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January Tarotscopes 2018: What Is My Good Karma?

Updated on May 27, 2018
threekeys profile image

Threekeys is a freelance writer and poet who loves burning candles; drinking cafe lattes; and standing under Moreton Bay Fig Trees.

January Tarotscopes 2018-See where your good karma will be coming from
January Tarotscopes 2018-See where your good karma will be coming from | Source


Expanding our understanding and tolerance through each other’s viewpoints can spurn us on to arriving at a new conviction in life which could affect our relationship to one another and the relationship we have to ourselves.

We can arrive at a new conviction through powerful clarity of contemplation, or, be swept away like a raging river whose argument and faith is flounced away in a forceful debilitating way.

When we choose to enter into a conversation, we give each other the opportunity to fuse our opinions. There is some kind of flowing experience that happens between each party of the conversation.

Controversy is the process of contra-versing, which is the process of flowing against.

We have the choice to cooperate or to struggle with one another.

The more we stand for something rather than be against something, the more we flow, fuse and cooperate. Creating harmony is one of the by-products.

What if 2018 was about standing for procreation and recreation to somehow invigorate our innocence and spirituality, so that we move towards the light and sharing of the good? To do this, I think we have to learn to be a little more selective about the outbound broadcast of ideas we send out so that we can pull together as united humanitarians creating a more comfortable and tender world to live in.

Wishing you an empowering and peaceful 2018. Let’s now see what good karma is coming your way for January 2018.


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

The High Priestess is the representation of the descent of revelation.

The High Priestess is about the activity and reflections from facts through to principles.

The High Priestess knows. The High Priestess has a knowing.

Your good karma will come to you through reflection, memories, words and writing.

A mystical experience will be experienced in terms of feeling an instant flow. You will be touched spiritually through an intuitive spark or idea.

You may find that the sexual or sensual side of your life may become sparse or non-existent this January. However, the fire of this sexual/sensual energy will be channelled to move up through your spine and down into your thoughts and writings, where you will be communicating inspirational messages.

You have in part the heart of a priest, a nobleman and an everyday worker. Just like the rest of us. Practice letting your nobility lead over the practical aims or prerequisites this January. Then, positive karma will flow to you.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

To become a more well-rounded humanitarian, the Knight of Pentacles asks you to attend to your physical and everyday routine needs with a spiritual carriage. In other words, chop wood and carry water. If you already have a daily health or sporting routine, keep it up! Be moderate and responsible this January. The more people who know you as being dependable, the more you will come across as humanitarian this month.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card-Rider Waite Tarot Deck-US Games
The Hanged Man Tarot Card-Rider Waite Tarot Deck-US Games | Source


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

The Hanged Man Tarot card stepping forward here, tells me your good karma will be packaged in the way of your sensitivity being heightened so that you will experience psychic knowing. And that psychic knowing may seep out into deepening your imagination to create visionary pieces of artwork. Your sensitivity to nuances will be at a high. If you can meditate, pray, dream and sleep, this will bring good karma your way either directly or indirectly. To retreat or alter one of your perceptions particularly about something that has been lingering for a long time, will be your karmic reward.

There are opportunities for you this January in hidden systems like prisons, asylums or people that are secretive or keep secrets.

The more you can give over to your Spiritual Will, rather than your personal Will, the greater stability will enter into your psychic and material world.

The Hanged Man will have you suspended between what could be (potential) and what is (reality). There will be some piece of information, an idea or person that will turn your thinking on its head and this is your good karma’s gift.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

Be like the three wands in order to become a more well-rounded humanitarian. What does that mean? Practice the art of optimism. Practice the art of inner faith (strength). Trust you will make good decisions this January.

If you are starting up a business or a hobby project, your imagination and body coordination will be on heat, to do good for others and yourself.


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

Here on the Wheel, it ascends and descends. We both fall and can be both saved at the same time. This month you will be both worthy of praise, and simultaneously, be wept for. If you can study and initiate ideas of a philosophical nature and/or expand your world from either travelling overseas or meeting people from countries considered foreign or different to you, good fortune resides there for you.

Look for opportunities.

Prepare for unexpected twists and turns with property and/or successful progress made on your plans.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

If you can focus on your home, your family or do something nationalistic that you are proud of, it will expand your humanitarian side.

