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It All Adds Up - Chapter 5 (Cont.)

Updated on November 24, 2014

For all things there is a Season


The personal year is different from the calendar
year. It is the anniversary of ones birth. Accordingly,
the personal year starts on the day of birth every year.
The personal year reveals the type of events that are
favored during the next twelve months of life and what
must be accomplished during the year. To find the
personal year, add the month and day of birth to the
current year. Let's say, for example, it is June 1, 1992.
If someone was born on May 4, 1951, we would add
5+4+(1992)=5+4+(1+9+9+2)=5+4+(21)=30, 3+0=3. In this
example, the person born on May 4, 1951 would be
one month into a number 3 personal year. If, however,
it was January 1, 1992, that same individual would be
eight months into a number 11 year. Since the birth
date isn't until May 4, we would use 1991 to compute
the personal year, ie.
5+4+(1991)=5+4+(1+9+9+1)=5+4+20=29, 2+9=11).
So, always use the year of the last birthday when
computing the personal year. The nine basic personal
years are as follows:

The Number One Personal Year
This is the start of a new nine year cycle. It is a
good year to start something new, be assertive, take
charge, follow your desires and stand on your own
feet. Be open and blunt this year. A year to push, work,
organize and think of yourself.

The Number Two and Eleven Personal Year
Do not push this year. Wait for things to develop
slowly. Progress comes by being patient, diplomatic
and tactful. Listen more, join a group. Don't be anxious
if things seem slow. The eleven year requires quick
decisions, brings illuminating insights and recognition.

The Number Three Personal Year
A number three personal year is good for finances.
This is also a year that favors anything artistic, creative
or fun. You will feel vibrant and young. This is a good
year to travel and to add to your wardrobe. Spend time
with children, lecture, write, paint; your imagination
will be working overtime.

The Number Four and Twenty Two Personal Year
This is the year to work hard. A good year to plan,
save, build, get a check-up and tie up lose ends. Legal
dealings are favored, but make sure of your contracts
before you sign them. Don't fight routine. You are
laying a secure foundation for your life. In a twenty
two year dreams come true. The possibility for
International contacts is heightened.

The Number Five Personal Year
This will be a year of changes. A new job and a
new romantic interest will come your way this year.
Promote yourself, get out, meet people, watch a
tendency to over indulge in the physical.

The Number Six and Thirty three Personal Year
This year will focus on responsibility. Love,
service and concern for others should be paramount.
This is a good year to marry and accumulate money.
Thirty three must sacrifice for others.

The Number Seven Personal Year
This is your year to take a break. Money is
secondary to spiritual and educational considerations.
This is a year to refine your skills and reset your goals.
Since this will be a year for mental housecleaning,
expect to spend more time alone. This is not the year
for starting new things, but it is an excellent year for
perfecting projects already under way.

The Number Eight and Forty Four Personal Year
This is your year for material advancement.
Promotions, business expansion, buying property, all
financial matters are favored. More ability to achieve
will be present than in any other personal year. You
will feel confident and strong. This is also a good year
for spiritual development. A Forty four gives the
opportunity to give liberating advice to others.

The Number Nine Personal Year
This year marks the end of a nine year cycle.
Therefore, endings and completions are likely. Let go
of the old. People, places and things that are no longer
useful to your spiritual development will leave your
experience. Projects can be completed successfully,
but don't start anything new during a nine personal

For All Things There is a Season


Lagerquist and Lenard (1999:339) say laying out
your year personal month by personal month helps to
understand the natural rhythm of that year. Each
month's theme has a rhythm of it's own and once you
know that rhythm you can use it to tell which task will
go best in each month.
Remember, the personal month reveals the
prevailing energy and favored events during the
particular month being studied. To find the personal
month, first compute the personal year, then, add the
current month to the personal year. In the previous
example we computed the personal year as a three
year. If it were July, we would then add 3+7=10,
1+0=1 so, July would be a number 1 month. August
would be a number 11 month (3+8) etc. These are the
nine basic personal months.

