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Jesus, Part I: The Wayshower

Updated on July 6, 2009

A Series on the Real Jesus of History

“Hear those who say they seek truth; run from those who say they’ve found it.”
An Old Philosopher’s Quote. . .

When you say you seek Truth, you must be ready to accept it from wherever it comes. If you only want to justify your own agendas, or dogmas, you are not seeking Truth, but false comfort.

We often close our eyes to what is in front of us. So it is with the story of Jesus. He was most likely a real person, not the man-god of myth and theology. The real story is hidden in plain view in the Bible. We just need to be shown where—and how—to look.

Jesus brought a message of Love and eventual Peace to the world. When he was asked, which is the greatest commandment, he said to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind. And the second is AS THE FIRST, love our neighbor as our self. On this rests all the Law and the Prophets.

Jesus’ boldest claim: I and the Father are one. Then, he was clear that we, like him, are the same. You'll do even greater things than me, he acknowledged.

This series of short hubs will help you recognize your intimate, human connection with the person of Jesus called the Christ, or Messiah. He preached the coming of God’s kingdom on earth, not in some far off heavenly realm. He told us to take that kingdom out among the people. We do that through active love. As you carry the Kingdom in your heart and mind, it makes itself known in the world. That is your calling. Are you up for it?

(This series will enlighten some, anger others, be of no interest to even more. No matter. My job is to lay it out as I see it. If you think I am going to hell for what I write here, so be it. I've heard that many times before. It didn't bother me in the past; it doesn't bother me now. There is no hell, no devil, no eternal punishment. Those who believe the Bible teaches all that simply have misunderstood the writings. The great theologians who believe it are wrong; if you believe it, you are wrong. But you see, that's OK. I'm not condemning you. You'll be fine. Me, too. Much love.)


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