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Jesus Christ: The God that LOVES all people regardless of what they do, think or know

Updated on January 6, 2014

My history and perspective on Christ

I am not a Christian. I was one for 34 years, though. Today is December 11, 2012. I am now Syncretic which means I blend belief systems to suit my spirit. I believe we are all One Love. I do believe in the Christ. I met Him when I was at the very early age of six. For me, His story---His life---are quite real. I will write this Hub from this perspective.

The Glorious Trompe L'Oeil

Jesus Christ gave His Life to rebuild a “forsaken” bridge [and act as that bridge by merging spirit, material, consciousness and Bodymind] between mankind and its Source. Ultimately Jesus was the everlasting light that defiled the Illusion of separation between humanity and the Divine. I call Divinity LOVE. This made death conquerable.

Illusion has been prominent on planet earth since the beginning of time. I say time because man and woman did require such a feature due to the vastness of eternity. To go through the infinite creation of Source without a clock to divide our human experience would, undoubtedly, be challenging and maybe even terribly painful. Source

(Divinity/God/Goddess/Spirit/Christ) IS forever omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

The persistent illusion of the material world that humans experience feels, looks, and seems impenetrable at times. It is a glorious trompe l'oeil. Our ego does not want to relinquish it. Only through soul growth can humanity free itself from its inner “devil.” Spirituality was gifted to human beings to create such soul development.

Just because...

Religion is a necessity for many as Christ is a necessity for me.

Other people prefer spiritual freedom to pick and choose what is meaningful for them.

At this juncture, all human experiences and subsequent spiritual experiences are 100% valid and OK with me. I came to this conclusion when I learned exactly how malleable my own life has been and is. Simultaneously, I came to the conclusion because I knew for the first time that Jesus' work on the planet was completely inclusive. Not one being would miss the "bus to the Big Guy in the Sky."

I know that Christians---people of my original spiritual community---would vehemently refute my beliefs. It doesn't matter. As many of them once used to say to me, "Just because people don't believe doesn't make it so." I throw that context up in the air and bat it right back at them. It works both ways, so-to-speak.

Supplanting the Old Religion with the New

December is the selected birth month of the Christ. This may, indeed, be the incorrect month as one of my pagan friends recently pointed out. The shepherds would not have been in the fields during the winter. Ancient Catholicism was famous for adjusting the Christian calendar and its celebrations to overcoat and supplant the pagan practices of the early people. Christmas and Easter are two such celebrations. Gods and goddesses were supplanted by Christian saints and by important events involving Jesus.

The Catholics haven't been a super power for nothing!

I am hardly blameless

Here is the premise of this Hub: None of us have ever truly left our Source. We have merely been living in a sort of collective self-induced delusion; an illusion called Maya.

The world is filled with a plethora of Creation stories. I enjoy the story of Adam and Eve. That does not mean my story is THE story. It simply means I identify with mine. Again, Christianity would refute this as heretical. It makes little difference to me other than to say that I absolutely hate when people are hurt in the name of spirituality. I did a lot of hurting during my Christian years. I hate that and that hatred inspires me to be an activist regarding anyone else's actions that are outright hurtful. To some extent, pain is impossible to completely absolve from earthlings and their belief systems. I recognize that. I still cause pain. I am hardly blameless. Nevertheless, I stand firm in absolving as much pain as possible.


The Christ is pure. He is both the physical embodiment of LOVE and the ever powerful LOVE Consciousness. Consciousness is the God aspect of Jesus. The physical bodymind is the man aspect of Jesus.

Mankind's overall consciousness has reached astounding levels since the beginning of time. You can see the progress that was made during antiquity by reading the Old and New Testaments (Covenants). The present day shows so much more. Knowledge is merging all over the globe due to technology and the Internet. Mankind has reached the moon and outer planets. Mankind has connected to kundalini rising, atomic power, energy healing, etc. Good and evil have been in a perpetual balancing act since the dawn of existence in order to ensure that humans would eventually reach complete Peace.

Christ and Judaica

According to the Judeo-Christian creation story, God's Consciousness was unavailable to mankind until the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Judaica initially had to participate with the Divine through rigorous, religious ritual. Priests were mandatory aspects of the religion. The rituals enabled the one particular race of mankind to experience the holy face of its Lord. Part of the Hebrew ritual for some or all involved circumcision, talking with a burning bush, the mighty exodus from Egypt, the 10 commandments, manna in the wilderness, strict dietary practices, the Ark of the Covenant, and eventually the temple where only the holiest of priests could enter the Holiest of Holies.

