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It's Time To Take Our Country Back Again

Updated on November 12, 2011

It's Time To Take Our Country Back Again

It's time that we put God back in school,

And it's time to teach the children to pray

There are more people who believe in God,

Then why should atheists have the say?

We have left God out of most of our laws

Now see what a mess this country is now in.

The things the children are taught in school,

It's no wonder this world is so .filled with sin.

Because some people don't believe in God ,

They are allowed to take our rights away.

Who started this ridiculous way of living?

Satan abounds but it's against the law to pray.

The people in the high courts of this great land

Had better stop and see what they have done.

The only way this world could turn back around

Is through The Lord and He is The Only One.

Man can not do it,they have tried to kill God ,

They think that by taking everything sacred away

That He'll cease to exist in our heart and mind.

Thank God ! They'll find Him alive Judgment Day!


I am sure that most of the people that don't

believe in God will know on Judgment Day

that they are going to be sent to Hell, but

what will they say and how will the feel when

they find out that the children they had loved

so , and given them everything that money

would buy that they will be going to Hell with

them..they will finally wake up but it will be to

late , Heavens Gate is closed to them and it

finally sinks in what they have done, Then

the weeping ,and the wailing and the gnashing

of teeth!They will wish they had never been born!



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