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It's time to put the Christ back in Christian!

Updated on January 19, 2015

A poem

What did Jesus do:

He fed the hungry.

He visited outcast.

He was anti-war.

he was non-violent.

He was against capital punishment. (I would like to ask what he was writing on the ground!)

He fed the multitudes.

He broke the Sabbath.

He provided free healthcare.

He made wine.

He preached at parties. (You know there were gay people there during the Roman Empire.)

He committed heresy.

He turned over the money changer's tables.

He raised the dead.

He called the leaders of the church "whitewashed tombs with dead men's bones in them.

He washed other people's feet.

He lifted women to high positions. (I think King James snubbed Mary Magdalene.)

He sacrificed himself for the good of ALL mankind.

He took care of his parents.

He forgave people in his worse moment.

He triumphed over ALL sin.

Maybe it is time to put the Christ in Christian.


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