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Al Qaeda-Vs-ISIS (Cultural Islam, Arab Springs...& Jeb Bush)

Updated on September 16, 2015

Why 'Arab Springs' and Muslim Movements Fail

Why 'Arab Springs' and Muslim Movements Fail?

(I don't know too much about Islam but I am guessing that this is what's going on between ISIS and Al Qaeda. Now I don't know nothing but here is some intel.)

I knew that it would only be a matter of time before Jeb 'Clark Kent' Bush would go into that phone booth, spin around like Wonder Woman, take off his glasses and come flying out with a Reagan/Bush T-Shirt on from the 1980's. Yes. Jeb Bush is Clark Kent.

Of course with the Bush Family also comes the drama of Al Qaeda. We recently saw the tragic deaths of Muslims in Arabia due to the shoddy construction equipment owned by the Bin Laden Family, which has given the Bin Laden Family a worth of billions of dollars.

Al Qaeda is not a real Islamic movement, that does anything for Muslims. Ayman Al-Zawahri, the self proclaimed head of Al Qaeda is simply trying to ride the coat tails of Jeb Bush and restart a feud by demanding lone wolf terror attacks within the United States but Zawahri is no Osama Bin Laden.

In fact Al Qaeda was doomed to fail and President Obama along with military and CIA intelligence were eventually going to hunt him (Osama bin Laden) down and kill the media head of Al Qaeda because Allah was not with him nor will Allah ever be with Al Qaeda; if I may speak from a Muslim POV.

Everyone blames the British-Anglos, for the hostilities in the Mid East but in reality, if we go back to the late 1860's, we find the Anglo-Mohammedan Oriental College at Aligarh. This was established to introduce a more tolerant and 'Westernized' version of Islam but it did not instigate tribal Muslim infighting, which was already in place for over one thousand years.

  • So, even though the British get the blame for instigating radical Islam, along with the CIA, it was actually tribal disputes among Muslims that created radical Islam and most of this radical Islam, came about because the previous Islamic Caliphate was broken apart and infidels that were aided by cultural Islam.

There is something called Math'habs which is basically the entire jurisprudence of Islam along with Sharee'ah Law. Due to certain aspects of cultural Islam vs real Caliphate Islam, the Sharee'ah laws often included these very selective, wishy-washy laws called a Fiqh.

It is this cultural Islam and the Fiqh laws that often allows Muslims to think that Ayman Al-Zawahri is a true leader of Islam and that he is on the same Islamic Intellectual Scale as the founders of the Islamic State and Caliphate.

It is these silly cultural Islam Fiqhs that allows someone to think that simply having a Muslim name and being from an Islamic Family, means that one should pay attention to people like Zawahri. Zawahri is a cultural Islamic fraud.

Simply because someone professes to be some Islamic Leader does not make it fact & if we look at history, there was an African King of Ethiopia that was a secret Muslim, leading an entire civilization of Non-Muslims and no one was the wiser;)

It is indeed The House of Saud in Arabia along with Al Qaeda that are turning Mecca into shrines of commercialism and pagan places, where Muslims are told to worship Paris Hilton & Britney Spears.

Jesus was a Jew, that practiced Jewish Law, but by the time that Christianity was spread by the Romans, to colonize 'White' Indigenous Europeans, there were cultural loop-holes allowed within the body of Christianity.

  • The Celtic Tribes still wanted to worship their Sun God, so Sunday became the Holy Christian Sabbath but Jesus taught that the Sabbath fell on Saturday. The German people worshipped a 'wood god' and Wednesday was named after their pagan Germanic rituals.
  • CE 336 Rome, the Holy Christian Church simply came up with Christmas & Jesus' birthday out of thin air because it represented certain European Pagan Astrological Magic Systems & of course the Christmas Tree is part of these Germanic 'Wood God' Rituals.

There is no difference between the pagan roots of Christianity and cultural Islam, where Islam is watered-down to appease the Western World.

In fact, the mystical traditions of Islam came in via a loop-hole that allowed the tribes of lower Egypt/Upper Nile to merge their mystical faith with Islam; so on the road to a Caliphate being established, these traditions can be accepted, as long as it serves Allah in the end result; which is a planet of divine Islamic Law.

Sometimes Islam/Muslims get a bad rep. when it comes to alleged human rights abuses against females or women. The ritual of burning women or killing women over infidelities or arranged marriages that often went sour, was actually a Hindu Practice that was also allowed into Islam due to cultural pressures via way of India. There are more human rights abuses in India than nearly any other place on the planet, including the Islamic State.

How many slave systems, gang rapes and murders of women, happen to take place in modern day India? Lots! But of course, India and China are the 'golden children' of the so called 'New World Order' and therefore no one is supposed to mention the brutality against women by non-Muslims on the Indian Subcontinent.

Every 80 to 100 years, in the history of Islam, there has been some form of 'Arab Spring' where the people (mostly young people) would rise up against a corrupt establishment, as we saw in Egypt with the protest driven rise of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

After Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi was put into power via the 'Arab Spring' it was actually the arrogance of a female head from the European Union (she made Morsi look like a total puppet; right after he was elected into office, via protesters, by literally running down & placing herself into Mors's office before the fires had time to cool) and the over anxious Muslim Reform Student Protesters, that indirectly led to an Egyptian Military Coup in Egypt after these 'Arab Spring' Revolutions.

Each time these 'Arab Springs' failed, it was due to the impatience of the Muslim Students and Muslim Youth Mobs, of young people, that were overly-demanding of their newly elected political allies. These young Arabs and Muslim Student Groups; didn't give their own anointed leaders enough time to actually set the revolution into place.

Most of these poorly planned 'flash mob' Twitter revolutions; usually only lead to a militarized police state..sooner or later.

These 'Arab Springs' and their failures, usually have nothing to do with intelligence operations that are side-tracking them but they simply fail due to mobs of Muslim Students; that simply do not know strategy & this has been the repeated case; time & time again with 'Arab Springs" going back 100 years.

Zawahri and Al Qaeda do not represent Islam but instead they represent a narrative that uses a slanted interpretation of a book, which isn't even from the Quran. Al Qaeda is a side-show act that can deliver nothing but a few head-lines every 7 to 10 years. What has Al Qaeda done for Muslims?



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