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Jesus Christ, the Apostle of Love!

Updated on December 23, 2011

Jesus with Sai and the mural at Puttaparthi!

Jesus, the name creates sublime memories in my mind. His sublime teachings fill my mind. Why He has come in this world? This is the question every one should ask himself.

History and Bible reveals many facts about the way of people lived during the time of advent of Jesus. Many things heralded His arrival in this world. I feel that it is the way people lived their life without bothering about morality and discipline. The rich people, especially the traders, and those associated with the King's inner coterie and the high priests had upper hand. They treated the ordinary poor and peace loving people as slaves.

Why He had descended on the Earth?

The high priests had different set of rules for different people. They were after power and pomp and they attached value to wealth than morals. It is under such scenario, Jesus has born in a cattle shed. The angels were present and some travellers were guided to the place of birth by a mysterious star guiding them. In such a humble surrounding the baby(Son of God) descended into the world. His was an immaculate conception. The glory of God descended as a light in Mary, the chosen mother. Her husband Joseph was a poor carpenter. But he was informed about the immaculate conception earlier by the angels and they have guided him to another place so that the baby would be safe. The birth of Christ is heralded the world over as "Merry Christmas".

Each incarnation of God or prophets come into the world with some specific tasks. As soon as they complete the same, they return back to the place from where they came. Christmas is not meant for fun and frolic. We have to imbibe the teachings of Jesus and act upon it. Then only we would have glorified the Son of God! He has come for the sake of humanity. He taught them many great Truths. His main teachings are, "All are One. Do not covet others properties or wife. Forgive seventy time seven. If one slap you on one cheek, show him the other cheek! The meek and humble would rise in the Kingdom of God. He stood for universal Love. He never differentiated between person to person. He saw the inner soul in each. Faith worked wonders during the advent of Christ. Many people were cured of blindness, deafness and the lame were made to walk. His words were authoritative and hence he could drive away evil spirits from the people. The evil spirits shivered in His presence. At the same time he never used his powers in vain. He revived Lazarus from death. When Jesus commanded, Lazarus got up as though from sleep. His powers were immeasurable yet he submitted himself to the treacherous plans of high priests and suffered crucifixion. Even the King was not happy to pronounce the punishment. He knew that Jesus is innocent but the priests prevailed upon the assembled gatherings and achieved their aim.

But He has taught great lessons to humanity by His supreme sacrifice in the Cross! His holy blood has cleansed the sins of humanity. He advocated the brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God! Had the people followed his grand teachings, the world would not have descended to such abysmal depths. Hence let us glorify the Christ and celebrate the Christmas by following his beautiful teachings!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes, but i was a bit hesitant since i should not hurt anybody while writing sensitive religious hubs. I love Jesus as I love Saibaba. For me, all are embodiment of Divine.Thank you for following me as well as the nice comment you offered.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image


      6 years ago

      beautifully done, very beautiful and inspiring. voted up and useful and shared.


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