ones ability to handle
money, it also gives one the opportunity for power,
recognition and material achievement. Take time out to
relax and remember others are not as committed as you
are during this time.

The Number Nine Pinnacle
The years under the nine influence will bring
maturity, a sense of completion and a philosophical
outlook. The nine vibration can also bring emotional
crisis, which teach one to rely on their intuition. Long
distance travel, working with people of diverse
nationalities, the arts and all activities that foster
humanitarian principles are favored.

The Number Nine Challenge
There is no nine challenge.
Goodwin (1981:521) says the personal year
describes the yearly approach to events likely to
produce growth and development. By using the
described approach, the subject is in the best posture to
take advantage of the events and opportunities
presented, as well as to avoid or alleviate confusion
and difficulty.

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