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Jehovah himself shall provide.

Updated on August 12, 2016

Rocks formations and the Dedo de Deus (God's Finger) peak in the background


Kari Jobe - Forever (Live)

He provides you the ability to carry out any command he issues

Genesis 22: 1-14 The mountain in the land of Moriah; this is where Abraham was commanded by God to go and offer Isaac as a sacrifice. Moriah in Hebrew means The Mountain of seen. The mountain of manifestation; God wanted to reveal himself there to Abraham. In 1 Kings 17, the brook that Elijah drank from dried. The bread and meat brought to him by ravens, lacked. However God assured him that he would still continue to provide for him. The end of your job contract is not your end. God will not abandon you. He will still take care of you. He is still your God regardless. He is still your savior. He is mighty. A widow at Zarephath was going to feed him. God is not man. When he tells you, “Go forth and prosper”; this is not wishful thinking. This is exactly what will happen to you because he has power to do anything. When he ordered the woman accused of practicing prostitution to go and not sin again, he gave her the ability to avoid sin. He just didn’t wish that she would not sin any more. That is what man would have done. Just hope that the woman would not sin again.

A panoramic view from a ridge located between Segla and Hesten mountain summits


I Surrender - Hillsong Live (Cornerstone 2012 DVD Album) Lyrics/Subtitles (Best Worship Song)

When you get blessed you will be able to bless others too

God can usher you into a system. So if you were miraculously healed, you have been ushered into the system of healing. If you were to pray for a sick person, the same anointing that healed you will heal your friend. This is because you were ushered into the system the first time they prayed for you and you received your healing. You still possess the spirit of healing within you. You don’t need to search healing ability from other quarters. It is within you. When God told Abraham to look behind him, the sacrificial ram appeared from nowhere. God did not need to fetch the sacrificial ram. The self-existing one can provide anything from nothing. Remember, all things come from him. He does not need to consult anything or anybody for whatever reason.

Two Julia Butterflies (Dryas iulia) drinking the tears of turtles


Open the eyes of my heart lord

And in conclusion

The self-existing one provided 5000 men with fish and bread. So long as the people stretched out their hands to receive the fish and bread, it was available. It did not matter that some were even dropping these to the ground. At the end of it all twelve basketful of leftover bread was picked. Where did these come from? There was nobody bringing it. It just appeared. The bowl, the jar did not run out of flour and oil on the Zarephath woman, until it rained. The fish kept going into Peter’s fishing nets until the nets were nearly busting apart. The fishing boat was too small to handle such a bumper harvest. He had to summon fellow fishermen for help to pull up the heavy nets and for more carriage space. Two boats were still not adequate because they still threatened to sink from their heavy weights.

Jehova the Lord will provide


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