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It's Not Only Celebrities Who Give To Charities

Updated on June 25, 2011

It Is Not Only Celebrities Who Give To Charities

I am not going to look the Tinsel-Town gift horses (celebrities) in their proverbial, respective mouths – what is important is their continuous giving and support to the various charities. I write only to bring attention to those who have been giving and supporting charities for those who are in dire straits long before the celebrities came on the scene. I understand that we are a culture enslaved to the pop culture and that more attention is had if celebrities are attached to a given cause. But long before Katrina, Pat Robinson was building homes and providing succor for the citizens in those parts; long before Sean Penn went into Haiti due to the devastating earthquakes, Franklin Graham was down there providing food and shelter – and yes, proselytizing about the Gospel of Christ Jesus; and long before George Clooney went into Africa’s Sudan, Pastor Rod Parsley was there buying Blacks out of modern slavery, feeding the poor, and paying homage to Jesus.... Lest I should forget to thank and mention Pastor Marcus Roberts of Calvary Cathedral of Praise in Brooklyn, New York, who gives his time and church's tithes to support the poor in India; James Robison; Joyce Meyer; the owners of TBN; and Marcus and Joni Lamb... all for building wells, orphanages, and providing food for the poor in many countries.

You will not hear the main stream media recognizing these preachers because said preachers take a traditional view on the tenets of the Bible – meaning that whatever behaviors were wrong when Christ walked the earth in the flesh… is still so now. But these people in the media must know that the same Biblical tenets that compelled those preachers mentioned above - along with my wife and mother - to feed the homeless… also compelled them to have a traditional take on the tenets of the aforementioned Good Book. I know that no Nobel Peace Laureates are coming Pastor Rod Parsley's way… for his spending of untold thousands to free the Black on Black slavery, but that’s ok because there are those of us who know… moreover, those who have shaken off the fetters know. And I know that the Christ admonishes us about those who overtly pray in public or those who give to charity so that they’ll be lauded by men, yet, I write in honor of the unsung heroes and ‘sheroes’ for their work notwithstanding not getting the kudos like the celebrities.

I came from abject poverty and how ungrateful I would be for not thanking the preachers and celebrities who give their time, support, and money to alleviate the many ills that affect the poor. I must recognize the actor George Clooney who recently publicly thanked Pat Robinson and others for their charity. However, I still must underscore that long after the causes and the groups are no longer ‘sexy’ to some celebrities, the Evangelical ministers will still be there… providing not only the temporary ‘bread and shelter,’ but imparting that knowledge about the One who gives sustenance and refuge that last forever!


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    • profile image

      tyler two 6 years ago

      thank you for that heartfelt article . i was becomming very sad, about the negetive articles i HAVE BEEN READING ABOUT THE MINISTRIES YOU MENTONED. I WAS BECOMING FEAR TO DONATE TO THEM AGAIN. THE ARTICLE HAS RESTORED MY CONFIDENCE IN THEM. THANK YOU/