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It is New year Day in some parts of India today!

Updated on April 14, 2017

As per Hindu Mythology.

Many Indian states celebrate New Year today!

In India, many states celebrate New Year’s Day. This is different from Western calendar. Most of the states follow mid-April as the commencement of New Year which tallies with the first house “Aries” as per Western system. In South India, the New Year is named as “Hevilambi”. Those who prepare the “Almanacs” quote one poem for each year. For this year commencing on 14th April, they have predicted limited rainfall. There may be several cyclones during this year and some cyclones will bring heavy showers when they cross the lands. There may be enmity between some nations which will result in destruction of lives. Already we find that the tensions between the ‘super powers’ are escalating on various theatres of war. It is natural that Russia and US takes opposing stands in each issue. In Syria, the US bombed some areas which were affected by chemical weapons. Russia has vetoed actions by UN Security Council. These things always happen during war. This ‘veto’ power is used by permanent members when their interest is jeopardized. While India would like to bring one terrorist to trial, China vetoed the decision several times. The same case is for nuclear policies. China favors Pakistan for strategic reasons and hence it takes contradictory stances on many issues pertaining to India. This is like a great zig saw puzzle. Similarly, all Nations face many problems in many fronts. The affluent nations once have been facing lot of economic problems. Some countries are spending quiet a lot for Defense. Thus more money is wasted on war than the welfare of common people.

New Year day in India.

Almanacs are based on Astronomy!

Almanac is based on astronomical positions of various planets and stars. Today, we find that China is racing towards to become a ‘super power’, even challenging the US and other major countries. It is evident that in the coming decades, the Red giant will command more respects than all other countries. No doubt, India too advances in many areas and India’s advancement lies more on spirituality and ethics rather than mere muscle and money power. No country is ‘monolithic’ nowadays. Differences are ripe between various segments of societies everywhere. In every country, there is minority population. Thus most of the counties discriminate the minority population. Some divisions are based on religion and other differences are based on language. Thus Sri Lanka discriminate the Tamil and Muslim minority in North, Burma differentiates “Rohingyas. In many Islamic countries, either Shia or Sunni Muslims form the minority. Even within the same religions, such differences are patent. Within Christianity, there are Roman Catholics and the Protestants. In Hindu religion, there are umpteen differences. Still India is more tolerant than the neighboring countries in many aspects. From the beginning, people of different religions live side by side without many problems. Only recently due to the infiltration of terrorists across the borders, some incidents happen to mar the communal harmony of the past.

Planets orbiting the Sun.

Planetary position on heaven and their effect on earth!

Our ancients have pointed out certain anomalies in heaven (planetary positions which culminate in many incidents in countries). They have divided the planets into two major groups. The Sun, Mars, Saturn, waning moon, the shadow planets like Rahu and Ketu and Mercury associated with malefic planets are grouped under malefic planets.. The second group consists of Jupitar, waxing moon, Venus and Mercury not associated with any malefic planets are grouped under benefic planets. There are planets which are mutually inimical, equals or friends. Thus moon and Saturn are inimical to each. The Sun is not favorably disposed with Saturn. The Sun and Moon are inimical to shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. Moon is inimical to Mercury. Jupitar and Venus are equal in power but not friends. Sun and Moon are inimical to Venus etc. Hence according to the astrological positions of various planets in the sky, various regions of the world undergo many changes, disruptions, natural calamities instigated by the rays of either benefic planets or malefic planets. All the planets have elliptical orbit around the Sun. According to the position of planets, war, strife, draught conditions, eruption of volcanoes and thunderstorms or tornadoes are indicated. As the New Moon or Full Moon makes the waves of the ocean to rise everywhere, all planets exert either favorable or unfavorable influences on earth and over the people! Hence there is definite effect of planets over the affairs of man on earth.

The great Nostradamus!

Each country has a natal horoscope!

Each Country has a Natal horoscope which is the position of the planets during the formation of the country or declaration of the country. Thus India and Pakistan was bifurcated during August 1947. The planetary positions on heaven with reference to Longitude and Latitude of the country decides the fate of the country like economy, peace, growth, education and job creation, agriculture, cattle wealth and other aspects of government. Thus Nostradamus was able to predict the fall of Kings, calamities and wars in nations purely based on the positions of planets in heaven (approximate positions based on their movements). He could intuitively state various periods when catastrophic events may likely to occur. Many researchers on the book “Centuries” by Nostradamus could find his predictions came true in several major issues. Though Nostradamus lived during sixteenth century, he could clearly predict events until twenty first century! Even now many people are trying to find answers to many future events by studying his couplets. Even in India, there were many sages who could peep into future and narrate events pertaining to certain individuals and recorded them in palm leaves. It is interesting to note that such readings could correctly point out the names of the parents, education, affluence, health, progeny etc. correctly. But there are many toots who advertise about the Nadi readings and cheat the gullible visitors by exhorting money!

Astronomy is the basis for Astrological studies. The combination of various planets, the aspects, their position in various houses and the stars through which they pass produce some effects which were studied as part of Veda. The only pity is that such expert astrologers are rare to find nowadays. Hence calendars and almanac are part of Vedic system of calculation which correctly pinpoints the occurrences of eclipses to the minute degree of time without the aid of modern computers or calculators. The almanac clearly state the time of New Year by calculating the minute, the Sun enters the sign “Aries” and foretells the general trend of the year and rainfall etc.

Almanacs are based on astronomy and astrology, a real study!

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