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JOYFUL NEWS (Christ at birth) By Robert Hewett Sr.

Updated on December 16, 2012

This is a song in my mind, but has never been set to music. So sing it, or read it, whichever fits your mind and heart.


(A song needing music)

I bring you joyful news today,

Christ is born and he’s here to stay.

In a manger he laid his head,

The one place he could find a bed.

Wise men guided there by a star,

Came to Bethlehem, very far.

Bringing gifts and adoration,

Proclaiming the celebration.


Christ is born we’re on our way,

He came to save us all today.

There are those who wanted to slay,

The Son of God that very day.

He must hide and then wait to do,

All things that were promised to you.

The Son of God is very new.

Soon he’ll be teaching love to you.

Through his life on Earth he has taught,

Everyone about God’s pure thought.

By example he showed to us,

The way to Heaven for the just.

When he died upon that cruel Cross,

For our sins he paid the full cost.

He will be back someday for us,

We can be ready if we trust.


Robert Hewett Sr.


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