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J U D G E M EN T D A Y !

Updated on January 2, 2010
convicted man of god??
convicted man of god??

J u d g e m e n t D a y ! !

( O O )

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One dark Sunday
hundreds of priests
will find their
bowed heads,
suddenly jerked
in shock,
as the holy

sacrament wafers
burn their lips,
with the hot
fleshy taste
of an alter-ed boy.
The communion wine
will turn warmly rancid
with a coppery smell
and the thick
flavour of blood.

Symbolic of the
many young men
who took thier lives
after being collared
by men in collars.

Co-erced into

to their holy father
in a communion of a
different twist
Young souls
who slit their wrists
in despair
after watching this
priestly abberation
simply get transferred
to another parish
to make more altered boys
who would soon
worship the dark side.
Warming candles of flesh,
ringing bells of alarm
watching robes fall
as the belts of chastity
were unfastened,
men forced to be celibate,
then celebrating
the awakening of their lust,
with the murder of young minds
Bishops move

like chess pieces
on crooked paths
covering up the indiscretions
pawns are lost
as the games continue
The king in the guise
of a pope,
any pope for the last
900 years or more
turns his head
and his blind ear
to the reports
as he casually
declares divorce
a great evil................
Did not the church
divorce the children
of each parrish
when they delivered
to the children

of another parrish
the foul beast
who abused and altered
the faithful
Those faithful
who served
enslaved to lust
Cases stacked up higher
then Notre dame cathedral
a modern day
Tower of Babel
the numbers

are staggering
They lie
hidden in the dust
shrouded corners
of the Vatican
white collar crime
white collared suits
traded for lawsuits
money exchanged
thirty pieces of silver
dirty pieces of silver
cash exchanged
priests exchanged
alter boys changed forever
Money paid out
in the name of St. Judas
patron saint of deceit
and betrayal on
the lowest order
One dark sunday
judgement will fall
kingdoms will topple
God will bend those
who bent those
who loved God
and were misled
by men towards
the opposite directions
He will break those
who broke bread
with the taste of
a 12 year old still
fresh in their mouths

He will bleed those
who bled those
whom God himself bled for
He will burn those
who burned with lust
who burned the reports
whose faces burned with
but turned their
face away
For in the last days
there will be many
false prophets
who will mislead many.

Woe to those who
follow out of habit
Blinded by faith
in the footsteps
of the dark priests
who were continously
protected by
the unsoiled reputation
of a holy sect
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +-MFB III

Author's Questions/Comments
This poem was inspired by the many, many reports that have been exposed, in the news, and through court documents, on the abuse of children by members of the church. It is not a condemnation of religion, it is a cry against those who claim to practice what they preach. For more years then I care to count, priest have been shielded by the church, and sent to other places to avoid prosecution, where they once again took offerings from sacrificial lambs, to quench their lust. No offense is intended to the truly faithful, but if your church holds or condones an aberration such as this, run..don't walk to another place of worship, lest you support a foul beast, and his appetite of innocent flesh.


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