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It is Back to School Time

Updated on August 18, 2016

Old Town Coyotes

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Raise your hand if you have seen the Staples Commercial with the parents singing how it is the most wonderful time of the year. I have and I have to say that I was singing that when I took my son back-to-school shopping. He told me not to quit my day job. This was also right after picking him up from a summer of being on staff at Boy Scout Camp. I’m sure that didn’t help the situation.

My son is entering high school (this hub was originally written last year, now he is going to be a sophomore). It seems like yesterday I was bringing him to school for his first day of first grade. Where did the time go? As he is going back to school in a week, I have started to think about how these four years are going shape up. My hope for him is to not only get the experiences and education that he needs, but that he will make a difference at Old Town High School. I’m sure that for you parents out there that are reading this, you want the same thing.

A mom prays for her kids return to school

Back to School Prayer List

Without further ado, here are my thoughts on how to pray for your son or daughter as they go back to school.

  • Reading Skills: Newsflash: Reading the Bible is very important to the development of being a Christian. I would pray that your child's reading skills will increase this school year. For my son entering high school, I’m going to pray that he develops critical thinking skills so he can understand the Bible better than he did last year. Learning critical (not judgemental) thinking is so important to life - Christian and otherwise. Thinking for yourself will always serve you better than the alternative.

  • Teachers: I spent a year as a long term substitute teacher so I know how hard teachers work to prepare lessons, grade papers, and deal with behavioral issues. They certainly need our prayer support. I suggest having a list of the names or your child’s teachers in a handy place to pray for them.

  • Administration: Make sure that you have the name of the principal on that list as well. Also be praying for the Superintendent of schools. The administration has to make tough decisions all the time. They will need God’s wisdom to make the right decisions. I pray for the right decisions, not necessarily the popular ones.

  • Friends: My son is very blessed because three of his close friends are also believers. I have suggested to Davey many times and to his friends, to form a "band of brothers" to encourage each other to live out their faith when at school. I pray for Davey’s friends to be strong in the Lord. And for his non-believing friends, I’m praying for their salvation. I’m praying that Davey will be a witness to them. (During the last school year, one of his friends became a follower of Jesus.)

  • Youth Group: My church has two youth groups. One that reaches out to teens in the community and another that helps the church kids to grow in their faith (both very important ministries). There are few teens that are a part of the church that desire to reach out to their friends at school to share Jesus with them. There is one teen that I pray for every day to be able to do that(he started a Fellowship of Christian Athletes group at the high school). I’m also praying for the Outreach youth group: for the teens there to hear about the gospel and want to follow Jesus. We pray for a few of those teens to join us on mission trips (some have already). I’m praying for teens that I haven’t met to be saved or to share their faith.

  • Youth and Kids from Other Churches: Our own churches are not the only ones that have teens and kids that are believers. We need to pray for the other youth groups in town to be a witness to their kids and teens. Maybe the teens from each youth group can get together to see who else are believers (wow! what a concept!). Get a teen or a group of teens really turned on to Jesus and full of His Spirit and watch what happens-awesome!

  • Cliques: It doesn’t happen much in the younger grades, but they do form in middle school and high school. When I was in high school I was aware of only the dramies, the techies, and the jocks. I was a runner, so I didn’t really fit in anywhere much in my school. Luckily there were other runners I could hang out with. At any school there are going to be tensions among the different groups. Pray for peace and pray that that the Christian students can cross barriers for Jesus. Teens are going to reach other teen students for Jesus better than we can.

  • Your Thoughts: Here are mine-What are yours?. Let’s help each other out for the purpose of making our schools a better place. Two heads are better than one, yes?

What grade level are your kids or grandkids in?

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Final Thoughts

Praying for High School students is especially on my heart because I became a Christian in college because of Christians became my friends with me. I always wonder what would have happened if Christians in high school became my friends.

Whether your children are happy or sad that school is starting, it does mark a development in their life . And it gives you an opportunity to change how you are praying for them and their friends - to turn your prayer-focus to other specifics. The school needs your prayers: the teachers, the principals, and the students. Not to mention the support staff.

So, keep on praying and praying and praying. Do pray early and often. Be a Prayer Warrior. Get off the sidelines and join the fight WE WILL WIN - TODAY!


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    • profile image

      Pastor Randy, Augusta, ME 

      3 years ago

      Amen, Barbara, Amen!

    • D L Roderick profile imageAUTHOR

      David Lawrence Roderick 

      3 years ago from Old Town, Maine

      Great suggestions Barbara! Let's keep praying for revival!

    • profile image

      Barbara Parker 

      3 years ago

      Schools as a spiritual battleground definitely applies to California as well as to Maine!!! I'd add two more points to your very-good list Dave:

      First, pray that God will bring revival and cause the unrighteous curriculums to be thrown out in favor of righteous ones.

      Second, pray that students will have the strength and courage of the Lord to make a stand of faith whenever their Christianity is criticized or condemned. Let them stand for God's truth and not settle for the world's.


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