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Jesus Christ The Healer Is Still At Work Today

Updated on March 4, 2011

"How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil; for God was with Him." ( Acts 10:38,New King James Version )

  "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." ( Hebrews 13:8, New King James Version )

  The human race is under a scourge- sickness and disease. At every point in time someone, somewhere, on this planet succumbs to the power of this scourge, through death,as a result of the devastation of their bodies and the subsequent cessation of vital body functions. Governments and organizations in the nations of the world have committed ( and are still committing )huge resources, financial and otherwise, towards this scourge that is threatening humanity at an alarming rate. There have been some success though, but there exists others that have defied medical science to the point that they have been termed incurable; anyone who is a victim of these so-called incurable ailments can only receive temporal remedy, until the inevitable happens: they die!

  What really is the cause of this sickness and disease that is ravaging the earth, families, and nations alike?
Humanity's disconnection from divinity is the primary cause. It should be noted that in the very beginning it was not so. Sickness and disease were never in God's master plan for humanity. Man was made perfect and placed in a beautiful, flawless and perfect environment- the earth. The divine mandate given to man was to dominate, oversee, populate,the earth ( Genesis 1:26-28, Psalm 115:16 ). But mankind, unfortunately, became disconnected from the Creator and Source of life as a result of the first man, Adam, from whom the whole human race originated from. This separation unleashed negative consequences into all of creation, part of which is a death force, and the contamination that is known as sickness and disease.

  So, is there a solution? Yes! studying the scriptures reveal the various ways the Creator God provided to remedy this unfortunate situation that humanity found itself by virtue of the disconnection from divinity ( see Exodus 15:26 & 23:25, Psalm 102:19-20 & 107:17-20, Malachi 4:2, Hosea 6:1 ). The condition for one to be healed back then was to serve God, return to Him in repentance if they have departed from the path which He ordained for the people with whom He was in covenant with. God had a plan ( that would be permanent ) as regards the healing of all humanity. The prophet Isaiah wrote about this plan : a lamb of God that would be the sacrificial offering by whom all would be healed ( see Isaiah 53:1-12, note verses 4&5 ).

  Jesus Christ is the Healer- God's ultimate plan of healing for all humanity. In the days when He walked the earth, healing characterized His ministry. All through the gospels we see people with various kinds of sicknesses and diseases being healed of their ailments as the encountered Jesus Christ the Healer. Even cases that were termed dead received the life that was associated with the Healer alone. Young and old, irrespective of their backgrounds, benefited from the compassionate Healer divinely ordained for humanity ( please see the following scriptures: Matthew 4:23-24;8:2-17;9:2-7,20-35;12:15,22;15:22-31, Mark 1:32-34;3:10;6:53-56, Luke 4:38-40;5:12-13,15,18-25;6:17-19;7:11-15,21;8:43-48;9:11;13:10-13, John 6:1-2;9:1-7;11:1-44 ).
The  opening scripture above declare that Jesus Christ was anointed of God with the Holy Spirit and with power to do good and heal everyone that was oppressed by the devil. This oppression of humanity by sickness and disease is topmost in God's heart, that is why the Healer had to deal with it once and for all, two thousand years ago. Even part of the mandate He gave His disciples was to heal the sick whenever and wherever they came in contact with them. And today the Healer is still at work, because healing and health for all humanity is a vital plan of the divine agenda for the human race.

  Friends, don't die of that sickness or disease harassing your body.Healing is available for you today for the same Jesus that healed in bible days is still the same today ( Hebrews 13:8 ). And because He has not changed, He still healing all manner of sickness and diseases that many are afflicted with today.
A lot of folks have not been able to benefit from this compassionate act of the Healer because they have not heard about Him while others have been erroneously made to believe that He is no longer at work in our day. But thank God that no matter the plans by the  devil and his agents to hinder this truth from getting to those under the affliction of sicknesses and diseases, this good news is spreading like wild fire around the globe. No matter the position of the religions of the world and their leaders, or even medical science, healing is available for everyone and anyone for FREE if they could only make contact with the Healer ( or His representatives on earth) today.

  Please whoever you are, and wherever you are, if you are reading this message right now there is hope for you, or that acquaintance of yours that is being tormented by sickness or any disease ( even if the doctors have given up on them ).
Be healed of that sickness or disease right now in the name of Jesus!

  Rejoice, the Healer is still at work today.


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