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Jesus And The Jedi

Updated on October 2, 2014

Jesus and the Jedi

Your imagination has great power. This power is one of the keys to using the power of attraction. According to the late Rev. Ike “this is a faculty man or woman fail make use of”, and it is one the reason after a short period of time most people who attempt using the power of attraction start to claim it does not work. This article will explore some people who claim it works and why some fail.

Yoda and Jesus

First, the writer of the blockbuster movie Star war placed these words in the mouth of Yoda and Luke Skywalker. Luke, “I can’t is too big”. Yoda, “you can’t because you believe your can’t” Yoda was teaching Skywalker to use his mind. Then, there is Jesus who said, “ if you have the faith of a small mustard seed, you could say to a mountain move from here to there, nothing is impossible to you”

Power of the Mind

Rev. Ike Speaks

Rev. Ike and Ester Hicks

The Rev. Ike Suggest “ if you want something in your life you must first get it in your mind. If it’s a new car, feel yourself in the car, driving the car, operating the air conditioning, the stereo, imagine the grooves behind the steering wheel”. If you want a new house follow the same process. Ester Hicks in her Book “Ask and it is Given” Claim, a person should find a quite place and quite their mind and imagine where they would like to be or like to have, then and this is the another key. Imagine how you will feel in the new environment or with the thing of your desire. This is, as she claims not easy at first. Why? Because over the years the average person has large amount of negative energy that must be overcome, and a crucial point in the beginning is not to tell your friends that you are using the secret.

You know the answer to this, because they will say Ah, that stuff does not work, and this will have an impact on you. The second crucial point, you must be able to see and feel yourself where your want to be and having what you want to have, before it can arrive in your experience. Most people have a real problem in this area; they focus more on what they don’t have versus what they want to have. An example you are slightly overweight, you think and say “ I don’t want to be fat” your mind is more on you being fat than on you being thin. So, what should you say, “ I want to be thin and enjoy great health” this will put you closer to where you want to be.

Wayne Dyer As A Mentor

Wayne Dryer, implies, in his standing room only seminars, “ What we really, really want we get” and what we really don’t want we get that also” The reason is the mind is in accordance with the law of attraction, is attracting all the time, either conscious or unconscious” in order not to get what we don’t want we must be conscious of our thoughts at all time. Louise Hay, now in her eighties makes similar suggestions in her Book “I Can Do It” Whatever it is we want out of life we must as Jesus has implied through his teaching “ask for it believing you will have it” this philosophy has been around for a long time but it was not available as it is now. Yet, today, people are so distracted and looking for instant gratification, they fail to do the very thing all the people above have suggested and that is to THINK. There is a series of recording on Youtube, Your Wish Is Your Command, by Kevin Tredeau. It makes similar suggestion. He claims people wanting to experience a better life must first take full responsibility of their current conditions. These conditions are the results of the thought the person or person had thought. Now the person taking responsibility can change the conditions by changing

Wayne Dyer Speaks

out by Buddhist the thought. Small booklet given suggesting the exact same philosophy, “All we are arise from our thoughts”. Again, if the thought pattern is changed then the circumstance will change. This is how the law of attraction works. In conclusion, you get exactly what you believe you will get, however, there are a few obstacle impeding you progress. They are, doubt, lack of belief and non-alignment or disharmony with the universe.

Kevin Trudeau

Ester Hicks


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