The Number One Personal Month
This is a month of action. Push ahead, start
something you've been putting off. This is a month to
have things your way. This month favors creative
activities and originality. A good financial month.

The Number Two and Eleven Personal Month
The number two personal month is a month to slow
down and focus on the details of projects began last
month. It is a month of harmony and quiet pursuits. Be
sensitive to subtleties. Keep your emotions in balance.
Cooperate with others. Eleven brings illuminating
insights, nervous energy and the opportunity to teach
or to be an example for others.

The Number Three Personal Month
This will be a month of self-expression and fun.
This is a month to entertain or be entertained. Use your
creativity. Take a trip. Start a vacation, spend time
with friends. If possible, move responsibilities to
another month. Art, music and writing are favored.

The Number Four and Twenty two Personal Month
This will be a month of hard work and sacrifice. If
you put your nose to the grindstone this month, you
can put your ideas into form. Money may be tight, but
don't lose your drive to succeed. Avoid stubborn or
narrow attitudes and don't be self-righteous. A good
month for signing contracts.

The Number Five Personal Month
This will be a month of change. Take a risk, make
a splash. Promote yourself. Drop the old look to what's
new. But, do not give in to impulse. This is a great
month for travel and romance.

The Number Six and Thirty three Personal Month
This month will focus on responsibility, service,
health and domestic concerns. It is also a great time for
artistic expression. Do not be unforgiving, interfering
or over emotional. Thirty three requires self sacrifice,
choose a worthy cause.

The Number Seven Personal Month
The best way to spend a seven month is to study,
meditate, reflect, review and rest. Spiritual
considerations are top priority. Writing, teaching and
researching are also favored. Be peaceful and poised.
Take care of your health.

The Number Eight and Forty four Personal month
This month will bring the opportunity for
promotions, advancement, recognition, business
expansion and financial improvement. But, you must
take action. This is your month to make things happen.
Be confident and realistic. Don't be a bully. Forty four
may require new personal priorities and gives the
opportunity to liberate others.

The Number Nine Personal Month
This is a month to think in terms of others. You
will need to be tolerant, giving and unemotional.
Conditions precipitate completions and endings. Relax
and let things workout on their own. Don't start
anything new this month.

For All Things There is a Season

The Personal Day

When we consider our personal days, Jordan
(1965:248) states each day has it's own vibration and
carries a message for consideration when making
plans. The personal day reveals the prevailing energy
and favored events for the particular day being studied.
Once again, using the example above (see personal month), in a number
three year, when July is a number one month, July 22
would a number 5 day (1+22=23, 2+3=5). August 4
a three personal year would be a number six day.
11+4=15, and 1+5=6. These are the nine basic personal
day vibrations.
The Number One Personal Day
This is a day for making major decisions, selling
yourself, being aggressive and aiming for the top. A
good day for surgery. Do something new.
The Number Two and Eleven Personal Day
A number two day is a day of quiet activity. Do not
change plans or directions on a number two day. Let
things progress on their own. Don't push. Be
cooperative, peaceful and poised. Collect and analyze
data. Eleven days are exciting and offer a chance to be
in the spot light.

The Number Three Personal Day
Three days are good for fun, having parties,
speculating, taking trips for business or pleasure,
asking for favors and using your creative abilities for
singing, painting, dancing or spending time with

The Number Four and Twenty Two Personal Day
Today is a day to work hard. You now have the
chance to complete tasks that have been long overdue.
Be orderly, disciplined, honest and practical without
being stubborn or inflexible. Large scale success is
possible to day. International connections can be made.

The Number Five Personal Day
Today, you will feel freer and more alive. Try
something new or make an important change. Be
careful in traffic. Expect changes in your schedule
today. Great day for a party, a trip and romance.

The Number Six and Thirty Three Personal Day
This is a day to tend to the needs of close friends
and family. Focus on the needs of others and give out
as much love as you can as even more will be returned
on a six day. Artistic expression is favored. Thirty
three can heal and sooth today.

