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Jehovah Jireh My Provider & Lia Sophia!

Updated on January 11, 2012

I was so nervous I couldn’t begin to tell you … I was doing my first actual show and I was flying solo! What would I say? Did I have enough gifts to giveaway? I didn’t have as much to display as my Advisor did… would that make a difference? Would I be able to answer their questions? Would anybody show up? Would they really love the lia sophia line as much as I do? On and on the questions went … and then I quieted myself.

What had I been praying and asking God for? Did I really trust Him to do what He said He would do? I had asked Him to make the show a success not only for me but for my Hostess and friend. I wanted her to be as blessed as I would be … she would get free jewelry and I would get a commission. It would be a blessing for us both.

Now, I had done my part and she had done hers … I must trust God to bless the works of our hands. He is the only One that gives us the power to create wealth. He is the only One that grants us grace, favor and mercy with man. Now, I must walk in the knowledge that He is a God that answers prayer. He is a God that gives good and perfect gifts to those who love Him and are called according to His Purpose.

You see, I chose to do lia sophia not only because of the fact that I knew that it would be a blessing financially … it is a desire of my heart to be a blessing to others and to minister. It takes money to minister … that is just a fact. I want to be able to go when I am called and fulfill my purpose. I have been called to minister the message of being a Pearl Without Price and the value of a woman … I must be able to go whether they offer to bless me or not. Any extra money will assist me in doing that …

I can’t do that … at least not well and with peace… not while I have a debt. God is calling His people to live a life free of debt for a reason. The message is being spelled out in churches and ministries across the nation … we must be out of debt for the age to come. There will be many challenges ahead that we can’t yet fathom and if we are having money problems then our challenges will be greater. So another reason for doing lia sophia is to answer God’s command to owe no man anything.

My friend had one request, “Would I bring my Artichoke Dip?” Of course, I would! So I prepared the dip (if nothing else they would love the dip) and then myself to the best of my ability to present. My precious daughter quizzed me on the jewelry on the way and we arrived early to set up. We laid out my small amount of jewelry on the table, set up the catalogs, got out the wish lists and waited.

When all of the guests had arrived and were situated I began by telling them a little bit about myself and why I had gotten into lia sophia. I told them about the jewelry line and the ministry that they support called Dress for Success. I answered there questions and played the lia sophia card game. And then I let the jewelry and God take it from there …

The show was such a great success that we had to extend the closing date!! We had over a $1000.00 in orders and my friend got almost every piece of jewelry she wanted for a minimum price. She earned $300.00 in jewelry credit. I earned about the same in commission. God Showed OFF!!! He answered every prayer that I put before Him. I must give Him Praise!! He is the Alpha & Omega! Jehovah Jireh! He is my provision and my help in time of trouble! StrongTower and Deliver!! Great is My God!!


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    • Psalmist4M profile image

      Psalmist4M 6 years ago from the Shelter of His Wings

      Wonderful write. To God be all the glory, GREAT is His love towards us.

    • Precious Pearl profile image

      Precious Pearl 7 years ago

      God still moves in our lives and businesses if we will just invite Him in ... Thank you, Lord!