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Updated on September 16, 2013

Yes, it’s been some time since the last article in this series but that is not to say that the messages regarding the ‘Coming Time’ in any way were complete. In fact, the exact opposite is true. We are just beginning this series in earnest as a real-life adventure. In the earlier articles, I wrote that the messages that I received all suggested that the time was at hand, and in fact the four year cycle of events began this year. As we reflect back on 2013, we can definitely consider it a tumultuous year with major changes, upheavals and multiple threats that have been narrowly avoided. All which serve to create a false sense of security that somehow we have avoided the worst but I caution you to be wary because for every storm brewing, there is a quiet that occurs just before the fury.

As you may recall, I wrote in the past that the messages as I interpreted them, all suggested that this new deliverer, this embodiment of a radical change from the messiah concept of old, had already arrived. But I do not think we are looking at someone from the traditional lines of David. Whatever the background to the Shiloh –messiah, he or she will be definitely from a different lineage. From the countdown beginning in 1972 when I was challenged the first time, to the confrontation and physical manifestations of1986, followed by the subsequent significant messages written on the pillars of 1998, it was clearly evident, at least to me, that this new messiah was of age by the turn of the millennium. Old enough to make an impact if they so desired. My instruction, to prepare a path, ultimately leading to my decision to take pen to paper and communicate these events to those of you that have remained open minded and willing to accept that there are still messengers in this world, was not an easy decision to make in an era of scepticism. Especially not when all those that even suggest they hear voices are branded as lunatics, miscreants or even worse, ‘religious fanatics.’ When did we ever reach the pinnacle of cynicism where we brand those possessing true faith as fanatic zealots and then turn what was once such a positive concept into an ugly word equated with terrorism, murder, and insanity. If not for faith, then what are we? Faith is not an ice cream shop where you get to pick and choose which of the 52 different flavours you’d like in your cone, ignoring all the others. Go asks you to make hard choices and provides no guarantees. That is why it is called faith.

Yet, in order to establish the pertinence of my calculating the birth of this Shiloh-styled deliverer during that time frame, justifying my reasoning as to why he or she walks amongst us, I’ll resort to something which long predated my existence. Perhaps those still struggling with the concept and unable to believe in a modern day messenger will find it easier to believe in the messages that have come to us from the past and still value what the ancients had to say. If that is so, then let me provide you with a tale of a star!


The mere mention of this star will usually get the Christian messiahnists all excited and stabbing their fingers into our chests saying, “I told you so!” and at the same time any of my rabbinical antagonists accusing me of providing ammunition to the those Jews confused by the bombardment of traditional Judaism with the ‘Jews of Jesus’ propaganda. This message is not intended for either of those two groups but at the same time it should be seen as reminder to the rest of us that we cannot remain in denial, shaking our heads furiously and saying, “Never happened”, refusing to accept that such an astronomical event or even someone named Yeshua ever existed. The fact is that as stars go, it did, it does, and it happens repeatedly. Moreover, it has always been more about our history and our beliefs than any Christian could ever comprehend. Even though the Christian Church hijacked this ancient concept for their own purpose and choose to ignore the fact that it keeps reappearing long after Yeshua or Jesus returned to the dust of the earth, does not mean that we, as Jews, should ignore its reappearance. This Star of Bethlehem, more accurately referred to as the Messiah’s star, according to our ancient Jewish astronomers was known to be the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, and both planets play a significant role in our Jewish beliefs and customs. But do not be mistaken, as it is not to suggest that astrology had any major role in our ancient traditions, influencing our lives on a daily basis as modern day enthusiasts perceive astrology. It was primarily astronomy, the movement of celestial bodies and that at certain time-points, God would send a message by aligning certain heavenly bodies in a particular manner. Our ancient astronomers referred to Jupiter as the King’s Star and because of its majestic role, naming it Tsedek or Righteousness. Saturn they perceived as the outermost celestial body, highest in the seven spheres and also seventh in numbering of the heavenly bodies, so they called it Shabtai.

It is not a coincidence that the day we call Shabbos or the Sabbath, the seventh day, bares a name derived from this seventh celestial body and later on, the Roman world named the same day Saturday or Saturn’s Day for the same planet that we had correlated this day to. The concept of the seventh cycle was one that the gentile world had become well aware of through their association with Jewish society. However, the Jewish understanding of Shabtai went far beyond a simple need to give the day of rest a name. The seventh celestial body represented the completion of a cycle, much in the way that the Shabbos ends the week, the seventh year ends an agronomical cycle and seven times seven years brings about the Jubilee and the end of a historical cycle. By their understanding, as God had led them to believe, the planet when aligned with other celestial bodies would herald a new beginning. More to the point, when Jupiter was in alignment with Saturn, it would herald a new messiah but only if this alignment persisted for an elongated duration as minor conjunctions were not that uncommon. Hence, it was only when a triple conjunction occurred that a messiah was born.