This January you may find yourself wanting to make a donation or give service to a worthy cause. Or, you may be on the receiving end of a business’s success or an employer who gives you a raise.

The Star Tarot card for Cancer-Rider Waite Tarot Deck-US Games
The Star Tarot card for Cancer-Rider Waite Tarot Deck-US Games | Source


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

The Star tarot card is focused upon construction in a flowing way.

As you take steps to build the foundation of your new life during January 2018, you will be, like the woman in the Start tarot card, pouring and mixing the flow of water between the two vases. What that means is that you will be flowing between the worlds of where there is tradition and the rules of heredity together with one’s innate divinity; and the seeds within the collective unconscious that is vile and unwantingly infectious.

Through applying the right use of Will and moving your Will from passive to active together with intentionally saying either YES or NO to everyday automatisms; together with a YES to the inspiration and innovativeness of the spirit, will bring good karma to you.

Be pragmatic where you can be as you unite your understanding of your loved one, home, country with the right use of your Will. Your future is linked with how well you merge your opposite wants and needs.

The Star tarot card promises positive karma. Connecting with your personal and global future needs through being a part of a new social cause or group, is the way forward for you at the beginning of 2018.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

The 8 wands tarot card says to me, that your personal karmic challenge this January is to somehow shift your responses to your higher philosophical mind that reflects your ability to be tolerant and broad seeing. See where you can incorporate your views about theosophy and life into your writings so that you build bridges to how the future needs to be for yours and others highest good. Write about how we can connect and apply our most noble values to our everyday life. This will support you in being a more well-rounded humanitarian.

Communication is important this month. Messages coming your way.


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

Something is going to complete for you this January. Do you know what this may be? I feel whatever it is, this closure will give you relief.

The trumpet in the Judgement card is calling you. So, start making preparations for the next chapter in your life.

Can I ask you something? How can karma resurrect your soul and body from sleep (death) and remembering (birth)?

How can you see your automatic memory of childhood and youth bring in your good karma?

How can your logical memory (where you recall the impact of actual events) and your moral memory (where people/events revealed your values and their meaning to you) bring you your good karma this January? How will the first chapter of your 2018 Book of Life read for you and have personal value for you? Will it read with honey? Or, vinegar? Will it inform or inspire? Your responses will give you the clues of your good karma this January.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

The overcoming of the two of cups is what will bring out the humanitarian within you this month. So, let pleasure and attraction in, through your relationships. The more stability and comfort you can grow in your life this month, the more others will see you as a giver to be thought well of. So, where you can, expand the experiences of romance. Or, if you are in between relationships, find ways to romance yourself all over again. Be tender. Be soft and giving. Be willing to share yourself through either affection, warmth, or stories. You may find a challenging aspect arrives for you to handle (which you can) when you are being attracted to someone who is different. A known or unknown third party may just step in to interfere in your new friendship or relationship.

The Empress Tarot Card for Virgo-US Games
The Empress Tarot Card for Virgo-US Games | Source


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

With Empress tarot card presenting itself here, it says to me if you have been feeling restricted or stuck either emotionally or physically. Don’t be concerned your sense of freedom will be restored to you, and this is your positive karma in effect. It may take the form of being freed from enslavement of self-doubt, hatred, despair or apathy.

If spirituality or religion gives you a magical feeling, then allow the divine breath of Faith to support you to experience divine light through the feelings and mind set of hope and love. There can be no grace or mystical experience without hope, faith and love. All of these cannot be explained by reason. You can only know hope, faith and love through being emotionally moved.

The Empress’s karma is calling you to choose regeneration over degeneration.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

The 4 cups karmic challenge is the one to overcome in order to become a more well-rounded humanitarian.

The more you are willing to walk a mile in another’s pair of moccasins, the more you will see through the eyes of the giver. Where you can spend time reflecting over those encounters that set out to disappoint you or disillusion you, the more you will personally benefit.

Your challenge may come in the form of whether you need to acquire more possessions. Think about how long will they make you happy for. The more you grow and balance your feeling side with your materialistic side, the more you can deepen your humanitarian side. Look out for opportunities to increase your sensitivity not only to others but also towards yourself.


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

The Emperor tarot card tells me you have been discarding the more superfluous parts of yourself thereby deepening your sense of self. People are starting to detect a sense of authoritativeness within you.

