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Jeremiah Fast Poem

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 06/09/09 ~ Poem

Often our deepest despair leads to our deepest thoughts, sometimes it's just deep! In our valleys we grow to appreciate our mountain tops, in our sorrow our joy, in our loss our gain and in our pain our joy.

Oh heavenly Father, where are You today ~ I need You so much, as your the only way
I know I've let you down, far to many times ~ These words are upon my heart, these here little rhymes

Oh so many days, I thought I'd done so good ~ Thought I'd lived my life, like You said I should
Yet I am blinded by the world, the devils tricks and lies ~ When will the time come, when will I realize

What you truly ask, of each and everyone ~ In how we should honor, You and Your son
We think we get it right, in what we say and do ~ But Lord far to often, we so dishonor You
Forgive me Lord please, for the sins I've commited ~ Praise be to You, if I am acquitted

I read your Word daily, I read it through and through ~ I do my devotions, to feel closer to You
Sometimes the Words speak, straight into my heart ~ Other times they seem, to tear me all apart

Lord if I could only, shed this lifes skin ~ I'm sure that then I would, finally stop the sin
I seek everyday, as I wake and rise ~ To see the world before me, through Your blessed eyes
I see a world of hurt, I see a world of pain ~ Yet often find myself, seeking personal gain

Father please soften my heart, to others desperate need ~ Father let me be, free from personal greed

Lord let me ask You, why there are so many ~ People with nothing, yet others with such plenty

Lord we all know, what You call and ask ~ Lord please let me be, up to that task
I know I think I serve you, when compared to some ~ But next to many others, I'm a worthless bum

Lord please instill a virtue, Deep inside of me ~ That will help me look, that will help me see
Whatever I can do, please set it in my mind ~ To do for many others, of each and every kind

Lord when I fall short, most likely everyday ~ Please forgive me, when to you I Pray
I claim to be yours, I say that it is so ~ Father please by my actions, let this to others show
So much focus, on the worlds material gain ~ When so many others, merely pray for rain

A world of need & pain, A world of personal gain, Many live with no refrain, So few these days abstain, Their wealth they self contain, This sin will be a stain, That God will call profane, Lest we repent again.

When the Lord blesses, He expects of you ~ To honor Him mightily, in all you say & do
When the end comes, to this our very life ~ Will we be honored, or suffer pain & strife?
What do you feel called, for our God to do? ~ Will you be obedient, will you follow through?
What others misery, can you help to end? ~ Can you be a blessing?, can you be a friend?
Sometimes it's as simple, as a listening ear ~ Can you do that, can you sit and hear?
Other times it's more, you may have to give ~ How willing are you, to alter the way you live?
What really matters, to you in this life ~ Are you willing and able to end anothers strife?

Often we are blessed, with a lot of stuff ~ Then we get complacent, it never seems enough
God gives us Free will, with everything we've got ~ Be it very little, or be it quite a lot
What we do with it, speaks about our heart ~ What is more important, this is where we start
The choice is ours to make, of what with it we'll do ~ Where you place your treasure, is solely up to you

The world of bigger homes, and ever nicer cars ~ Or of helpfull healing, for those with deeper scars
Celebrity is present, across this blessed land ~ Some are very shallow, they live a life so grand
Yet there are others, that use their wordly fame ~ To help out many causes, lending them their name

All of this I say is true, some of it very sad ~ If you feel convicted, please don't at me be mad
Make the needed changes, to your life today ~ Pray to God the Father, to take your greed away
I've been there myself, and return everyday ~ Asking please dear Father God, take my greed away
We have been inundated, with this worlds ploys ~ All the shiny playthings, since we were girls and boys
Material possession, though appealing to me and you ~ Can take our eyes off of God, and Jesus too
The Lord will surely bless, our God you can't outgive ~ Challenge Him on this, it's how were called to live
If tomorrow were the last day, of our little stay ~ What would really matter, for what would we pray?


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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