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Jesus As An Orangutan

Updated on August 11, 2011

Jesus is an Orangutan

Jesus is an Orangutan in the depiction of the Holy Family by 58 year old artist, Dawn Stubbs. It is her entry into this years 2011 Blake Prize for Religious Art. Controversial? Yes of course it is but art stretches interpretations. Jesus Christ is depicted in all colours, white, black, brown, red and yellow and so why not as an Orangutan? He is not alone, in the painting Joseph and the virgin Mary are Orangutans too.

Do you think this is wrong? Do you believe it is blasphemous? Does it make you angry? Just what do you think?

Holy Orangutans

What Would Jesus Say?

I am not religious. In fact I don't care for religion at all. Too much blood has been spilled because of it. I feel sure however that Jesus would feel more than happy to be depicted as an Orangutan if it were to draw attention to the terrible plight that one of Gods creatures was facing. Yes Jesus would stand up for Orangutans. He would rage against the destruction of their forest homes, the corruption, the greed and the lies.

Orang of Us

It goes on and on and on

Six years ago I was in Singapore. The sky was hazy and there was a smell of smoke. "Is there a fire?" I asked my friend. "Forest fires in Indonesia" he said "They are burning the forests so they can plant Palms for Palm Oil."

Today, August 2011 those fires are still burning. The smoke now reaches as far as Thailand on some days. Every day Orangutans are shot, killed, tortured, burnt alive and even raped. Their homes are being destroyed. Young animals are caught and sold as pets and end up in dysfunctional zoos.

All for Palm Oil, the so called 'Green' fuel of the future. The oil that today is being used to manufacture your cosmetics, your biscuits, your chocolate. And it is not just Indonesia because Malaysia is in on the act as well.

Please Read:

The destruction of the rainforests amounts to orangutan genocide

"My biggest wish is that people in the western world could understand what is happening here in Borneo, and how the demand for palm oil is devastating the rainforests and contributing to the extinction of the orangutan. Forests are being destroyed at the rate of an area roughly the size of two football fields every minute in the country, contributing massively to climate change and driving the orangutan closer to extinction with the loss of every acre. Orangutans are so much like us, yet we humans are killing them by the thousand. To me that is genocide and it has to stop.

Orangutans are among our closest relatives. They demonstrate a high level of intelligence and an ability to solve problems, and there is an immensely strong bond between mother and child that lasts for the first eight years of a baby orangutan's life. They are also key indicators to the health of the rainforests. Their place in the ecosystem is vital and yet still the demand for palm oil continues. Is nobody listening".....THE ARTICLE CONTINUES HERE

Save The Orangutans

Learn more about SAVING THE ORANGUTANS. I am sure that Jesus wants you to know. Jesus wants you to help. Although there are many organisations which claim to be helping the Orangutan some are merely fronts for exploitation. The link above takes you to a group who really and genuinely do care and do help.....and they need help.

Baby Orangutan


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  • SallyTX profile image

    Sally Branche 4 years ago from Only In Texas!

    Excellent! And you are right, Jesus is a nice person with a sense of humor and a sense of fairness! He would not mind one bit having our close cousins depicted in a way that reminds us we should be more like Him and stop being so greedy and destroying the earth and its inhabitants!

    Voted up and awesome! ;D

  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia

    @ Hello, hello, - You are right. Greed and corruption knows no boundaries but will kill us all in the end.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

    A splendidly written hub. Although it brakes out heart but mankind will not give up until they destroyed everything. An old Indian Chieftain said, way back in the beginning of the 20th century, Man destroys the forest, poisons the water and then they realize they can't eat money. Unfortunately, that will be it. I know our heart bleeds but the ones who have the power will not give up.