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Jesus Christ paid back what Adam lost

Updated on April 3, 2011

Messiah Christ

The ransome is born on earth

God decided in his great love to save humans from sin and death. The only way to do this was if a man exactly like Adam lived his whole life demonstrating that God's rule and laws are the best to obey and cherish. Since not one of us men and women could produce such a perfect man like Adam, God helped us by sending one. He sent his only begotten, firstborn and so loved son to be born on earth. He was born in an ordinary family where the husband was a carpenter. The mother's name was Mary and the father's Joseph.

At the age of thirty, Jesus was baptized through completely being immersed by John the baptizer. NOW Jesus became CHRIST or MESSIAH. The words are Greek and Hebrew and means "The anointed one"! From now on Jesus Christ starts a three and a half years of preaching work. He told people by his God and Fatherour Creator and about the Paradise that was going to be restored again. The tool for the paradise to take effect is called Gods Kingdom in the Bible.

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Resurrected to life

The saviour has accomplish what he came for

Adam and Eve chose for all of us

They were driven out from the paradise

So here we are - helpless in the sin we now are born with and dying from it. There is a law in the Bible we probably all heard of: "Equal for equal If any harm follows, then you shall give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot"

This law is applied on our situation. If one man - Adam - brought sin to us, then one man - Jesus - can pay the ransom and redeem us from the sin. He did die without committing any sin at all, so he could use the value of his innocent blood to buy us all free.

After Jesus had been dead parts of three days, God resurrected him to life again. Here is the guarantie that is ours. This was a miracle indeed. For God anything is possible. Christ returned to heaven, that he came from and offered up his blood to God for us. God accepted it so now we can be forgiven our sins and shortcomings.

Get a Bible and read theis exciting book

Was he really Messiah?

In the Bible there are about 330 different prophecies that foretold about Christ or Messiah. Some of the predictions were impossible for Jesus to do something about, like being born by a virgin in the little town Bethlehem. Other prophecies are easy to follow if you have a Bible with references in the margin. Read about Jesus and then look for the cross references to other parts of the Bible. There is no doubt - he was the foretold Messiah!

He died in the spring, only 33 and a half years old. He died for us. He paid the price for sin for our sake. He died in the Jewish month Nisan date the 14!


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