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Jesus Christ Vs Pentecostal miracles: Are today’s miracles real?

Updated on November 20, 2013

There are many people who go around telling others that they perform, well, I have no problems with that since I also believe that God can perform miracles. However, many of the so called miracles do not meet the biblical standards to qualify as men or women of God, the so called miracles also have many question marks around them.

We need to test whether Pentecostal miracles are really true. We are going to see how Jesus carried out his miracles, if they perfectly fit with that of Pentecostals we will conclude that Pentecostals are true, but if there is not perfect fit, we should admit that these men are not of God.

First, Jesus did not publicize or advertise his healings to create a sensational reputation, rather he at times commanded those healed to “tell no one” (Mathew 8:1-9, 9:27-31). Can we say the same about the Pentecostal pastors today? Do they advertise or publicize their healings? If they do, then they are not of Jesus.

Jesus did not at one time use his healings as excuse for raising money from his followers. There is no incident anywhere in the Bible where we see Jesus using his healing power to get money from the people, However, we have some incidences in the Bible where the people who were being used by Satan asked for money in return for their service. Therefore anyone who uses miracle as means of raising money and accumulating reaches can never be from God

Jesus performed no partial healings, people were made whole by Christ and no one had to continue with medication after Jesus’ healing encounter (Mathew 15:19 – 31, Mark 7:31 – 37) Today we see people in Pentecostal churches who say that since they met the ‘Man of God’ there health is improving. Jesus’ healing was instant and people would get well there and then.

Jesus never failed to heal a person he attempted to heal, and He never had any embarrassing explanation to make for failures. This is where many Pentecostal pastors have been taken off the right track, many of them have failed to heal a person at some point, and many have had some explanations to cover up for their failures which did not happen with Jesus. Though pastors say that it is the lack of faith, we should not that it was only at one incidence when Jesus demanded faith, in some instances, He healed people who had no faith at all.

No question was ever raised for the genuineness of his healings as to whether the patient was actually ill, or was actually healed. The people Jesus healed where un doubtedly lame or sick or real dead people who were raised.

Considering the nature of miracles in the Bible, the Pentecostals “miracles” therefore have no place in the Bible, they are just a proxy for money raising and a satanic bait for attracting people to wrong churches.

In conclusion therefore, many Pentecostal miracles are faked, hypnotic, satanic, and or psychosomatic. They do not at any time conform to the biblical standards. There is nothing like miracles from God in the Pentecostal movement and other charismatic movements.


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    • profile image

      Gladson Stephen 4 years ago

      I fully agree with your views as they are identical with mine. Every day I pray for this group of people and ask God to open their spiritual eyes so that they will follow the truth instead of accumulating wealth by pleasing people.

    • profile image

      Dhikusoka Kampala -Uganda 5 years ago

      I like that article "we should pray to God to open our eyes, give us true direction, teach us his ways and deceit us from false pastor." There are many churches mushrooming day after day in of performing miracles but we should look back at what Jesus Christ said last, on whom was his built(The Rock) and whom did He leave us with (Holy Spirit) to guide us in all our en devours. I pray to forgive all false pastors and save His WORLD.

    • profile image

      mabuza 6 years ago

      Good article with al the evidenc 4rm the bible.we shuld be aware of last satans weapons'to deceive even the elect' az the bible states so folks let's watch and pray.

    • profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago

      Good article however it appears like all pentecostal miracles are satanic which is wrong. Jesus gave power and authority to believers to heal the sick, make the lame walk etc, so let's not judge, only God can tell.

    • profile image

      Mohammed Hassen Abdurahman 6 years ago

      I entirely agree with your ideas and that should have been the way each and every believer should live. This issue is vital. I believe in miracles but done by the authority from Jesus. Any miracle must undergo biblical tests.

      I'm a converted christian, is this not a miracle!!!

    • jagandelight profile image

      jagandelight 7 years ago from Florida

      interesting article with good points. Jesus healing were free, all he required is that you believe in Him, Faith. Yes today some churches are corrupt because money has become their priority but they all have to answer to God one day, unfortunately they are leading their people into deception.

    • profile image

      Ps. Isu Jung Karki 7 years ago