According to Christian tradition, Christ came to subvert and fulfill the laws of Judaica. Furthermore, He released Christ Consciousness throughout the earth so that all human inadequacies would be diminished and mankind could be set free from every inequity and ultimately death itself. But more importantly, God and mankind would once again be unified.

Proclaiming the Christ

Christianity has sent missionaries across the globe to reveal Christ and His salvation for mankind. I once was one of those missionaries.

Sometimes this would come in the form of war. Sometimes missionary work would come in the form of medicinal trips. Sometimes it would come in the form of Bible thumping. But, it would always go to the people of the world who did not know or want the Christ.

The belief systems of the world

Judaica and Christianity were part of the Western view of God. I am not very connected to Islam so I cannot do an overview of the Muslim perspective. I do know that Ishmael, the bastard son of Abraham, was the Patriarch of the Muslim belief system. Furthermore, eventually the Crusades would occur to be a baffling set of wars between Christians and Muslims in order to determine which religious foundation was right. This set of wars was designed to give ownership to Jerusalem, the Holy Land.

But, not all of the peoples of the planet are/were of the Abrahamic religions.

There are a multitude of other origins/traditions/practices. There are Asian religions like Buddhism, Confuscousism, Jainism, Hinduism, etc. There are indigenous belief systems that create Paganism and Neo-Paganism. Each group of people brought forth great amounts of knowledge and spirituality to the planet.

The lover of my soul; my beloved

Despite all this, I know Christ is perfect, unconditional LOVE. This is personal to me. Very personal.

Christ came to earth as a vulnerable infant in an impoverished manger. He grew up as a Jewish young person. He taught as a Rabbi. He created miracles through His seamless faith. He embraced His passion where the spirit and the material met: He was crucified, died, was buried, was resurrected, and then He Ascended into Heaven (becoming Full Christ Consciousness).

Subsequently, all of life became able to grow back into its original state, Agape [Perfect LOVE].

All through this process, though, Christ was the Alpha and the Omega whether we knew it, accepted it, or not. Christ was the physical and mental embodiment of a God called 100% LOVE.

The Illusion

The material world is only condensed vibration but, for now, that world’s powerful illusion demands much of the physical bodymind and its many senses. We are called to master the earth plane. We are called to remember our inherent LOVE. The Christ is, in my experience and from my perspective, the Universal Energy Field (UEF) which is known as Source.


From my perspective---because of my spiritual history---the “Supreme” laws of Judaica were cleansed in the generous blood of Christ. As a result, East and West were able to merge as one world again. The Body of the Christ could then spiritually feed the world for all eternity. The Body of Christ would be the Cosmic Sustenance to humanity and all living beings. But not all beings would call their experiences Christ-centered.

The promised people called the Hebrews, would bear witness to God's eternal faithfulness despite the broken path of mankind.

The Eastern practices also had a way and a means to reach nirvana through the kundalini serpent rising up through the ranks of the energetic chakra system. Couples could even find Divine, perfect, Eastern-flavored love through the energetic, sexual system called Tantra.

Also, various deities from other belief systems such as paganism would become One through an evolution of practices. Other deity systems would remain separated to show the many aspects of the Divine. Furthermore, magick and religion would part ways because of historical events during the middle ages and then the two factions would reunite during the dawning of the “New Age.”

Pure Love

Man-made time and space are gradually ending. Infinity is now completely open and experienced as the Tree of Life was meant to be experienced. Jesus, the lover of every soul, is that wondrous Tree. He provides no judgment (except perfect judgment known as LOVE) toward any person because He knows and knew that people know not what they do. Our consciousness is not fully sanctified in LOVE until we reach Oneness: Christ knows this and He expect egoic behavior as we grow as a people and as individuals. Christ is Pure energy and Pure LOVE. All of humanity is going to be that Oneness. Our vibrations in our energy fields are rising. There is nothing we can do to impede that Oneness from fully manifesting. It is our legacy as a people. And it will happen while simultaneously allowing free will.

Now we await the glory of our Divine experience. We do it from breath to breath…we do it from heart beat to heart beat. We do it through our love.


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