Good karma will come to you the more you are able to renounce the ways of wilfulness, impulsiveness and instinctiveness. Especially employing forceful methods.

With the Emperor tarot card here, I feel there will be a personal shift from personal rule of private agendas to a rule that is for the highest good of all. Good karma will come to you in the form of a truth being revealed to you or, you becoming aware of what your personal purpose is for 2018.

This month others will see you as an authority. Your authority comes from you being real-from being human. Just be mindful of not becoming overly rigid or dogmatic in your ways as the Emperor’s energy tends to do that.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

The karma that will challenge you this month is contained within the 8 cups energy. Therefore, look at where you haven’t thought through some action or project fully. See how and where you can remove the flaws in the project and improve upon it.

Practice becoming decisive in relation to any disruptions that comes your way this January. Whatever you do don’t abandon. Just go out there and make it better.


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

Good karma will come to you through your ability to discern and choose from one hand that deals with obedience, poverty and chastity; and the other hand which offers temptations in the form of power, richness and deliciousness of the body and life.

Chastity here, means where one loves with unity of being.

Poverty here means where you possess everything at once.

Obedience here means where you respond with your intuition in a progressive way and not in a reactive way.

Chastity, obedience and poverty is where love is as strong as death. That is, where death does not destroy the love. Here, love can be platonic or sexual.

The Lovers Tarot card not only offers romantic dialogue but also stating that having more than one viewpoint is an advantage to solving a challenge. The key here is-communication. With that said, do you think it is appropriate for you to examine or reflect upon how your speech affects others? Do the words you write evoke feelings within another? How do others read your body signals?

Do your siblings need you? What about your peers? Are their neighbourhood disputes that need settling?

Your ability to reach out where you couldn’t before, is one of your karmic gifts this January 2018.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

What can trip you up is when you go to share the humanitarian within you, is if you have become to self-absorbed or focused that your actions run roughshod over those that are close to you. If this is happening get prepared for a battle of ridicule and opposition (5 Wands). Perhaps, a good start is to outwardly acknowledge others needs first.


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

Temperance tarot card tells me the more you can enjoy the scenery rather than rushing to the final destination, the more good karma will flow to you.

See where you can adopt a happy go lucky stance as you tackle situations with your own initiative. Showing a love of adventure or for higher education will not only stand you in good stead this January, but will inspire others to become transparent and a future focused person.

This January there is the potential for traveling overseas or to a part of the world that feels unknown or foreign to you.

The more you can practice the discipline of optimism, the more positive karma will be given and received.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

Life could decide to delay outcomes or rewards until the Universe or you feel you have really earned “it”. What the “it’ is, I don’t know, but perhaps you do?

The challenge to overcome is for you not to seek short-term fixes. The 7 Pentacles is about realizing good comes from long term investment. Good will result from your physical endurance building soul strength along the way, which is what is needed to cope with personal trials.

You will need to take on board that others will force their Will upon you if you don’t learn to exercise and condone the needs of your own personal Will. So, practice the art of applying considered Will first and see how that results for you. It’s all trial and error.

The Sun Tarot Card for Capricorn-US Games
The Sun Tarot Card for Capricorn-US Games | Source


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

When the Sun tarot card appears, it is telling us that learning from life circumstances on the spot unites one with their own intuition. This is where your good karma will arise for you this month.

Intuition is the union of faith and intelligence.

The two children in the Sun tarot card symbolize mind intelligence impregnated with childlike wisdom which speaks the knowing and language of one’s heart. Thereby making one’s mind intelligence listen to the speaking of its heart. The placement of the hands under the Sun, show the reciprocal understanding the two children have of one another. The more you can see ordinary things with the look of a child as it being totally new and fresh (innocence), the more you will feel fulfilled and shine.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

With 7 Wands tarot card stepping forward here, tells me that you will be facing a challenge or two where you will need to fight/defend what you love or what you aspire to love. This may be a person or a belief or principle. While you are dealing with these offenders, you will inadvertently display your style of innate leadership which will inspire others the Will to bravery and how best to use one’s traits skilfully in the art of protection and defence.

As a humanitarian in working progress, you need to uphold your dream, your stance. Doing this will ask of you to assert yourself in the wake of opposing ideas and people.


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

Some say the The World Tarot Card is a Masterpiece of Artwork.

The origin of the World is spoken of as a creative act full of archetypal energies and thought forms.

