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It Happens At Night

Updated on April 8, 2010

It's a perfect spring morning, she notices the window in her room is open but she knows it was close when she went to sleep last night. so she jumps up and runs to her daughters room. as she opened the door everything seemed to be fine. until she noticed her daughter laying in the closet fast asleep. she wakes her daughter and asks her, why are you sleeping in your closet then her daughter said, mommy something was moving around in here last night and i was really scared. so i asked her what was it and she said she didn't know, she just got up and ran into the closet. then i looked around and seen nothing out of the ordinary and i told her there's nothing here that's going to hurt you and if you ever get scared again to yell and i will be right in. so then i told her to come down to the kitchen and i will make some breakfast. everything was fine from then on, so i thought. later when it turned night things started to happen. the lights started to flicker then we heard this noise coming from the attic. it sounded like someone was up there walking around up there. i thought nobody could be up there. how could anyone get up there.

hour later a friend came over and i told him about the noise we heard so then he went up to the attic and then came back down and asked me how long had you been hearing noises because something is in this house. you need to move now. I told him i am not moving, we just moved in last month. I asked him what did he see but all he would say is it doesn't matter you wouldn't believe me if i told you, because he couldn't believe it. so then he told me to find a place to stay for the night and he will get hold of someone that could help. now he got me scared. what was it that he seen in the attic?


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    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 8 years ago from carthage ill

      powerful hub read moving write thanks