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Jesus Didn't Wear A Suit & Tie To Worship

Updated on August 11, 2011

No "Special" Cloak

Jesus wore no "special" cloak when He ministered, preached, or spoke to the crowds, at least there is no record of such. Theres no hint of it for others either, well, not in the New Testament as pertaining to Christians. Theres only a directive of modesty for us to adhere to. Back in the Old Testament the Priests did have a dress code for entering the Tabernacle, yet even that was based more on cleanliness & modesty. Surely the Jewish reigning powers in Jesus time still wore defining outfits, and maybe thats why we have no directive as Christians, the outfit can become such a stumbling block or point of pride.

Some Churches have a "dress code", so to speak. I personally have always had mixed feelings on this, I'm not opposed at all to the idea of "dressing up" in your best or nicest suit or dress, "for God". However, God isn't only at Church, He is a daily part of our lives through the indwelling Holy Spirit, so then "dress up" is likely more of a tradition, and also likely has more to do with making an impression on the other people there, than on honoring God, this is ones own personal matter to sort out.

We have no Biblical account of Jesus or His disciples having to wear any special attire for ministering, there are also no New Testament scriptural directives telling us to do so. So these days when everyone should be feeling welcome by Christians, especially in this downturned economy when so many people are seeking answers & reaching out, would we want to allow someone to be pushed away by a dress code? (Even if it's an implied dress code). Would any of us really want someone to shy away from Church because they don't have "nice clothes". The heart is what matters most to God, I don't think He's quite as concerned with a little BO, or even a lot of BO, a clean body isn't nearly as important as a cleansed & purified heart. Maybe were called to give them some nicer clothes, maybe thats why God placed them there. But we need to worry more about the internal cleansing that can happen, than the outer one.

Jesus surely didn't wear a suit & tie, if you really think image is that important, think of this, no matter how many custom parts or chrome you put on a car, if it doesn't run, it doesn't matter. You've got to care for the inside before you concern yourself with the outside. A beautiful looking house, isn't always a "home", and "home" is where the heart is!


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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