Joy represents the harmony of rhythms while suffering is the expression of the surrounding disharmonies. E.g.: the joy between good friends is the illumination of harmony between the intuitive and the mental rhythms of two people. The joy of a healthy conscience is a reflection of the moral rhythms of the lower and higher mind.

This January good karma will flow to you via the World’s four elements: - Fire (creativity and inspiration); Air (your attitude/beliefs); Water (your relationships) and Earth (tending to practical everyday matters). The more you can uphold your personal boundaries and value other’s limits, the more the goodness will flow to you.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

Here we see a Knight (in the Knight of Swords) a person in there 20’s to early 30’s who wants to protect you and make decisions for you quickly. He will protect and defend you in his way-not your way. This Knight of Swords will be highly verbal and great at debating, even to the point of being argumentative. Therefore, you may have challenges as to what people hear or don’t hear when you speak. This may arise in a situation between you and a neighbour or some activity that is going on in your local neighbourhood. This will be your humanitarian challenge to overcome this January.

The Hierophant Tarot Card for Pisces-US Games
The Hierophant Tarot Card for Pisces-US Games | Source


What good karma can I be open to receiving this January 2018?

With the presence of the Hierophant tarot card here, I wonder if the positive cause and effect is coming to you because your silent good wishes for others?

Some say this can be the application of the values of the Universal religion, “do unto others as you would do unto you”. In other words, loving nature as yourself, together with wondering and loving those real or archetypical beings belonging to the spiritual platforms.

The Hierophant is the symbol representing the guardian of the threshold between night and day. That is, at the threshold between human effort and divine grace. The melting of the two truths (factual and moral) are revealed in each human being via justice and peace. The Hierophant is a symbol of human beings and the five wounds which correspond to the five dark uses of Will (to take; to keep; to advance; to hold onto at the expense of others and the desire for personal greatness)

Positive karma comes to you because whether you know it or not, your perseverance in practising the presence of truth, the beautiful and the good, that establishes freedom of choice (and not application of force) will stand in you in good karmic stead.

What lessons do I need to overcome this January to become a more rounded humanitarian?

Prometheus stole the fire from the Gods.

On the human’s behalf he seized control of the ability to both create and destroy as well as illuminate the darkness so mankind could build tools to build homes and cook food. Fire can therefore heat and both illuminate. Or, it can leave a path of destruction.

Your personal karmic challenge is how you go about getting your needs met. Will it be through force? Or, caution and consideration?

Thank you for stopping by to read 2018’s January’s Tarotscopes.

See where you can add your personal signature of beauty.

Justice and Peace to You.


Information provided by Threekeys (Charmaine Del-Bianco) is of a general nature and does not take into account your complete personal circumstances. Information provided is not to be relied upon as, nor to be a substitute for, specific professional advice. No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting on or reframing from action as a result of any information from tarot reading/communications can be accepted.

The Tarot readings are for curiosity and entertainment. No guarantees of any kind are meant to be implied reading a Tarot Reading/communications. The Client has the Free Will to choose. Whether or not they will follow any idea or guidance gained in a Tarot reading. A Tarot reading is not to replace Legal, Health and Financial professional advice. If you feel you need such advice, please consult an appropriate licensed professional. It is taken that you are over 18 years of age.


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    • profile image


      8 months ago

      This Tarotscope intetpretation was inspired by the writings of "Anonymous" eho erote the book Meditations with Tarot-A Journey into Christian Hermeticism.

      I am agnostic but I felt stuck personally. So I did the opposite for me and that was having a look into a certain kind of ancient Christianity. I made myself open to experiment and see how or in what ways, my intuitive style of tarot interpretation could be altered.

      Hence, this more esoteric approach.

      It may not fit the bill for any of those that may read my Tarotscopes here, as I think, I typically am more about the everyday world.

      Thankyou Kevin for reading the tarotscopes. I hope you found something that you could use or apply.

      Someone told me that 2018's dynamic will be about breaking open the heart. I don't know whether that means we are going to experience more joy? Or, whether we are going to have more challenging times that will crack open our hearts whether we like it or not.

      Happy 2018 !

    • profile image

      Kevin Freaney 

      8 months ago

      I am a Virgo, and do believe In Spiritually and all that goes with it ,due to past experiences. What other people think does not matter. Thank You.


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