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It Matters

Updated on March 16, 2013

It matters, is a fitting title for this article. I believe it matters what we do in life. How do we treat our neighbor? What we say to one another is important. What we think about things and people matters. They say thoughts are things and have strength to project results good or bad. So, everything matters. What is important is to do our best to live right.

Let’s first begin by asking ourselves if we are making our best effort at life. In our family life, are we reaching out to really understand our wives and our children? In our chosen professions, are we giving our best effort? What about stranger, can we give hundred percent focus when we are asked a question by strangers. Life is a blessing and it requires and deserves our best effort at living it. I require myself to daily make my best effort at any given task. I know no other way.

What is success? How is it measured? We are successful when we do our best at whatever task is set before us. So, you are cleaning up the yard. The next day you are working at the fast food place. The next day a police officer may be patrolling his beat protecting the community. Maybe you are a medical doctor trying to save a life that hangs in the balance. You maybe a man struggling to look for employment trying to figure out a way to may it. I believe the successful man is the one who hasn’t given up but continues everyday to get back on the horse of life and ride again.

A key item to possessing life is the ability to focus. When we can focus, life becomes more real. It becomes more alive. When we are not focused, something has pulled our attention away from where we are and what we are doing. I believe to be focused means paying strict attention to whatever we are doing at the time. So, the bus driver has to drive and not be thinking about dinner or the argument he had with his wife the night before. The school teacher has to pay attention to his students so that the right information is given to them. The police officer can’t he thinking about his golf game while on duty, it could cause him to loss of his life or his partner’s life. To live more fully is to be real.

Another, issue of life is seeking the higher callings of life. In short, there has to be something inside that drive you to do your best. This is something that comes from inside, you won’t find it elsewhere, in general, though you can be inspired sometimes by other people. But, you’ll have to find your own heart. I believe our rewards come from following our own higher calling. It’s hard to ever get validation for man, money and fame. It’s like reaching for a ghost, the hand always comes back empty.

Lastly, a key point to adding to the meaning of life and to make it more real is to have a good number of family and friends. It’s hard to live in this world by yourself. Even a large number of the people in the bible had friends and many had friend who they loved and care about. To be respected by all, it’s best to genuinely be concerned about people and to open up our heart to our fellow man.

I believe, if we can do some of the things in this article that life will blossom for us and the world.


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