Triple conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter as previously mentioned, are relatively rare events. The twentieth century was unusual in that it actually occurred twice during the last century. The first time was between 1940 and 1941, and then a second one occurred in 1981. More commonly, the time period between triple conjunctions is measure in centuries with the preceding event to last century occurring in 1821. Because the triple conjunctions take place over several months, the celestial sign is evident to all and as in the case of the Christian Star of Bethlehem existed long enough to be a guiding light for travellers along the road. As for that particular event, the triple conjunction did occur in 7 BC and in all likelihood that was the year being referenced to by the Christian gospels. It was also the year that Herod had both his sons by the Hasmonean Princess Mariamne drowned because he feared their rising popularity amongst the people. That is most likely the true meaning of the gospel’s reference to the killing of the firstborn, an event had it been universal throughout Israel as the Gospels suggest would have not been overlooked by Jewish and Roman historians as is obviously the case. Those two princes were the firstborn of Israel, the heirs apparent and the ones that all of Israel hoped would come to the throne and restore the kingdom to its original glory. But as Monty Python’s Life of Brian pointed out, it was no great secret that a messiah had been likely born during the ascent of that star. The title was up for grabs to anyone that could establish a semi-legitimate claim. Several did, but for all intents and purposes, only one did change the world, though perhaps not to the betterment of his Judaic heritage but over that he had no control since his teachings were distorted to serve those with their own ulterior motives.

As for the aspirants or claimants to the title born in 1941, it was a year that saw many famous Jewish entertainers born, but I choose to believe that someone of greater significance came into existence with far more to do with the future state of Israel than the American music industry. Exactly whom that may have been is a matter for others to discuss and decide upon. More importantly, it was the year the Nazis commenced their final solution, fully opening the doors of their concentration camps to the millions they would eventually execute. It was the year that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour, which in turn brought America into the war, an event which we must all be grateful for because had it not happened, the Nazis would have rewritten a different ending to the horrors they had perpetrated. If ever, we as a people, needed a sign that we would survive, then that was it, beginning in August of 1940 and carrying on through the first quarter of 1941. Though it did little to ease the suffering of those that died horribly over the next four years at the hands of the Nazis, at least this ancient sign of divine protection provided a glimmer of hope to those that did survive. Proof that we would not become an extinct race and like the mythical phoenix, we would rise from the ashes to be restored to a former glory.

Which brings us to the year of concern for this article, 1981; from the beginning of January to the end of July to be more precise. A period of 7 months during which the Messiah Star could be seen, in which if my interpretations of the signs and messages I received are correct, a leader of great importance to our people was born. That individual would be 32 years old now, an age when it could be anticipated they would assume to wear the mantle and begin their Journey Unto Shiloh. This person may not even realize their potential as yet, or perhaps they know full well of what is expected of them and they are fighting hard against the destiny that is available to them. They still have the ability to refuse, but in so doing, they only prolong the pain and suffering of this world. Their reluctance can be well appreciated and from my own history of resistance to my own ‘call’, well understood too. There is little we have done to make this individual feel comfortable if they choose to expose themselves. Little reason afforded them to suggest that we would even listen should they make their appearance. I can visualize the overabundant scepticism and cynicism, the initial demand that they perform at our behest and prove themselves, a failing that God has condemned us for repeatedly during our three thousand years of history. Then even after they acquiesce to our bequest, we’d burden them with further demands of proof and subject them to all forms of verification before we would even admit to ourselves that they might be legititmate. By then it will be too late! The patience of the Lord is not without end, nor should we take for granted that it should be. We have squandered the conjunctions of the Messiah Star in the past; it is very likely we will squander it well into the future.


The only way the individual will reveal themselves is if we present them with an environment that encourages them to do so. The only way that will happen is if we deliberately choose to change the manner of our thinking, placing our trust in the Lord, rather than in our own faulty sense of rationalization. It will not be easy for us to change our own distrustful character. No matter what we have seen, or experienced, we are still the children of the Dathan’s and Korah’s of our world. But during our long travel through time, don’t you get tired of being victim to our own failings? There are times you simply have to have faith and this may very well be one of those times. Perhaps today is the day we all decide to make a change!

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 4 years ago

      The plural reference is to the fact that by definition there have been many messiahs sent, few acknowledged and even fewer followed. But the Shiloh messiah according to Genesis 49 is the most significant, ultimately changing the world. Astrology is not accepted nor practiced but the study of the stars in regards to signs has always been part of Judaism. From the first time that God told Abraham that his children will be like the stars in the heavens, as Jews we have always looked astronomically at the heavens. And the Messiah Star has always been part of our traditions though few are aware of it.

    • profile image

      alanbedford 4 years ago

      You refer to "their" appearance and the role "they" must play, which means they are 2 people, and therefore both of them would have had to have been born in 1981. Could they be twins? In any case, you will have to be careful not to be confused with astrologers and pagans, and that could end up discrediting you.

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 4 years ago

      Yes, Alan, the conjunction occurs frequently but the triple conjunction is a relatively rare occurrence and it was the triple one considered to herald the coming of a messiah. The fact that it happened twice in the 20th century was an extremely rare event, telling us that that century was very significant in Jewish history. The universe is held in a balance by the Lord. Considering the first half of the century was disastrous for our people, then the latter half would be counterbalanced by a great event bestowing benefits. Hence the coming of another messiah in 1981, one generation cycle (40 years) after the beginning of the holocaust. But this messiah is somewhat different from those prior. Being the Shiloh-messiah, they are essentially an outsider, probably extremely intimidated by the role they must play, and reluctant to stand up and make their appearance. Ultimately, they have no choice. Their appearance is preordained.

    • profile image

      alanbedford 4 years ago

      I hope you explain in future articles why you believe that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 1981 heralded a Shiloh-Messiah. That conjunction has occurred many times before, as you pointed out, and although in hindsight there may have coincidentally been historic events in those years, but in other conjuntion years nothing special happened.


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