The Number Seven Personal Day
Spend time alone today. Get in touch with your
inner self via prayer, meditation, etc. Do not take an
assertive stance today. Expect delays. A good day for
getting away to the countryside or waterfront.

The Number Eight and Forty four Personal Day
Dress for success today. Present your reasons for a
raise. All business and financial matters are favored
today. Buying or selling property is favored. Forty four
can touch the hand of GOD today and liberate others.

The Number Nine Personal Day
This is a great day to spend with friends. To visit
the sick and/or shut in and to work on behalf of
disadvantaged people. Be generous, tolerant and
loving. A great day to end unpleasant situations. Don't
be depressed over things you can't control.

Numerology "Works" because Numbers Never Lie

I firmly believe that numerology can be of
significant value. The insights and specific information
is invaluable in helping others achieve the
ultimate goal in life, to become the LIVING WORD.
Why do I believe this? Witness the amazing accuracy
of numerology as I apply the six numbers described in
Chapter Three to the name and birthday of an
American icon, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior born
January 15, 1929. First, we look at the day of birth and
add 1+5=6. The number 6 is a symbol for service (see
the conversion chart in chapter II). Next, the birth path is
found by adding 1+15+1 +9+2+9=37, 3+7=10 and
finally 1+0=1, leadership. The destiny number is found
by adding the numeric value of the letters in the name.
For the name Martin we add 4+1+9+2+9+5=30. For
Luther we add 3+3+2+8+5+9=30. The zero in number
30 (which is twice represented) indicates the GOD
force was with Reverend King. The 3 is a symbol for
self expression. As we know Dr. King's legacy lives on
due mainly to his speaking ability as revealed in his "I
have a Dream" speech. The name King is expressed
numerically by adding 2+9+5+7=23, and 2+3=5. The
number 5 is a symbol for freedom. Of course we all
know Dr. King was a freedom fighter for civil rights.
The name Junior converts to 1+3+5+9+6+9=33,
symbol for the Master Healer.
As history reveals, Dr. King sought to heal our
nation and in turn the world through the nonviolent
methodology used by the Great Soul Ghandi. When we
add all the elements for each name to find Dr. King's
destiny number we have 3+3+5+33=44. The number
44 is the symbol for the Master Liberator. The heart's
desire number (found by adding all the vowels in the
name) is computed by adding 1+9+3+5+9+3+9+6=45
and 4+5=9. The number 9 is a symbol for selfless
giving. History tells us that Dr. King refused or
donated many monetary rewards including that which
he earned as a result of being awarded the Nobel Peace
Prize. His consonant total which reveals his
personality number (how he was seen by others) is
computed by adding 4+9+2+5+3+2+8+9+2+5+7+
1+5+9=71 and 7+ 1=8. Surely his rise to leadership in
the Southern Christen Leadership Conference
displayed how others viewed his unique ability to deal
with the forces of money and power and that others
expected him to take charge. The number 8 is a symbol
for money and power. Finally we find Dr. Kings
ultimate goal by computing his realization number
which is the sum of his number 1 birth path and his
number 44 destiny. 1+44=45, and 4+5=9. The number
nine is a symbol for selflessness which indicates Dr.
King's mission was to lead and liberate via self
sacrifice. Truly this man manifested the Living Word
It is my sincere desire that everyone who reads this
book will take the time to read and study
the authors whose work I have referred to herein. In
order to shake off our "spiritual amnesia", we must
begin a new journey within to discover our higher
selves and to live in harmony with the WILL of our
CREATOR. Doing so is the only way to have a
meaning and purposeful life. We are not here by
accident. Life is the "University of the Soul" We are all
here to learn, grow, and develop our spiritual gifts,
yea to become the "Living Word". To this end, I
strongly submit that numerology is an ancient
discipline that is well worth revisiting.
"So teach us to number our days, that we may
apply our hearts to wisdom"
Psalms 90 vs 12


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